Over Labor Day weekend last year, the third and final afternoon of New York’s Electric Zoo festival was cancelled after two people died in drug-related incidents. This Friday through Sunday, the EDM gathering crusades to keep the genre’s hallmark drug, MDMA, at bay by making attendees watch a two-minute PSA before their wristbands are activated. Read More | Comment »

La Vie en Rose 4:20PM Thu. Aug. 28, Abby Johnston

Had Me a Real Good Time

You know it’s a big night at the Sahara Lounge when co-owner Topaz McGarrigle and the staff roll out not one, not two, but three crock pots of downhome cookin’. The parking lot filled up along Webberville Road on Wednesday as booker, promoter, and venue mainstay Jennifer Marchand orchestrated yet another dream show: a hoot night for the Faces and Small Faces. Read More | Comment »

Check Yo' Self 12:15PM Thu. Aug. 28, Chase Hoffberger

Housecore Horror: Satyricon Out, Napalm Death In

Black news for Scandinavian metal fans: Satyricon have dropped from the Housecore Horror Film Festival. Grindcore pioneers Napalm Death will crush the crowd in their stead. Read More | Comment »

Off the Record 3:45PM Wed. Aug. 27, Richard Whittaker

10 Minutes with Graham Nash

Graham Nash made for the easiest rock star interview I’ve ever had the pleasure of conducting. The English light tenor is in town Thursday. First at BookPeople – signing copies of last year’s terrific autobiography Wild Tales (12:30pm) – then in concert with David Crosby and Stephen Stills at the Long Center, celebrating new box set CSNY 1974. Read More | Comment »

Geezerville 11:30AM Wed. Aug. 27, Jim Caligiuri

Adam Carroll: Let It Choose You

Hailing from Tyler, Adam Carroll remains one of the best singer-songwriters in his home state. Many consider his “Rice Birds” a peak: “I was thinking of you when the rice birds flew/ When the false dawn came with the morning dew.” He sang it at Jenni Finlay’s anniversary party last week, while locals said under their breath, “Yes, that’s Adam Carroll.” Read More | Comment »

Next Up! 12:35PM Tue. Aug. 26, William Harries Graham

The Vo-Ice: Silenced

Sunday, August 17, Basswood Lane alum Brandon “Ice B” Southern was driving back from Houston with a female friend when their car veered off the road, ejecting both passengers. Southern was pronounced dead on the scene and the friend at Scott & White-Brenham Hospital. A police report remains unreleased. What’s known is that Austin lost a beloved rapper. Read More | Comment »

Check Yo' Self 2:00PM Mon. Aug. 25, Chase Hoffberger

Mother Falcon Tour Video

“This past June, Mother Falcon drove over 7,500 miles through the midwest and around the east coast; spent approximately 120 hours in vans; and performed 23 times in some of America’s greatest (and not so great) venues,” writes Tamir Kalifa, the chamber-rock orchestra’s de facto frontman. Read More | Comment »

Playback 11:07AM Mon. Aug. 25, Kevin Curtin

Back-to-School Playlist

A few short months ago, the only song I had stuck in my head was a classic one: “Schooooooooool’s out!” Despite Alice Cooper’s iconic allegation that the doldrums of classrooms are done forever, here I am facing my final semester of grad school course work. Luckily, I have a few songs I can use for that transition, too. Read More | Comment »

La Vie en Rose 11:37AM Thu. Aug. 21, Abby Johnston

Pan Left with James Hoff

Last week’s All-Notes-Off probed the recondite terra-scapes of Lee Gamble’s Pan arc. In light of the sightless impetus of militarized police departments witnessed during the Ferguson unrest, examining the work of James Hoff – another arm of label’s vanguard genius – pieces together a second angle of Pan’s multifaceted gravity. Read More | Comment »

All-Notes-Off 3:00PM Wed. Aug. 20, Conor Walker

Jenni Finlay Promotions Turns 8

Had she not become one of the most respected radio promoters in the business, Jenni Finlay might have been a horror movie critic. The local’s first campaign was James McMurtry’s Live in Aught-Three. “Everything I know about radio promotion, and most of what I know about the music business, I learning while working a McMurtry album,” confirms Finlay. Read More | Comment »

Next Up! 11:45AM Wed. Aug. 20, William Harries Graham

KUTX Shuffles Programming

KUTX announced the shake-up of its music snow globe Monday, shuffling the schedule of programming beginning Sept. 1. The changes bring remarkable identity to the musical arm of the University of Texas’ NPR affiliate while jettisoning a few of the programs that made the radio station so unique. Read More | Comment »

Check Yo' Self 2:35PM Tue. Aug. 19, Chase Hoffberger

Housecore Horror Relights the Superjoint

We’ve known for a while that Housecore Horror Film Festival has been hiding something special in its bag of tricks. Now they’re unleashing it. Phil Anslemo conjures up his old band Superjoint Ritual for the first time in a decade. Read More | Comment »

Off the Record 9:00AM Tue. Aug. 19, Richard Whittaker

New Music: The Well

Incense lit and tarot cards laid out, we anxiously await the materialization of the Well’s debut full-length, Samsara. The soothsaying Austin threesome predicts a platter of Seventies-style, slow-and-low metal dropping in a month’s time. A new 7-inch single foreshadows its arrival. Read More | Comment »

Playback 2:30PM Mon. Aug. 18, Kevin Curtin

Respectable Enemy: Curtis McMurtry

Last January, we sat down with Curtis McMurtry on the eve of his graduation from Sarah Lawrence College and his relocation to Nashville. A third generation Texan, grandson to Lone Star legend Larry McMurtry, and son of Americana scourge James McMurtry, he’s now back in Austin and celebrating his debut LP, Respectable Enemy, on Saturday at Strange Brew. Read More | Comment »

Next Up! 2:00PM Fri. Aug. 15, William Harries Graham

Fresh Female Voices

The success of Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, and Luke Bryan puts into stark relief country music’s dearth of parallel breakouts for women. Executives defended themselves, think pieces were written, and now the man responsible for ushering these “bro-country” acts onto the airwaves is making amends with SiriusXM’s Fresh Female Voices. Read More | Comment »

La Vie en Rose 3:30PM Thu. Aug. 14, Abby Johnston

Lee Gamble’s Pan Arc

Lee Gamble’s deconstructionist detour on Pan manifests an intrepid appetite to crinkle his own arc. The Brummie turned Londoner’s cynosure traces the fault line between computer composition and the jungle miasma of the mid-Nineties rave scene. Colliding such polarized realms generates an interpolating space of eddying force. Read More | Comment »

All-Notes-Off 2:30PM Wed. Aug. 13, Conor Walker

Aimee Mann & Ted Leo: The Both

Ted Leo and Aimee Mann demonstrate a natural rapport – a deep friendship – one that manifests itself in their musical partnership, the Both. After touring together, the two began collaborating. April’s eponymous LP merges Leo’s punk-driven ethos with Mann’s introspective bent. Experience it live tonight at Mohawk. Read More | Comment »

Southside of the Tracks 1:00PM Wed. Aug. 13, Doug Freeman

Tell Me in Toronto Premiere

In Austin, you can step into a club for $3 and walk right up to the stage, watch a budding songwriter up close as they lay it down for a tiny room. What you don’t see is the preparation. Three seconds of spontaneity may have taken months to perfect. That’s the insight of Tell Me in Toronto, the 30-minute pilot for a short film series by Chris Brecht. Read More | Comment »

Check Yo' Self 12:45PM Tue. Aug. 12, Chase Hoffberger

Gary Clark Jr. on Antone’s

“I’ve been running around playing all these shows, but it’s good to be back in Austin. It’s good to be talking about Antone’s and trying to keep this alive. Not just the place, but the music and the vibe and the scene and the culture. So thanks for listening to me blab.” That’s how Gary Clark Jr. signed off from our midnight phone call last week. Read More | Comment »

Playback 11:55AM Mon. Aug. 11, Kevin Curtin

Laura Thomas Dishes Combo Plate Booking

Fifteen years ago, Laura Thomas left her job in hospice care to start Combo Plate Booking. Since then, her chief passions – music, tea, and travel – have defined the Austin native. Longest client Michael Fracasso anchors a local roster that includes Matt the Electrician, Betty Soo, Curtis McMurtry, Beaver Nelson, and Nathan Hamilton. Read More | Comment »

Next Up! 2:30PM Fri. Aug. 8, William Harries Graham

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