Pure Bone Gristle: Prodigy

Famous for his gritty street persona, Prodigy put his stamp on rap beginning in the early Nineties, with hyperreal, often controversial commentary. The Queensbridge, New York, MC swings back locally after an April date at the Parish with his day job, Mobb Deep. This time he guests with soul/jazz/funk New Orleans brass tacks the Soul Rebels at Emo’s Friday. Read More | Comment »

Ill Communication 11:59AM Thu. Sep. 18, Kahron Spearman

The Death of Rap Lyrics

This week’s Ill Communication transmission – the second overall – isn’t about the positive/negative aspect of rap lyrics, but rather the quality in rap lyrics, whose importance has begun to wane. Read More | Comment »

Ill Communication 2:00PM Wed. Sep. 17, Kahron Spearman

The Return of 8 ½ Souvenirs

Calling all dancers, have you heard the word? Happy days are here again. Olivier Giraud, Glover Gill, and Kathy Kiser Benayoun have returned as 8 ½ Souvenirs. The band can be heard every Tuesday at C-Boy’s Heart & Soul. After a long break, the Austin institution reignites its soundtrack for swingers, cavorting once again on Congress Avenue to the Lindy Hop. Read More | Comment »

Next Up! 11:30AM Tue. Sep. 16, William Harries Graham

The Inaugural Stargayzer

Today is a new day. As host and drag superstar, Peaches Christ exclaimed Sunday night, “We were here for the first.” The first Stargayzer Festival, that is. And what a festival it was. Read More | Comment »

Musical Fruit 8:30AM Tue. Sep. 16, Sarah Marloff

Soul Track Mind: Unbreakable

Sharon Jones’ new millennial emergence put sweet soul music back into the mainstream. Not only did the Brooklyn dynamo’s indie rock favor throw the spotlight back on forgotten elders Bettye LaVette, Charles Bradley, and Lee Fields, it sparked seminal new acts including Jones’ Dap-Kings and Mayer Hawthorne. Welcome Soul Track Mind to the latter stable. Read More | Comment »

Death Valley Nights 4:20PM Mon. Sep. 15, Raoul Hernandez

Lily Allen, Sheezus!

UK pop star Lily Allen brings glamor to Stubb’s Sunday. Stylish, outspoken, the 29-year-old singer remains a reliable hitmaker behind “The Fear,” “Hard Out Here,” and “F*** You.” Married to Sam Cooper, a builder and half brother of Tarka Cordell, Allen phoned in to say she’s “thrilled” to be back out on the road behind her third LP, May’s Sheezus. Read More | Comment »

Next Up! 4:20PM Fri. Sep. 12, William Harries Graham

DJ Shadow on Afrika Bambaataa

The vanguard of mainstream mixology, DJ Shadow, was given access by Cornell University to 40,000 records belonging to the man who introduced the art form to music: Afrika Bambaataa. Shadow, born Josh Davis in San Jose, Calif., 42 years ago, and his partner in scratch, Cut Chemist, spin their findings for ACL Live at the Moody Theater next Thursday, Sept. 18. Read More | Comment »

La Vie en Rose 4:20PM Thu. Sep. 11, Abby Johnston

Down Low Deconstructs the State Divide Part 2

I’m slouched in a corner of Leper River Studio with Austin’s Bill Converse. The formidable electronic artist came of age via Michigan’s legendary techno community. As a DJ, he cut his teeth in East Lancing and Detroit, performing alongside the genre’s defining acts, including Claude Young, who at the time called Converse “the world’s youngest DJ.” Read More | Comment »

All-Notes-Off 4:20PM Wed. Sep. 10, Conor Walker

Ill Communication: Transmission No. 1

“Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is....” Kahron Spearman, lover of most genres, but focusing mostly on the urban variety. More so than any other genre except jazz, rap’s merits have been built up, brought down, and deconstructed in ways innumerable. This was best verbalized in Mos Def’s “Fear Not of Man,” from his 1999 solo debut, Black on Both Sides. Read More | Comment »

Ill Communication 3:00PM Tue. Sep. 9, Kahron Spearman

Aaron Behrens Keeps Rising

Aaron Behrens has reached a turning point in his career. Still on leave from Austin’s ever-popular Ghostland Observatory, the singer’s vastly different rock band hits full stride this coming week. Catch the Midnight Stroll in-store at Waterloo Wednesday, then Friday at Utopia Fest, and finally on the racks next Tuesday when their debut EP drops. Read More | Comment »

Playback 1:30PM Mon. Sep. 8, Kevin Curtin

Danny Schmidt: Slow & Easy & Winning the Race

Danny Schmidt remains the kind of beloved folk troubadour that begins a Kickstarter campaign for a new album called Owls, and by the next day he’s halfway to his goal. That’s how much fanatics love this Austinite’s music. He’s also embarking on a new journey, marrying the love of his life in October – local songbird Carrie Elkin. Their For Keeps is out now. Read More | Comment »

Next Up! 12:20PM Fri. Sep. 5, William Harries Graham

Earth, Wind & Fire Saves September

September isn’t anyone’s favorite month, particularly Texans, who suffer through a fall devoid of seasonal splendor. You’re forced out of that lazy summer mindset, the first of the month constitutes your last holiday until Thanksgiving, and it’s still hot as blazes. Allow me to alter your outlook with an elemental approach, then: Earth, Wind & Fire. Read More | Comment »

La Vie en Rose 4:20PM Thu. Sep. 4, Abby Johnston

Aretha Franklin: The Way We Were

The purse stashed under the piano Thursday night foretold Aretha Franklin’s arrival. Because the gospel priestess demands the AC be turned off for her performances, the 72-year-old Detroit native cut through the humidity with exquisite vocal power during another ACL Live at the Moody Theater sell-out. For 90 minutes, the crowd shivered nonetheless. Read More | Comment »

Shuffle 12:15PM Thu. Sep. 4, Nina Hernandez

Down Low Deconstructs State Divide

Slagging Dallas still thrives in Austin. As a sprawling suburban wasteland, slag away, but when infrastructure ruptures into culture, our criticism gurgles forth as uninformed – much like our city slogan, live music capital of the world. That doesn’t even function on a statewide level. At least when it comes to techno, Dallas remains the Texas epicenter. Read More | Comment »

All-Notes-Off 2:00PM Wed. Sep. 3, Conor Walker

Kerrville Fall Folk Fest & Island Folk Festival

I played the Kennedy stage at the Kerrville Fall Folk Festival Saturday night. My dad, Jon Dee Graham, and I have become a duo for just such very special occasions, which I’m in love with as much as jumping off the Continental Club stage in a rock & roll spasm. I joke that I bring Bob Dylan Newport Folk Festival shock to folk with my electric guitar. Read More | Comment »

Next Up! 1:15PM Tue. Sep. 2, William Harries Graham

Song Premiere: Churchwood’s “Triptych”

A year after raising heaven and hell on their breakout sophomore LP, local blues punks Churchwood return to the altar for another ritual of musical madness and cerebral rebellion. Read More | Comment »

Playback 11:11AM Tue. Sep. 2, Kevin Curtin

A Dram Held High for Ed Miller

KUT empties out on Sundays. A few minutes before 6pm, the staff’s at home, resting up for the work week. The lights are out. Two televisions play sports on mute over desks belonging to KUTX deejays. Read More | Comment »

Check Yo' Self 1:37PM Fri. Aug. 29, Chase Hoffberger


Over Labor Day weekend last year, the third and final afternoon of New York’s Electric Zoo festival was cancelled after two people died in drug-related incidents. This Friday through Sunday, the EDM gathering crusades to keep the genre’s hallmark drug, MDMA, at bay by making attendees watch a two-minute PSA before their wristbands are activated. Read More | Comment »

La Vie en Rose 4:20PM Thu. Aug. 28, Abby Johnston

Had Me a Real Good Time

You know it’s a big night at the Sahara Lounge when co-owner Topaz McGarrigle and the staff roll out not one, not two, but three crock pots of downhome cookin’. The parking lot filled up along Webberville Road on Wednesday as booker, promoter, and venue mainstay Jennifer Marchand orchestrated yet another dream show: a hoot night for the Faces and Small Faces. Read More | Comment »

Check Yo' Self 12:15PM Thu. Aug. 28, Chase Hoffberger

Housecore Horror: Satyricon Out, Napalm Death In

Black news for Scandinavian metal fans: Satyricon have dropped from the Housecore Horror Film Festival. Grindcore pioneers Napalm Death will crush the crowd in their stead. Read More | Comment »

Off the Record 3:45PM Wed. Aug. 27, Richard Whittaker

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