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Off With His Head!

RECEIVED Tue., Oct. 10, 2017

Dear Editor,
    Your review of the Killers' 10/8/17 show is absurd ["ACL Review: Killers," Daily Music, Oct. 9]. "Bland and uninspiring"? Your reviewer must have been somewhere else. If they were at the Killers they should be fired.
John Patriarca

Not a "Killer" Review

RECEIVED Tue., Oct. 10, 2017

Dear Editor,
    I thought your review of the Killers was appalling [“ACL Review: Killers,” Daily Music, Oct. 9]. Obviously it was someone that doesn't like indie rock. I think the article should be pulled! The person doesn't sound like they attended the same concert I attended. I saw the crowd going crazy and people screaming the lyrics. I didn't see anyone leaving either. I have video to prove it. If you see most of the comments agree. The Killers were the best show of ACL in a long time! They are the best show I have seen in three years of ACL. The Chronicle needs to do a better job than this. Then I see that you have a positive article about Gorillaz ["ACL Review: Gorillaz"]. What the hell is wrong with this newspaper?
Billy Russell

Reinvest in Hancock Center

RECEIVED Fri., Oct. 6, 2017

Dear Editor,
    Your recent article on the Alamo Drafthouse's plan to repurpose the Baker Center was enlightening to what the future of Hyde Park might look like [“Drafthouse Eyes New Corporate Campus,” News, Oct. 6]. Unfortunately, I feel that Richard Weiss and the Alamo Drafthouse's project does not promote a walkable future for Austin's urban oasis. As the neighborhood population ages, and the children currently living there grow up, Hyde Park, Hancock, and Harris Park are all in need of a middle school that does not require parents to bus their children across I-35 to Kealing, or up Burnet to Lamar. AISD should use Baker as a middle school, and the city of Austin should continue to promote family housing in these central neighborhoods, and combat the current crisis of sleeper dorms.
    Alamo Drafthouse should instead invest in the Hancock Center. The city can never overcome the tragedy of destroying the original Hancock Golf Course, but we can atone. The Hancock Center is one of the many outdated transit-based developments in Austin. Our city needs to reinvest in the Hancock Center and convert it into a mixed-use walkable development in order to promote a denser urban core. Redeveloping these sites, such as Brodie Oaks Shopping Center, and Northcross Mall, is also cheaper because the utilities have already been built for the site. New developments mean wasted taxpayer dollars on updating a site to meet a higher energy and water need. The Hancock Center may also lose a large tenant with the uncertain future of Sears, which would open a space for the Alamo. This is a common problem with many retail-based shopping centers. Austin must change how we think about development to meet the needs of our growing population. Otherwise, we will continue to see sprawling developments, such as the Domain and the recently announced Project Catalyst.
Hank Morgan

Time to Change

RECEIVED Fri., Oct. 6, 2017

Dear Editor,
    In a culture that respects – nay, reveres and cherishes – guns as much as ours does, is it any wonder that some individuals will choose to use them for their intended purpose: to kill and maim? I am increasingly of that mind that, as Michael King points out [“Point Austin: Another Night of Blood,” News, Oct. 6], the only thing that will prevent gun deaths and mass murder is a “cultural sea-change” in our attitudes toward guns and implicit acceptance of violence.
Marina Hench
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