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July Is Crime Month: Batman Day

The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. The Masked Manhunter. The World's Greatest Detective. Bats. We know him by many names and in many guises, but the most important thing to know about him today is that it's Batman's 75th birthday – he first appeared in Detective Comics on July 23, 1939 – so the world is celebrating Batman Day. Read More | Comment »

Graphic Novels 2:15PM Wed. Jul. 23, Robert Faires

Shane and Sara Scribner: 'A Place Beyond'

Here’s an exhibition that you’ll really like to see in person, because the figurative work – in oils on panel – is the sort of excellence that makes people shake their head in wonder: How do these artists do it? How do they take a bunch of wet pigments and render images of near-photographic precision? Read More | Comment »

Frame Up 2:30PM Tue. Jul. 22, Wayne Alan Brenner

Weekend Tip: Queens of Cattle

Before androgynous hipsters became Austin's herd du jour, fearless frontier blazing Texas women broke gender norms way back during the 19th century cattle boom. Read More | Comment »

Frame Up 2:00PM Fri. Jul. 18, Carmen Rising

Improv … Tragedy? Absurdity? WTF, Institution Theater?

A triple-Gallagher spray of feels right in the face, is it? Read More | Comment »

Shows to Go Ya 12:15PM Fri. Jul. 18, Wayne Alan Brenner

Elaine Stritch (1925-2014)

During her seven decades as a "Broadway Baby" – accent on the "broad" – Elaine Stritch seemed unstoppable, a feisty, fiery force of nature who kept blazing onstage no matter what time, the times, or The Times had to say about it. "I'm still here," she'd sing, and you felt she would be always. Alas, she's no longer here. Stritchy has passed. Read More | Comment »

Limelight 4:50PM Thu. Jul. 17, Robert Faires

'Guy Town by Gaslight'

Why does no one talk about the Hookers' Balls? In a town so proud of its contrarian, hedonistic ways, you'd think two public soirees hosted by madams and sanctioned by the city would've passed into local legend. But I only learned of this lost Austin weirdness in Guy Town by Gaslight, a book about that notorious neighborhood. Read More | Comment »

Readings 1:00PM Wed. Jul. 16, Robert Faires

Lit-urday: 'Some Dead Genius'

It's been a long week, and now you deserve to have one day when you can curl up with a good book – let's call it Lit-urday. Maybe you feel like getting out of town, feel like dropping in on the Windy City, where there's no shortage of rough-and-tumble cops, corpses, and corruption in the art scene. Wait a minute, the art scene? Read More | Comment »

Fiction 11:30AM Sat. Jul. 12, Wayne Alan Brenner

The Return of the Champ

Mick Foley is a legend in the wrestling community. The hardcore icon, the reckless daredevil, the master of Hell in a Cell and the Japanese death match, a former WWE world champion. He's also a respected stand-up storyteller, a multiple New York Times bestseller list author, and, as real fans know, a huge fan of Santa Claus. Read More | Comment »

Show Bidness 7:00AM Sat. Jul. 12, Richard Whittaker

July Is Crime Month: Raymond Chandler’s 'The Long Goodbye'

Sometime during the Seventies, a decade that took me from 5 to 15, a neighbor who spent a significant portion of his career in Naval intelligence hunting our native Bay Area’s Zodiac because his employers feared the killer’s ciphers made him one of theirs, gave me a worn paperback of Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye. My mind still reels. Read More | Comment »

Fiction 11:30AM Fri. Jul. 11, Raoul Hernandez

TNM's Megaphone Marathons Takes on Two Cities

I'd swear that the last time I talked to The New Movement's Chris Trew, the comedy entrepreneur and host of the World Air Sex Championships was carrying a baby sugar glider among the dark follicles of his forest-thick beard. Read More | Comment »

Shows to Go Ya 2:05PM Wed. Jul. 9, Wayne Alan Brenner

July Is Crime Month: Q&A with Meg Gardiner

An Edgar Award winner championed by the likes of Stephen King and Sue Grafton, Meg Gardiner moved to Austin recently, adding star power to our literary scene. With her 12th book, Phantom Instinct, released June 26 (reviewed in our July 4 issue), we called Gardiner to chat about female leads, the King connection, and writing. Read More | Comment »

Local Literati 12:30PM Wed. Jul. 9, Jessi Cape

July Is Crime Month: Noir at the Bar

For my money, a crime novel just isn't complete without a few slugs: from a .45, from the fist of a hired goon, and from a bottle of hooch. The first two I don't need to experience personally for my reading pleasure to be enhanced, but that third slug always adds a little kick to my slip into crime. Which puts Noir at the Bar right up my crime alley. Read More | Comment »

Readings 4:00PM Mon. Jul. 7, Robert Faires

DVDanger: 'Heavy Metal Movies'

We understand. If you love gruesome movies, the holidays suck. Read More | Comment »

DVD 12:00PM Sat. Jul. 5, Richard Whittaker

Lit-urday: The Fever

It's been a long week, and now you deserve to have one day when you can curl up with a good book – let's call it Lit-urday. Perhaps you could use something to quicken your pulse with a long walk down a shadowy hallway. Megan Abbott has such a hallway – in a high school, of all places – in a dense suspenser part Crucible, part Play It As It Lays. Read More | Comment »

Fiction 11:00AM Sat. Jul. 5, Amy Kamp

Austin Symphony's Fourth of July Concert

If you're parked on the shores of Lady Bird Lake eagerly anticipating the Austin Symphony's annual serving up of Sousa and the fireworks that ensue, well, citizen, you have a looooong wait – like about a year. Thanks to the current refurbishment of Auditorium Shores, ASO isn't playing at its usual site this year. It's decamped to a spot farther south. Read More | Comment »

Show Bidness 10:30AM Fri. Jul. 4

Doug Benson's Total Scam of a Life

Comedian and Super High Me star Doug Benson should be God to every poor soul disenchanted with his job. His 27 years of doing stand-up have begat six full-length comedy albums and a life where the lines between profession and passion have blurred into a Magic Eye canvas of food, film, and fatties – that’s marijuana cigarettes, Cochise. Read More | Comment »

Jokers Wild 4:20PM Wed. Jul. 2, Russ Espinoza

Mondo Gets Charitable

What worth has art if it doesn't improve the world? That's a question Mondo Gallery is answering by coming together with charity Mobile Loaves and Fishes for a new show featuring 40 works from artists in Austin's homeless community. Read More | Comment »

Frame Up 1:30PM Tue. Jul. 1, Richard Whittaker

Fun Fun Fun Fest Comedy Lineup Revealed

Tabbed as the comedy hub throughout the expanse of Nov. 7-9’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, the festival’s Yellow Stage has expanded lately into a one-stop catch-all for a variety of differing oddities. This year’s cull proves no different, with entities like air sex championships and a dating show intermingling amongst spoken word showings and traditional comedy. Read More | Comment »

Jokers Wild 10:00AM Tue. Jul. 1, Chase Hoffberger

Lit-urday: Quantum Ops and Sentient Ink

It's been a long week, and now you deserve to have one day when you can curl up with a good book – let's call it Lit-urday. Maybe the thing to make you feel better about your week is a gloomy futurescape in which citizens are stalked by shadow people and quantum butchers. Read More | Comment »

Fiction 10:30AM Sat. Jun. 28, Wayne Alan Brenner

Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival

Comedy history was made a little ways out yonder last August 23 when the Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival made its debut before a full house at the Austin360 Amphitheatre. Festival organizers just announced the 2014 tour schedule and lineup, and Austin was awarded a seat at the table again – this time as the tour’s final engagement on Sept. 21. Read More | Comment »

Jokers Wild 2:20PM Thu. Jun. 26, Russ Espinoza

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