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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

PG-13   94 min.  

America's favorite neighbor, Fred Rogers, revealed as even kinder than you hoped.

New Reviews

American Animals

R   116 min.  

Truth, lies, and self-deception in this remarkable true-crime docudrama.

Ocean's 8

PG-13   110 min.  

Sandra Bullock is the other Ocean sibling in this all-female revamp of the heist franchise.

Pom Poko

PG   119 min.  

"Lost" Studio Ghibli tale of raccoons in peril gets long-delayed release.

Summer 1993

NR   97 min.  

Town mouse turns country mouse in this bitter-sweet reminiscence of Spanish childhood.


R   116 min.  

NYC blaxploitation classic gets an ATL reboot.


R   100 min.  

Ridiculous true story of childhood retained makes for ridiculous fun.

First-Run Movies


PG-13   96 min.  

True-life survival adventure stays afloat because of Shailene Woodley.

Avengers: Infinity War

PG-13   156 min.  

Earth's mightiest heroes face their greatest, most nuanced threat.

Black Panther

PG-13   134 min.  

High drama and high action as Marvel gives Wakanda life.


R   102 min.  

Butt-chugging gags can't hide Blockers' big heart.

Blumhouse's Truth or Dare

PG-13   100 min.  

Truth or dare? We say pass on this demonic schlock.

Book Club

PG-13   104 min.  

Life, love, laughter, and literature for a classic quartet of actresses.

Breaking In

PG-13   88 min.  

Getting locked out of your house without keys has never been more dangerous.


NR   116 min.  

Australian surfer dudes come of age in this literary adaptation.

Deadpool 2

R   103 min.  

The uncanny merc with a mouth returns with paternal instincts.


PG   106 min.  

A beloved children's book gets a mediocre screen adaptation

First Reformed

R   108 min.  

Paul Schrader and Ethan Hawke burn in the divine for this meditation on faith.

Game Night

R   100 min.  

Monopoly was never this brutal before this crime-com.


R   127 min.  

Toni Collette's burning inferno of a performance illuminates this extraordinary horror.

Hotel Artemis

R   97 min.  

A bleak but stylish future, where only criminals can afford healthcare.

I Can Only Imagine

PG-13   118 min.

MercyMe's hit song gets its own biopic.

Incredibles 2

PG   118 min.  

Pixar's superhero family returns with familiar but still welcome action.

Isle of Dogs

PG-13   101 min.  

Wes Anderson's stop motion wonder is a tail-wagger.

Life of the Party

PG   105 min.  

Melissa McCarthy goes back to school.

The Miracle Season

PG   90 min.

Friday Night Lights for the volleyball scene.


PG   74 min.  

Scenes from the edge of the world in this meditative documentary.


PG-13   112 min.  

Unexpected remake of the Eighties' most questionable rom-com.

A Quiet Place

PG-13   90 min.  

As monsters lurk, the world survives with a whisper.


PG   96 min.  

Loving look at the Supreme Court member, and unlikely pop culture icon.

Ready Player One

PG-13   140 min.  

Video gaming and Eighties culture gets the Spielberg treatment.

The Seagull

PG-13   98 min.  

Chekhov's tale of Muscovite misery takes unsteady flight.

Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

PG   85 min.  

Charming, old-fashioned true story of one brave pupper.

Sherlock Gnomes

PG   86 min.  

Gnomeo and Juliet sequel heads to London. For reasons.

Show Dogs

PG   92 min.  

Unfunny canine buddy-cop comedy is no man's best friend.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

PG-13   135 min.  

Should you have a bad feeling about this stand-alone Star Wars?

Super Troopers 2

R   100 min.  

Vermont's finest return, and this time they're Canadian.


R   94 min.  

Modern motherhood unraveled and rebuilt by the Young Adult team.

Tyler Perry's Acrimony

R   120 min.  

Tyler Perry takes on the "woman scorned" trope.


R   95 min.  

Surprisingly smart techno-thriller goes for the brain and the jugular.

A Wrinkle in Time

PG   109 min.  

Ava DuVernay's adaptation of the children's classic rarely soars.

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