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Getting Schooled by Jake Busey on 'From Dusk Till Dawn'

If knowledge is power, then in From Dusk Till Dawn, that would make Professor Tanner, played by Jake Busey, the most dangerous man in the room. "I love being the information guy," he said. "I'm a combination of Basil Exposition and Indiana Jones in the classroom." Read More | Comment »

Television 7:00PM Tue. Apr. 15, Richard Whittaker

Revenge Is Sweet

Sunday’s night episode bade goodbye to a character. Spoilers after the jump. Read More | Comment »

Television 6:34PM Tue. Apr. 15, Rod Machen

ATX Television Fest Lines Up FX Premieres

Are vampires ever not trending? FX will test audience appetite for bloodsuckers with new series The Strain this July, but ATX Television Festival attendees get to cast an early vote: The premiere will anchor the fest's closing night programming. Read More | Comment »

Television 4:38PM Tue. Apr. 15, Kimberley Jones

Trail of Crumbs Down Memory Lane: 'Pioneers of Television'

The fourth season of the Emmy-nominated documentary series Pioneers of Television returns to PBS tonight with a new slate of topics, ranging from the beloved doctors and nurses who have graced our television screens to a new look at comedy. This season looks at television comedy a few ways, this time, in two episodes. Read More | Comment »

Television 10:10AM Tue. Apr. 15, Anne Harris

‘Hillsborough’ (Do Not Read This in the UK)

Twenty-five years ago today, 96 soccer fans were crushed to death in the overcrowded stands at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England. Just two weeks ago, a British coroner’s court finally opened a public inquiry to determine the cause of those deaths. This new ESPN documentary is the story of what happened that day, and in the 25 years since. Read More | Comment »

Television 6:14AM Tue. Apr. 15, Nick Barbaro

Austinist Shuts Down

Damn near every young writer in Austin saw some semblance of their reportorial upbringing end Monday as the Austinist, an arm of the extensive, locally focused Gothamist network, announced shortly at 4pm that it was shutting its interactive doors. Read More | Comment »

Web 6:29PM Mon. Apr. 14, Chase Hoffberger

A Game a Day

I'm not going to lie; I've wasted a fair portion of the last few days of my life on a game that closely approximates Candy Crush. I say "wasted" to save face with my serious gamer friends, but truth be told I have little shame at the 249 completed levels of Dragon Academy. I have local developers Team Chaos to thank for this. Read More | Comment »

Gaming 8:00AM Mon. Apr. 14, James Renovitch

DVDanger: 'Holliston' / 'Knights of Badassdom'

Most cult films become cult films. But once in a while film arrives, a film foretold with ill-augur, that has the dedication, fascination and weirdo subject matter that pushes it into cult status. And that film is Knights of Badassdom. Read More | Comment »

DVD 12:45PM Sat. Apr. 12, Richard Whittaker

Let the Madness Begin

As the sixth season of Mad Men drew to a close last June, it appeared a new beginning was afoot. Sunkist was on board as a client, and a Los Angeles branch of the firm was set to be opened by none other than Don Draper himself. Read More | Comment »

Television 10:15AM Sat. Apr. 12, Rod Machen

Things That Go Bump in the Blumhouse

If there's one constant in Blumhouse films like Paranormal Activity and Sinister, it's this: Never move into a new house. "That's not true," barks distributor chief Jason Blum. "Insidious. I've broken my golden rule. It's my favorite thing. Rose says, 'let's get the hell out of this house,' and they move." Read More | Comment »

Film 12:45PM Fri. Apr. 11, Richard Whittaker

Cine Las Americas Announces Full Lineup

A local institution with an international reach, Cine Las Americas may be embarking on its seventeenth run, but don’t think anybody’s on autopilot. It’s been a race to the finish to put together this year's slate. Read More | Comment »

Film 2:36PM Thu. Apr. 10, Kimberley Jones

Kickstart Your Weekend: 'Tower'

There's no darker day in UT-Austin's history than August 1, 1966. That's when engineering student and former Marine Charles Whitman killed his wife and mother, climbed the Tower, and shot another 14 total strangers before he was finally gunned down. Fifty years later, filmmaker Keith Maitland seeks to retell those terrible events Read More | Comment »

Film 8:00AM Thu. Apr. 10, Richard Whittaker

Sundance, 78723

Sundance Institute and the Austin Film Society have announced the lineup for the first-ever #ArtistServices Austin Workshop, a daylong conference aimed at advising and empowering independent filmmakers. Read More | Comment »

Film 10:55AM Wed. Apr. 9, Kimberley Jones

Home-State Advantage

Texas Spotlight, a new monthly film series programmed by the Violet Crown Cinema, will feature films directed by Texas filmmakers or made in Texas. The first three films have just been announced, and showcase works by Austin and Dallas filmmakers. Read More | Comment »

Film 9:30AM Wed. Apr. 9, Marjorie Baumgarten

What Would Werner Do?

Obsessive, borderline-mad – or, y’know, just batshit-crazy – behavior has long been a hallmark of Werner Herzog's heroes; think Fitzcarraldo pushing a boat up a mountain, or Timothy Treadwell’s misguided Grizzly Man aspirations. Now you, too, can do obsessive, borderline-mad from the comfort of your own couch and cram 16 Herzog films in as many weeks. Read More | Comment »

DVD 10:30AM Tue. Apr. 8, Kimberley Jones

Cine Las Americas Announces Opening and Closing Night Films

Maybe March madness, with all its down-to-the-buzzer breathlessness, was infectious? Just two weeks shy of its 2014 festival, Cine Las Americas still hasn’t announced its complete lineup – but today it did herald an opening and closing night film. Read More | Comment »

Film 4:57PM Mon. Apr. 7, Kimberley Jones

Reexamining History at AJFF

The 12th annual Austin Jewish Film Festival offered up yet another nicely curated slate of movies-with-a-Jewish-nexus for a broad range of ages and cinematic tastes, from serious docs like the eyebrow-raising Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust (2004) to more haimish fare like Hava Nagila: The Movie (2012) and The Sturgeon Queens (2013). Read More | Comment »

Film 9:15AM Sun. Apr. 6, Anne S. Lewis

Going 'Commando' With Mark Lester

By 1985, Arnold Schwarzeneggar was a household name, but not yet a mega-celebrity. Director Mark L. Lester explained, "He'd done The Terminator, he'd done Conan, but he wasn't really an action star." It was their madcap action flick Commando that unleashed the one-liner-dealing, leading man. Read More | Comment »

Film 11:30AM Sat. Apr. 5, Richard Whittaker

Carl Reiner: The Interview

Two days before his 92nd birthday, Carl Reiner is showing no signs of slowing down. On this Tuesday, March 18, the comedy legend is making phones calls around the country to discuss a new DVD release related to one of his finest and funniest creations, The Dick Van Dyke Show: Classic Mary Tyler Moore Episodes. Read More | Comment »

Television 4:07PM Fri. Apr. 4, Robert Faires

Blind Amputee Finds Hope in Pottery

At age 18, Bill Wedekind joined the Marines. Shortly after, he was wounded in Vietnam, lost his vision and both of his hands. Thanks to the Krukenberg procedure (an operation that turns arm stumps into pincers) and support from his grandmother, Wedekind made a career in pottery. Read More | Comment »

Film 2:00PM Fri. Apr. 4, Neha Aziz

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