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Miss someone on your gift list? Play Santa and back local film.

One in a Crowd: For Forgetful Gift Givers

So the season of giving is almost over, and you suddenly realize that you left a vital aunt, cousin, or dentist off your list. What's to be done? Rather than raiding the auto spare-parts aisle at your local gas station and gift-wrapping some radiator hoses, why not invest in a crowdfunded, Austin-based project on their behalf? Read More | Comment »

DVD 9:00AM Thu. Dec. 25, Richard Whittaker

It's Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas

Forget carols and devotional music. In my house, it's not really Christmas until we break out the A Charlie Brown Christmas CD. Read More | Comment »

DVD 9:00AM Wed. Dec. 24, Richard Whittaker

Alamo Drafthouse Gets OK to Screen The Interview

Ten days ago, there was a secret advance screening of a studio comedy in Austin. Then the world came to a screeching halt, and The Interview was shelved. Now, at least in Austin, audiences will get a chance to catch the controversial comedy, as the Alamo Drafthouse confirms it will host screenings, starting Christmas Day. Read More | Comment »

Film 1:02PM Tue. Dec. 23, Richard Whittaker

Ain’t It Cool With Harry Knowles Set to Air on KLRU

You could forgive the show’s Kickstarter funders for starting to think it had all been for naught. However, word has arrived today that the money they contributed to finance the taping of a second season of Ain’t It Cool With Harry Knowles has resulted in a deal for the show to be broadcast on KLRU-TV, beginning February 7, 2015. Read More | Comment »

Film 8:00AM Mon. Dec. 22, Marjorie Baumgarten

DVDanger: Drawn to the Screen

There comes a point in every film fan's life when, screaming, they pull that copy of Frozen out of the player and launch it at the wall because no one needs "Let it Go"-induced PTSD. But don't worry, there's a world of animation out there that doesn't involve Disney at all. Read More | Comment »

DVD 9:00AM Sat. Dec. 20, Richard Whittaker

DVDanger: Horror in 150 Words or Less

The post-Halloween season is supposed to be all mist and mellow fruitfulness. Instead, the home-release racks have been bloodier than Jason Voorhees' cutlery drawer. But time is short, so let's get slashing. Read More | Comment »

DVD 12:15PM Wed. Dec. 17, Richard Whittaker

Austin Film Critics Name Boyhood Best of Year

The Austin Film Critics Association has given Richard Linklater’s Boyhood top honors in its annual critics awards. A special honorary award went to the late (and formerly homeless) Gary Poulter, who delivered a stunning performance in David Gordon Green’s Joe. Full list after the jump. Read More | Comment »

Film 8:00AM Wed. Dec. 17, Kimberley Jones

SXSW Film 2015 Coming Into Focus

Ava DuVernay, the acclaimed director of this season’s Selma, has been announced today as one of the keynote speakers at next March’s South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival. Joining her for separate kickoff speeches will be RZA, as well as Mark Duplass, who was previously announced. Read More | Comment »

Film 12:40PM Tue. Dec. 16, Marjorie Baumgarten

Film Flam

With the year almost over, that means just one thing: The 2015 festival season is almost upon us, and the cavalcade of announcements and premieres means some local filmmakers should be busy booking flights. Read More | Comment »

Film 4:00PM Mon. Dec. 15, Richard Whittaker

Gazing Back at Other Worlds Austin

Last weekend's Other Worlds Austin has returned to its home planet, but the inaugural year of the city's first dedicated science fiction film festival leaves the winners of its awards, the Cthulhies, behind on Earth. Read More | Comment »

DVD 9:00AM Sat. Dec. 13, Richard Whittaker

One in a Crowd: Master Class

Do you want to learn to act like Tom Perkins, star of Skinemax's Born to Win, Nothin' to Lose? Then you need to sign up for his Master Class. Read More | Comment »

Film 2:05PM Fri. Dec. 12, Richard Whittaker

Video Game News Bites

If our Video Game Gift Guide isn't keeping you busy, there's all sorts of video-game-related news happening around town. Make sure you know what's up in case you need some dinner conversation at that ugly-sweater party. Read More | Comment »

Gaming 3:30PM Thu. Dec. 11, James Renovitch

Other Worlds Austin: Bon Voyeurage

"I'm a total voyeur," Bradley King states matter-of-factly to audiences at last weekend's inaugural Other Worlds Austin sci-fi film festival. Time Lapse has just screened, and the writer/director indulges our questions. "Not in the kinky sense …." [Laughter.] "All right, in the kinky sense." Read More | Comment »

Film 3:50PM Tue. Dec. 9, Adrienne Whitehorse

Notes on Regarding Susan Sontag

When she died near the end of 2004, the great cultural and literary critic, essayist, political activist, feminist icon, and public intellectual Susan Sontag had lived much of her life in front of cameras and in the limelight, yet there were aspects of her life that remained in the dark. Read More | Comment »

Film 4:35PM Mon. Dec. 8, Marjorie Baumgarten

It's a Wonderful Lie

Christmas movies usually come wrapped in a message: appreciate the little things; treat your fellow man with kindness; believe in Santa; don’t shoot your eye out. The moral of the story of the less-canonical Christmas in Connecticut? Lie through your teeth, and lovely things may come to you. Read More | Comment »

Film 8:00AM Sun. Dec. 7, Kimberley Jones

DVDanger: I Am Santa Claus

Pro-wrestler Mick Foley may have retired from the arduous rigors of the squared circle, but he's still a very serious man. At least, on one issue. When I interviewed him earlier this year, I mentioned that, like him, I have a beard. His first question: Had I ever thought of being a Santa Claus? Read More | Comment »

DVD 8:00AM Sat. Dec. 6, Richard Whittaker

One in a Crowd: APT 3D

Just because a film gets its world premiere, that doesn't mean it's completely finished. So when Apt 3D screens this weekend at new sci-fi festival Other Worlds Austin on Saturday, it still has some work to be done. Read More | Comment »

Film 9:00AM Fri. Dec. 5, Richard Whittaker

Results Is In

The Sundance Film Festival just unleashed its traditional post-Thanksgiving torrent of festival news, announcing its 2015 competition slate for U.S. and World Cinema narratives and documentaries, plus the edgier NEXT program. Read More | Comment »

Film 3:49PM Wed. Dec. 3, Kimberley Jones

RIP Paige Martínez

Paige Martínez, 52, an accomplished documentary filmmaker and a former member of the Austin film community, died on November 24 in Las Vegas, NM, where she was a graduate student in the Department of Media Arts & Technology at Highlands University. The cause was medical complications from a long-standing illness. Read More | Comment »

Film 12:25PM Tue. Dec. 2, Paul Stekler

OMG! The Grumpy Cat Movie Premieres Tonight!

In a just world, Bryan and Tabatha Bundesen would've turned their little bundle of faux-disdain that the world knows as Grumpy Cat over to David Lynch or Alejandro Jodorowsky and said, "Go for it." Read More | Comment »

Web 11:00AM Sat. Nov. 29, Wayne Alan Brenner

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