A timeline / discography of Doug Sahm

Jerry Garcia and Doug Sahm at the Armadillo, 1972
Jerry Garcia and Doug Sahm at the Armadillo, 1972 (Photo By Burton Wilson)

This timeline/discography does not even pretend to be complete. It covers only Doug Sahm's most notable 45s, LPs, and CDs released in the United States under his name or pseudonyms such as the Sir Douglas Quintet or the Texas Tornados. Additionally, there are dozens and dozens of recordings from Europe, Canada, and Mexico as well as compilations, guest appearances, promos, reissues, and bootlegs.

  • 1941 Born November 6, San Antonio, Texas

  • 1947 Performs "Teardrops in My Heart" on station KMAC's "Stars Over San Antonio" show. At this point, Sahm is already proficient on triple-neck steel guitar, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and playing by ear.

  • 1950 Earns his honorary union permit card from the Musician's Society of San Antonio.

  • 1952 Performs onstage with Hank Williams at the Skyline Club, Austin.

  • 1955 Records his first single, a 78 and 45rpm of "A Real American Joe" b/w "Rollin' Rollin'" (Sarge Records 113) as Little Doug & the Bandits (Reissued in 1975).

  • 1955 Forms first band, the Knights

  • 1956 Young Sahm sees Elvis Presley play in San Antonio.

  • 1958 Plays San Antonio's Tiffany Club regularly with his bands.

  • 1958 "Crazy Daisey" b/w "If You Ever Need Me" (Warrior 507) as Doug Sahm with the Pharoahs.

  • 1959 "Crazy Daisey" b/w "Can't Believe You Wanna Leave" (Satin 100) as Doug Sahm & the Knights.

  • 1960 "Why Why Why" b/w "If You Ever Need Me" (Harlem 107) as Doug Sahm & the Markays/ & the Pharoahs.

  • 1960 "Baby Tell Me" b/w "Sapphire" (Harlem 108) as Doug Sahm & the Markays.

  • 1960 "Slow Down" b/w "More and More" (Harlem 113) as Doug Sahm & the Dell Kings.

  • 1960 Meets Augie Meyers at Meyers' parents store.

  • 1960 Plays with Spot Barnett at the Eastwood Country Club in San Antonio.

  • 1961 "Sapphire" b/w "Just a Moment" (Cobra 116) as Doug Sahm & the Spot Barnett Band.

  • 1961 "Makes No Difference" b/w "Big Hat" (Renner 212) as Doug Sahm.

  • 1961 "Baby What's on Your Mind" b/w "Crazy Crazy Feeling" (Renner 215) as Doug Sahm.

  • 1962 "Just Because" b/w "Two Hearts in Love" (Renner 226) as Doug Sahm.

  • 1963 "Cry" b/w "Little Angel" (Renner 232) as Doug Sahm.

  • 1963 Marries Violet; daughter Dawn Sahm born.

  • 1963 "Lucky Me" b/w "A Year Ago Today" (Renner 240) as Doug Sahm.

  • 1964 "Mister Kool" b/w "Bill Beaty" (Renner 247) as Doug Sahm.

  • 1964 "Cry" b/w "Down the Pike" (Soft 1031) as Doug Sahm.

  • 1964 Meets producer Huey Meaux; Doug Sahm, Augie Meyers, and friends become the Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1964 "Sugar Bee" b/w "Blue Norther" (Pacemaker 260) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1964 "She's About a Mover" b/w "We'll Take Our Last Walk Tonight" (Tribe 8308) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1964 "The Tracker" b/w "Blue Norther" (Tribe 8310) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1965 The Best Of Sir Douglas Quintet (Tribe TR 37001, Mono/Tribe TRS 47001, Stereo) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1965 "She's About a Mover" charts in the Top 10.

  • 1965 "The Story of John Hardy" b/w "In Time" (Tribe 8312) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1965 "The Rains Came" b/w "Bacon Fat" (Tribe 8314) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1965 Son Shawn Sahm born.

  • 1965 "Quarter to Three" b/w "She's Gotta Be Boss" (Tribe 8317) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1966 Sahm busted in Corpus Christi for pot; moves from Texas to San Francisco; Augie Meyers stays in Texas.

  • 1966 "Beginning of the End" b/w "Love Don't Treat Me Fair" (Tribe 8318) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1966 "She Digs My Love" b/w "When I Sing the Blues" (Tribe 8321) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1966 "It's a Man Down There" b/w "4 A.M." (Teardrop 3074) recorded as "Him."

  • 1966 "Wine, Wine, Wine" b/w "Joey's Guitar" (Pic One 111) as The Devons.

  • 1968 Sir Douglas Quintet + 2 = Honkey Blues (Smash SRS 67108) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1968 "Are Inlaws Really Outlaws" b/w "Sell a Song" (Smash 2169) as Sir Douglas Quintet + 2.

  • 1968 Meyers rejoins Sahm in the Quintet, who begin playing the Avalon Ballroom and the Fillmore West in San Francisco.

  • 1968 "Mendocino" b/w "I Wanna Be Your Mama Again" (Smash 2191) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1968 Sahm appears on the cover of Rolling Stone.

  • 1969 Son Shandon Sahm born

  • 1969 Mendocino (Smash SRS 67115) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1969 "It Didn't Even Bring Me Down" b/w "Lawd I'm Just a Country Boy" (Smash 2222) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1969 "Dynamite Woman" b/w "Too Many Docile Minds" (Smash 2233) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1969 "At the Crossroads" b/w "Texas Me" (Smash 2253) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1970 Together After Five (Smash SRS 67130) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1970 "Nuevo Laredo" b/w "I Don't Wanna Go Home" (Smash 2259) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1970 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 (Philips PHS 600 344) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1970 "Be Real" b/w "I Don't Wanna Go Home" (Mercury 73098) as Wayne Douglas.

  • 1971 "What About Tomorrow?" b/w "A Nice Song" (Philips 40676 w/picture sleeve) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1971 Moves from California back to San Antonio.

  • 1971 "Catch the Man on the Rise" b/w "Pretty Flower" (Philips 40687) as Sir Douglas Quintet deejay promo-only release.

  • 1971 The Return of Doug Saldaña (Philips PHS 600 353) as Doug Saldaña.

  • 1972 "Me and My Destiny" b/w "Wasted Days, Wasted Nights" (Philips 40708) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1972 Appears in the film Cisco Pike.

  • 1972 "Michoacan" b/w "West Side Blues" (Mercury 73257) as Sir Douglas Quintet from Cisco Pike.

  • 1972 Plays at the Armadillo World Headquarters on Thanksgiving with Jerry Garcia and Leon Russell.

  • 1973 Rough Edges (Mercury SRM 1 655) as Doug Sahm with the Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1973 "(Is Anybody Goin' to) San Antone" b/w "Don't Turn Around" (Atlantic 2946) as Doug Sahm and Band.

  • 1973 Doug Sahm and Band (Atlantic SD 7254) with producer Jerry Wexler.

  • 1973 Sahm moves back to Austin.

  • 1973 Texas Tornado (Atlantic SD 7287) as the Sir Douglas Band.

  • 1973 "Nitty Gritty" b/w "I'm Just Tired of Gettin' Burned" (Atlantic 2965) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1973 "Texas Tornado" b/w "Blue Horizon" (Atlantic 2985) as the Sir Douglas Band.

  • 1974 Performs with Freddy Fender at the Soap Creek Saloon.

  • 1974 Groover's Paradise (Warner Bros. BS2810) as Doug Sahm & the Tex Mex Trip.

  • 1974 "Groover's Paradise" b/w "Girls Today (Don't Like to Sleep Alone)" (Warner Bros. 7819) as Doug Sahm & the Tex Mex trip.

  • 1974 "El Paso Train" b/w "Ain't Nothing Wrong With You" (American Play Boy 1980) as Doug Sahm.

  • 1974 "If You Really Want Me to I'll Go" b/w "Hot Tomato Man" (Crazy Cajun 2004) as Doug Sahm.

  • 1975 Produces "Starry Eyes" b/w "Two Headed Dog" for Roky Erickson.

  • 1975 "Roll With The Punches" b/w "I'm Not That Kat Anymore" (Casablanca 0828) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1975 "Before the Next Teardrop Falls" by Freddy Fender goes No. 1.

  • 1975 Reunion of the Cosmic Brothers (Crazy Cajun CCLP 1013) as Freddy Fender and Sir Douglas.

  • 1976 "Cowboy Peyton Place" b/w "I Love the Way You Love Me" (ABC Dot 17656) Doug Sahm & the Texas Tornados.

  • 1976 Texas Rock for Country Rollers (ABC Dot DOSD 2057) as Sir Doug & the Texas Tornados.

  • 1976 Appears on the first season of Austin City Limits.

  • 1976 "Henrietta" b/w "Country Groove" (Texas Re Cord Co. 108) as Doug Sahm.

  • 1976 "Cryin' Inside Sometimes" b/w "I'm Missing You" (ABC Dot 17674) as Doug Sahm.

  • 1977 The Tracker (Crazy Cajun CCLP 1029) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1977 Live Love (Texas Re Cord Co. TRC 1007) as Sir Douglas Quintet with Doug Sahm and Augie Meyers.

  • 1979 Way Back When He Was Just Doug Sahm (Harlem 1005), an anthology of singles on Harlem, Satin, and Warrior labels.

  • 1979 Sahm appears in the film More American Graffiti.

  • 1979 Swedish/British label Sonet signs Sahm for a series of European releases that bring him and the band huge overseas success.

  • 1980 Hell of a Spell (Takoma TAK 7075) as Doug Sahm.

  • 1980 The Best of the Sir Douglas Quintet (Takoma TAK 7086) as the Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1981 Border Wave (Takoma TAK 7088) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1981 "Sheila Tequila" b/w "Down on the Border" (Chrysalis 102779 w/picture sleeve) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1981 "Sheila Tequila" b/w "Woolly Bully" (Live) (Chrysalis SDQ DJ 1) as Sir Douglas Quintet; DJ promo only.

  • 1982 "Who Were You Thinking Of" b/w "Velma From Selma" (Teardrop 3479) as Sir Douglas Quintet with Doug Sahm and Augie Meyers.

  • 1983 Live Texas Tornado (Takoma TAK 7095) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1983 "Meet Me in Stockholm" by Doug Sahm & the Sir Douglas Quintet on Sonet Records goes platinum.

  • 1983 The West Side Sound Rolls Again (Teardrop TD 5000) as Doug Sahm and Augie Meyers.

  • 1984 "I'm Not a Fool Anymore"b/w "Don't Fight It" (Teardrop 3481) as Doug Sahm and Augie Meyers.

  • 1986 Moves to Canada to record with Amos Garrett.

  • 1986 The Best of the Sir Douglas Quintet (Takoma CDP 72786) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1987 Return of the Formerly Brothers by the Amos Garrett/Doug Sahm/Gene Taylor Band (Rykodisc 10127).

  • 1987 Who Are These Masked Men? (New Rose 112), as the Texas Mavericks.

  • 1988 Doug Sahm moves back to Texas.

  • 1988 Juke Box Music (Antone's ANT 0008) as Doug Sahm.

  • 1988 "Will You Love Me Mañana" b/w "Whiter Shade of Pale" (Kevin Kat Records KKR 116) as Sir Doug Saldaña.

  • 1988 The Return of the Formerly Brothers wins a Canadian Juno Award for Best Roots and Traditional Album.

  • 1989 Forms Texas Tornados with Augie Meyers, Freddy Fender, and Flaco Jimenez.

  • 1990 The Best of Doug Sahm and the Sir Douglas Quintet 1968-1975 (Mercury/Polygram 846 586 2) as Sir Douglas Quintet.

  • 1990 "You're Gonna Miss Me" (Sire PRO-CD 4735) CD single from the album Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye: A Tribute to Roky Erickson (Sire 26422) as Doug Sahm & Sons.

  • 1990 The Texas Tornados (Reprise 26251 2) as the Texas Tornados.

  • 1990 "Adios Mexico" b/w "Rosa de Amor" (Reprise 7 19244) as the Texas Tornados.

  • 1990 "A Man Can Cry" b/w "(Hey Baby) Que Paso" (Reprise 7 19516) as the Texas Tornados.

  • 1990 "Who Were You Thinkin' Of" b/w "(Hey Baby) Que Paso" (Reprise 5439 19521 7) as the Texas Tornados.

  • 1991 Zone of Our Own (Reprise 26683 2) as the Texas Tornados.

  • 1991 Texas Tornados win Grammy for "Soy de San Luis" in the Best Mexican/American Performance category.

  • 1991 "Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone" b/w "La Mucura" (Reprise 7 19155) as the Texas Tornados.

  • 1991 Texas Tornados appear on Season 16 of Austin City Limits.

  • 1992 The Best Of Doug Sahm and Friends: Atlantic Sessions (Rhino R2 71032) -- reissue with bonus tracks.

  • 1992 Hangin' on by a Thread (Reprise 45058 2) as the Texas Tornados.

  • 1992 "Guacamole" b/w "Hangin' on by a Thread" (Reprise 7 18571) as the Texas Tornados.

  • 1994 Texas Rock For Country Rollers (MCA MSD 35477). Reissue of ABC Dot DOSD 2057.

  • 1994 Day Dreaming at Midnight (Elektra 61474 2) as the Sir Douglas Quintet with sons Shawn and Shandon.

  • 1994 The Last Great Texas Blues Band (Antone's ANT 0036) as Doug Sahm; re-released 1997.

  • 1994 Too Little Too Late maxi single (WEA 66224 2) with "You Don't Know How Young You Are" b/w "Intoxication."

  • 1994 The Best of Texas Tornados (Reprise 45511 2)

  • 1995 His Early Years (Col 5559) as Doug Sahm

  • 1995 Get on Up [Col 0669] Doug Sahm and Augie Meyers.

  • 1996 4 Aces (Reprise 46197 2) as the Texas Tornados.

  • 1997 Texas Tornados play an Inaugural Ball in Washington, D.C., for Bill Clinton.

  • 1997 The Nada Mixes CD single: "Cyclone Step," "Ta Bueno Compadre,""Cibola," "A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada" (Reprise 9362 43826 2) as the Texas Tornados.

  • 1998 SDQ '98 (Watermelon WAT 0011076) as Doug Sahm.

  • 1999 Live From The Limo, Volume 1 (Virgin VRGN 0047751) as the Texas Tornados.

  • 1999 Doug Sahm dies November 18 in Taos, New Mexico.

    Many thanks to Joseph Levy and his Web site http://www.catalog.com/arts/sdq_disc.htm for his Doug Sahm discography reference.

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