Remembering Corey Mitchell

Your first instinct is that it’s some mistake, maybe a really misguided Internet prank. You’d just talked to him the night before – texted that morning. It can’t be true. Read More | Comment »

Off the Record 3:33PM Fri. Oct. 31, Richard Whittaker

First Listen: East Cameron Folkcore’s Election Ode

Fresh off a CMJ showcase in New York City, politically-dissenting hard folk ensemble East Cameron Folkcore has returned to the big red state in the thick of election season. Read More | Comment »

Playback 11:00AM Fri. Oct. 31, Kevin Curtin

Fan Fest: Joan Jett

Losing both her parents within three years of each other changed rock & roll hero Joan Jett. Working with the Blackhearts and high profile guests Dave Grohl and Laura Jane Grace from Against Me!, the guitarist tapped into an introspective mood on September’s Unvarnished. Read More | Comment »

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom 9:00AM Thu. Oct. 30, Nina Hernandez

Arctic Monkeys Give Cedar Park Center the F Sharp

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner caught the crowd at the Cedar Park Center Tuesday unaware, slinking onstage during opening act Mini Mansions and hijacking vocals from drummer (and Queens of the Stone Age bassist) Michael Shuman. Turner hinted at the 90-minute spectacle to come with a brief but seductive verse that left screaming girls in his wake. Read More | Comment »

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom 1:47PM Wed. Oct. 29, Nina Hernandez

CMJ Report

The CMJ Music Marathon may be the most comparable festival to South by Southwest, but it’s not a fair comparison to either. The acts playing the week-long NYC extravaganza generally fall further under the radar, and the showcases, spread across 80 venues throughout the city, requires more prep and yields less serendipity than Austin’s flagship fest. Read More | Comment »

Southside of the Tracks 10:30AM Tue. Oct. 28, Doug Freeman

RIP Corey Mitchell

Reports began to arrive early this afternoon that Corey Mitchell, the true-crime author and Housecore Horror Film Festival co-founder, had suffered a heart attack this morning outside Emo’s and subsequently died mere hours after the second annual event had concluded. Read More | Comment »

Earache in My Eye 8:10PM Mon. Oct. 27, Marc Savlov

Housecore Horror Live Shot: Sunday Part 2

On the final evening of Housecore Horror, a new policy was introduced at Emo’s: all entrants will empty pockets and submit to a search. “Danzig came in and changed everything,” explained a guard. Taped to the doors, signs instructed, “No cell phones whatsoever during Danzig/Samhain.” Finally. Cell phones should be banned at shows more often. Read More | Comment »

Kicked in the Teeth 11:57AM Mon. Oct. 27, Adam Ganderson

Housecore Horror Live Shot: Sunday Part 1

Sunday was the day the freaks and weirdos came to the Housecore Horrorfest party, and we’re not just talking about the bloody clown and slasher stiltwalker in the crowd. Read More | Comment »

High Bias 11:30AM Mon. Oct. 27, Michael Toland

Housecore Horror Live Shot: Saturday Part 3

Oderus Urungus has fallen. Dave Brockie, the heart of Gwar since its inception, left a free-bleeding gash in the thrash contingent’s center with his death from a heroin overdose in March. Saturday night at Emo’s, the shuffled lineup embarked on an irreverent quest to bring their fearless leader back from beyond. Read More | Comment »

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom 2:27PM Sun. Oct. 26, Nina Hernandez

Housecore Horror Live Shot: Saturday Part 2

Flagging energy levels and aching knees on day two of the Housecore Horror Film Festival – inevitable toll of Emo’s unyielding concrete floor – begged a question: Can death metal be bouncy? Read More | Comment »

Off the Record 1:47PM Sun. Oct. 26, Richard Whittaker

Housecore Horror Live Shot: Saturday Part 1

Day two of heavy metal parking lot dawned hotter than the previous afternoon at Midway Field House. Conditions increased in severity the next six hours. Torrid, more bodies, unrelenting, Saturday turned Friday here into kiddie pool fodder. What sun on concrete missed by degrees – just shy of 90 – seasoned metallurgists made up for in scorched earth sets. Read More | Comment »

Death Valley Nights 12:47PM Sun. Oct. 26, Raoul Hernandez

Housecore Horror Live Shot: Friday Part 2

When guitarist Mike Scaccia died onstage in 2012, Dallas thrash cult Rigor Mortis decided to never again play under that moniker. Though performing at Emo’s for Housecore Horror as Wizards of Gore, a name taken from the song off their universally hailed 1988 debut, singer Bruce Corbitt plugged a new Rigor Mortis album. Which there is. Read More | Comment »

Kicked in the Teeth 11:40AM Sat. Oct. 25, Adam Ganderson

Housecore Horror Live Shot: Friday Part 1

Once again, they paved over paradise with a parking lot. A heavy metal parking lot. Read More | Comment »

Death Valley Nights 10:07AM Sat. Oct. 25, Raoul Hernandez

Housecore Horror Preview: Phil Anselmo

Pantera legend Phil Anselmo remains an expert on at least two disciplines: extreme music and horror films. Accordingly, the two intersect this weekend at his Housecore Horror Film Festival. In honor of this monster convergence of movies and heavy metal, the singer reunites Superjoint (sans Ritual) on Sunday at Emo’s. Read More | Comment »

Playback 1:30PM Fri. Oct. 24, Kevin Curtin

Housecore Horror Preview: Randy Blythe

When Lamb of God mouthpiece Randy Blythe signed up for the Richmond, Va., vets tour account As the Palaces Burn, he should’ve known things would get strange. He just couldn’t predict how much so. “It’s a documentary, not a Hollywood blockbuster,” he says. “Sometimes things get a little bit messy in the storytelling, just like they do in life.” Read More | Comment »

Off the Record 11:00AM Fri. Oct. 24, Richard Whittaker

Housecore Horror Preview: Voivod

Just in time for Halloween, it’s all your radioactive nightmares come true. When Canadian legacy Voivod goes onstage at Emo’s Friday, 10:50pm, they bring with them a science fiction horror mythology inscribed over 30 years into the grooves of 13 albums beginning with 1984’s War and Pain. Read More | Comment »

Kicked in the Teeth 2:00PM Thu. Oct. 23, Adam Ganderson

ACL @ 40: Ryan Adams

When in Austin, Ryan Adams does as Austinites do: He jogs in the vicinity of Town Lake, looks casually for bats (which he swears were “power-washed away”), eats tacos, and hits a skate park. He even reads the Chronicle, in which he discovered locals Clit Eastwood. “I bet they suck – in the best way possible,” he said Wednesday at an Austin City Limits taping. Read More | Comment »

Earphoria 11:00AM Thu. Oct. 23, Neph Basedow

Housecore Horror Preview: Eyehategod

Last year at the inaugural Housecore Horror festival, New Orleans sludge rippers Eyehategod overcame the sudden death of drummer Joey LaCaze by guesting Melvins mainstay Dale Cover at their Emo’s performance. Back with a permanent percussive anchor and first studio in 14 years, Mike Williams’ gritty crew returns for year two and possibly many more. Read More | Comment »

High Bias 4:20PM Wed. Oct. 22, Michael Toland

SXSW Music: First List

Like that, South by Southwest is back – and bearing down equally on your calendar and psyche. Read More | Comment »

Check Yo' Self 10:02AM Wed. Oct. 22, Chase Hoffberger

Full Service Circus

Full Service won’t be on the cover of the Chronicle this week, but you can’t say they haven’t tried. The local quartet continues promoting this weekend’s Full Service Circus, a bonanza of music, sports, and games, for which they’ve already sold 300 tickets to largely out-of-town fans. The second annual event runs Friday through Sunday around town. Read More | Comment »

Playback 3:47PM Mon. Oct. 20, Kevin Curtin

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