Leffingwell Endorses Adler

Monday afternoon in front of City Hall, Mayor Lee Leffingwell endorsed attorney Steve Adler to succeed him as mayor of Austin, saying Adler has spent 36 years “working to make Austin a better place.” Read More | Comment »

Point Austin 5:00PM Mon. Oct. 27, Michael King

Buehler Trial Continues Wednesday Morning

Expectations that we’d go into lunch with a verdict in the trial of Antonio Buehler received a swift kick in the rear Monday morning when attendees to the hearing learned that a juror had been relieved of responsibilities. Judge Mitch Solomon indicated prior to proceedings Monday that the juror was dismissed because he feared retribution for his verdict. Read More | Comment »

Local 1:00PM Mon. Oct. 27, Chase Hoffberger

News Roundup: Textbooks, Buehler, and More

Moses and Manifest Destiny, Justice Ginsburg checks her work, and HB 2 defender Vincent Rue resurfaces. All the news that fits on Monday morning. Read More | Comment »

Local 7:00AM Mon. Oct. 27, the News Staff

Adler Campaign Cries Foul

Over the last couple of days, local voters have been receiving calls originating from the “South Forward” IE PAC – a national labor political action committee devoted to “revitalizing and growing the Democratic South.” The phone message? “Don’t vote for Steve Adler.” Read More | Comment »

Local 7:00AM Fri. Oct. 24, Michael King

Voter Empowerment?

Thanks in part to aggressive voter registration efforts this year, a record number of Texans – 14,025,441 – are registered to vote in the current gubernatorial election, according to the Texas Secretary of State's office. And the view from day three of early voting suggests it will indeed be a big turnout. For a nonpresidential election. In Texas. Read More | Comment »

Local 12:01PM Thu. Oct. 23, Greg Harman

Mayor's Day Off

City Council watchers will note that Mayor Lee Leffingwell is not in his customary seat on the dais - Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole is presiding over today's Council meeting. A press release announced the mayor's absence. Read More | Comment »

Local 10:30AM Thu. Oct. 23, Michael King

Standing for Pine Street Station

The Friends of Pine Street Station plan to lend support to Reji Thomas and Pine Street Station by attending the October Public Hearing of the Historic Landmark Commission on Monday, October 27, 7pm at One Texas Center, 505 Barton Springs Rd. Meanwhile Capital Metro is giving Thomas until Sunday to get out. Read More | Comment »

Developing Stories 4:45PM Wed. Oct. 22, Kate X Messer

Antonio Buehler Promises Memorable Trial

Its defendant is billing it as “one of the most interesting and fun class C misdemeanor trials” you’ll see. Tomorrow morning downtown at Austin Municipal Court, Antonio Buehler stands in defense of his first granted indictment: a disregarded order of an officer charge he’s confident that he can beat. Read More | Comment »

Local 2:27PM Wed. Oct. 22, Chase Hoffberger

Special Edition: State Ticker

As early voting kicks off, both hilarity and outrage are in great supply. We'll be collecting our favorite examples periodically. Here are a few for now: Read More | Comment »

State 12:00PM Tue. Oct. 21, the News Staff

Election Day One: Turnout Low, Slow

When the City of Austin and Austin ISD voted to move their elections to November, to coincide with the general election, hopes were high that it would boost participation. With the first day early voting totals in, it seems those hopes may have been optimistic for overall turnout, but it's a good sign for municipal engagement. Read More | Comment »

Local 11:51PM Mon. Oct. 20, Richard Whittaker

At S-Comm Forum, Both Sides Dig In

While no progress toward a consensus was made at last week’s forum on Secure Communities, it did serve the purpose of highlighting just how contentious the issue truly is. Read More | Comment »

Local 3:00PM Mon. Oct. 20, Amy Kamp

Libertarian Ludlow Seeks Press Against Dukes

The Texas Ethics Commission doesn't like it when candidates file ethics complaints for nakedly political ends against their opponents. So the commissioners may take a dim view of Libertarian Kevin Ludlow issuing press releases over his filing against Democrat Rep. Dawnna Dukes. Read More | Comment »

On the Lege 1:30PM Mon. Oct. 20, Richard Whittaker

News Roundup

Early voting begins today. If you're not sure where to vote, check out our complete list of polling locations here. Those concerned about lines can visit ACC-Highland Mall's early voting "megasite" featuring 4 check-in stations, 40 voting booths, and free parking. Read More | Comment »

Local 7:00AM Mon. Oct. 20, the News Staff

Voter ID: Battle Lost, War Goes On

The US Supreme Court has decided to let Texas voter ID laws stand. That is, for the November elections and resulting run offs. But the parties that brought the challenges to the rules are determined that this will be a one-time deal. Read More | Comment »

State 4:16PM Sat. Oct. 18, Richard Whittaker

Supreme Court Upholds Voter ID

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued the final word (for now) on Texas' voter ID law. Read More | Comment »

State 7:05AM Sat. Oct. 18, Amy Kamp

More Endorsements: ACC Trustees

With early voting looming (Oct. 20-31), we're supplementing the Chronicle editorial board endorsements in the Oct. 17 issue with a few more, as they become available. The following are our recommendations for Austin Community College board of trustees, Places 1 and 2. Read More | Comment »

Local 4:00PM Fri. Oct. 17, The Chronicle Editorial Board

Updated Endorsement: Diane Henson

With early voting looming (Oct. 20-31), we're supplementing the Chronicle editorial board endorsements in the Oct. 17 issue with a few more, as they become available. We've endorsed Diane Henson for the Third Court Chief Justice, and here's our reasoning. Read More | Comment »

State 1:20PM Fri. Oct. 17, The Chronicle Editorial Board

More Endorsements

With early voting looming (Oct. 20-31), we're supplementing the Chronicle editorial board endorsements in the Oct. 17 issue with a few more, as they become available. Read More | Comment »

Local 10:30AM Fri. Oct. 17, The Chronicle Editorial Board

Watch it here

District 5 Ballot Boxing Forum Video

Below is the complete video from the Ballot Boxing District 5 Forum. Read More | Comment »

Local 9:00AM Wed. Oct. 15, the News Staff

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