Best Austin Musicians

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Best Acoustic Guitar

Eric Johnson
Todd V. Wolfson
Eric Johnson

2) Monte Montgomery
3) Kimberly Freeman (One-Eyed Doll)
4) Junior Sandoval (Los Texas Wranglers)
5) Matt the Electrician
6) Slim Richey (the Jitterbug Vipers)
7) John Pointer
8) Van Wilks
9) Elizabeth McQueen
10) Scrappy Jud Newcomb

Best Bass Guitar

The Bright Light Social Hour's Jack O'Brien
Jana Birchum
Jack O'Brien (the Bright Light Social Hour)

2) Jojo Garza (Los Lonely Boys)
3) Harmoni Kelley (Lonelyland)
4) Chris Maresh (Eric Johnson)
5) Matt Parmenter (Quiet Company)
6) Danny Gomez (the Frank Gomez Band)
7) Gavin Jasper (Saints of Valory)
8) Francie Meaux Jeaux (the Jitterbug Vipers)
9) Aaron Davis (Vitera)
10) Ronn Roberts (the Eggmen)

Best Drums/Percussion
Julian Fernandez (Los Texas Wranglers)

2) Jo Mirasole (the Bright Light Social Hour)
3) Jason Rufuss Sewell (One-Eyed Doll)
4) Ringo Garza (Los Lonely Boys)
5) Gerard Bouvier (Saints of Valory)
6) Conrad Choucroun (Lonelyland)
7) Don Harvey (A Is Red)
8) Jay Nazz (Reckless Kelly)
9) Jeff Weathers (Quiet Company)
10) Brannen Temple

Best Electric Guitar
Eric Johnson

2) Curtis Roush (the Bright Light Social Hour)
3) Billy Cassis (Lonelyland)
4) Henry Garza (Los Lonely Boys)
5) Eric Tessmer
6) Jimmie Vaughan
7) Carolyn Wonderland
8) Godfrey Thompson (Saints of Valory)
9) Redd Volkaert
10) Kimberly Freeman (One-Eyed Doll)

Best Female Vocals
Sahara Smith

2) Carolyn Wonderland
3) Kat Edmonson
4) Amy Cook
5) Suzanna Choffel
6) Elizabeth McQueen
7) Sarah Sharp (the Jitterbug Vipers)
8) Patty Griffin
9) Ruby Jane
10) Teal Collins (the Mother Truckers)

Best Keyboards
A.J. Vincent (the Bright Light Social Hour)

2) Oliver Steck (Lonelyland)
3) Matt Hubbard
4) Floyd Domino
5) Stephen Buckle (Saints of Valory)
6) Ian McLagan
7) Thomas Turner (Ghostland Observatory)
8) Earl Poole Ball
9) Pinetop Perkins
10) Taylor Muse (Quiet Company)

Best Male Vocals

Bob Schneider
Jana Birchum
Bob Schneider

2) Malford Milligan
3) Raul Malo
4) Curtis Roush (the Bright Light Social Hour)
5) Troupe Gammage (Speak)
6) Amador Salazar (Los Texas Wranglers)
7) Black Joe Lewis
8) Dale Watson
9) Aaron Behrens (Ghostland Observatory)
10) Donovan Keith (Soul Track Mind)

Best Miscellaneous Instrument
Sonny Trujillo, accordion (Los Texas Wranglers)

2) Elias Haslanger, saxophone
3) Oliver Steck, accordion (Lonelyland)
4) John Pointer, boombox
5) Jeff Lofton, trumpet
6) Haydn Vitera, violin (Vitera)
7) Ruby Jane, fiddle
8) Charles Thibodeaux, accordion
9) Tamir Kalifa, accordion (Mother Falcon)
10) Warren Hood, violin

Best Songwriter

Sahara Smith
Jana Birchum
Sahara Smith

2) Bob Schneider
3) The Bright Light Social Hour
4) Quiet Company
5) Julian Fernandez (Los Texas Wranglers)
6) Eric Johnson
7) Roky Erickson
8) Kimberly Freeman (One-Eyed Doll)
9) Matt the Electrician
10) Alejandro Escovedo