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One in a Crowd: What's Kind About the Dark

With Halloween's shadow looming over us, what time could be more perfect for turning our flickering candle to illuminate a horror film looking for your soul gold. Read More | Comment »

Film 5:54PM Thu. Oct. 30, Richard Whittaker

Late-Night Lovin' on Austin: The Sequel

According to Jon Stewart at the taping of his second episode from Austin this week, 60% of his staff for The Daily Show is ready to move here. That's how much they adore this city. But we hardly needed to be told that since the sentiment was clear throughout the show – and pretty much every minute, on camera and off, all week long. Read More | Comment »

Television 2:30PM Thu. Oct. 30, Robert Faires

Praying for The Overnighters

If The Overnighters is a modern true-life version of The Grapes of Wrath, Pastor Jay Reinke isn't its Tom Joad. He's more like Jim Casey, Tom's clergyman friend who tries to organize some defense for the poor and oppressed, and pays the consequences. Read More | Comment »

Film 10:54AM Thu. Oct. 30, Richard Whittaker

Austin Film Festival: Thursday TBAs Divulged

Just when you thought you were nearing the end, just when you were patting yourself on the back for your near-weeklong stamina, along comes the Austin Film Festival's announcement of three freshly slotted encore screenings for Thursday, Oct. 30. Read More | Comment »

Film 4:20PM Wed. Oct. 29, Marjorie Baumgarten

Austin Film Festival: “Spoke” & Crazy Carl and His Man-Boobs

Few American cities know how to self-mythologize like Austin. Read More | Comment »

Film 10:00AM Wed. Oct. 29, Mike Agresta

Austin Film Festival: 61 Bullets

Louisiana’s infamous Governor Huey P. Long, as divisive a figure in American politics as ever lived, was assassinated by Dr. Carl Weiss on September 8, 1935. At least that’s what the textbooks say. The truth, it turns out, is a lot murkier. Read More | Comment »

Film 9:00AM Wed. Oct. 29, Marc Savlov

Austin Film Festival: Poverty, Inc.

Opening with a Machiavelli quote and driving through the current Mixmaster of charitable giving, Poverty, Inc. seeks to investigate the “multibillion dollar poverty industry” on a global scale. Read More | Comment »

Film 8:00AM Wed. Oct. 29, Jessi Cape

Austin Film Festival: The Sideways Light

Senility is a slow curse, the collapse of the mind before death. Yet if there is a life after death, would there be a worse curse than retaining that mental decline in the beyond? Read More | Comment »

Film 4:00PM Tue. Oct. 28, Richard Whittaker

Austin Film Festival: The Texas Promise

There's a few billion dollars missing from the Texas education budget, and every capitol and education reporter was a witness while the crime was committed. Plus everyone know who did it. Read More | Comment »

Film 11:10AM Tue. Oct. 28, Richard Whittaker

Austin Film Festival: One Eyed Girl

Aussie director Nick Matthews' feature debut is a queasy little head trip of the best kind. Equal parts drama and thriller, and dotted with a skewed sense of utopian idealism vs. modern mental medicine, it pits an unraveling psychologist against a backwoods community of spiritual seekers, with unpredictable results. Read More | Comment »

Film 9:00AM Tue. Oct. 28, Marc Savlov

DVDanger: Box Sets of Blood

There's a moment in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre that marks the end of an era. "I'm about ready to call a cop," gasps Kirk (William Vail) after he helps kick the maniac hitchhiker (Ed Neal) out the van. Read More | Comment »

DVD 8:00AM Tue. Oct. 28, Richard Whittaker

RIP Corey Mitchell

Reports began to arrive early this afternoon that Corey Mitchell, the true-crime author and Housecore Horror Film Festival co-founder, had suffered a heart attack this morning outside Emo’s and subsequently died mere hours after the second annual event had concluded. Read More | Comment »

Film 8:10PM Mon. Oct. 27, Marc Savlov

Rooster Teeth Keeping Busy

One wonders when the crew at Rooster Teeth sleeps. Not only did the gaming culture and cult Web series creators raise $442,389 for the Extra Life charity this weekend (with a little help from a foul-mouthed LeVar Burton), but also managed to drop two more newsworthy items today. Read More | Comment »

Gaming 4:03PM Mon. Oct. 27, James Renovitch

Austin Film Festival: Popovich and the Voice of the Fabled American West

Don’t let the fact that this unique little gem of a film has been slotted into the dreaded “Family Film” category. Popovich and the Voice of the Fabled American West is crammed to bursting with witty gags, slapstick daredeviltry, and heart to spare. Read More | Comment »

Film 10:30AM Mon. Oct. 27, Marc Savlov

Austin Film Festival: Beast of Cardo

With touches of magical realism and an insightful view of a suffocating high society, Beast of Cardo is a beguiling drama with arresting imagery, strong performances, and some interesting allegory. Read More | Comment »

Film 9:50AM Mon. Oct. 27, Josh Kupecki

AFF Announces Award Winners

At Saturday's awards luncheon, the Austin Film Festival celebrated the best of the fest in both its film and screenplay competitions. AFF also honored this year's three lifetime achievement award recipients, Matthew Weiner, Edward Zwick, and Jim Sheridan. Read More | Comment »

Film 7:24PM Sun. Oct. 26, Kimberley Jones

Austin Film Festival: Mental Illness in the Movies

The unreliable narrator is a powerful tool in the hands of the right author, and when it comes to movies, nothing is more unreliable than a character with a mental illness. Read More | Comment »

Film 4:50PM Sun. Oct. 26, Rod Machen

Austin Film Festival: Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero

When most Americans think of nouns that might follow the descriptor “Iranian-American,” the word “comedy” does not readily spring to mind. Maz Jobrani’s Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero is the movie that will change that misconception. Read More | Comment »

Film 12:30PM Sun. Oct. 26, Marjorie Baumgarten

Austin Film Festival: #chicagoGirl: The Social Network Takes on a Dictator

The events of the Arab Spring made crystal clear the fact that being able to harness the power of technology is now an integral component of civil resistance. Read More | Comment »

Film 10:00AM Sun. Oct. 26, Josh Kupecki

Harmontown, Pop. 1337

Dan Harmon, creator of TV’s Community and host of the weekly podcast Harmontown, was in Austin Friday night for an Austin Film Society screening of Wayne White’s new documentary, also titled Harmontown. The film follows Harmon as he takes the podcast tapings on a tour across the country following his very public firing from Community. Read More | Comment »

Film 9:40AM Sun. Oct. 26, Fernie Martinez

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