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The Buzz About Apis

How do you make your country restaurant a dining destination before it even opens? Pop-up a series of preview dinners featuring items from you opening menu and encourage local food and wine lovers to try it out, that's how. The owners of the forthcoming Apis Restaurant & Apiary west of Austin are doing just that this week. Read More | Comment »

Restaurant Openings 3:30PM Wed. Dec. 17, Virginia B. Wood

First Look: Torchy's Tacos Mueller

The last time folks in the central east Austin neighborhoods around the Mueller development were this fired up about a restaurant debut was when H-E-B's Cafe Mueller opened in the summer of 2013. Area residents are so hot for the new Torchy's Tacos, they've been lining up out the door since the opening in November. Read More | Comment »

Restaurant Openings 4:15PM Tue. Dec. 16, Virginia B. Wood

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

Hitting the highway east this holiday season? Check this week's feature on pecan maven Lucille Tobias of Tobias Pecans in Ellinger, Texas, as well as this gallery by Celesta Danger. Hopefully you will be inspired to stop, say howdy, wish her well, and clean her out of the last bit of her stock before she retires December 31. Read More | Comment »

4:30PM Fri. Dec. 12, Kate X Messer

Craft Work

Writing a love letter is never easy. Choosing just the right words, perfecting the precise cadence, and then there’s the angst. Wars have been started for less. Read More | Comment »

Beer 3:30PM Fri. Dec. 12, Anna Toon

Food-o-File: Friday Lagniappe

Sometimes there is too much Austin food news to squeeze into the print edition of the Chronicle. Rather than wait a week, we've decided to give our readers a little bite of something extra. Read More | Comment »

2:40PM Fri. Dec. 12, Virginia B. Wood

Hey Porter

If porters aren't that popular in America, heaviness is partially to blame. While the milkshake creaminess of stouts has found a niche, porters remain misunderstood. But Hops and Grain's new Porter Culture is likely to change some minds. Read More | Comment »

Beer 12:30PM Fri. Dec. 12, Andrew Thomas

Ho, Ho, Help for Santa

Between now and Thursday, Dec. 18, all four Austin Waterloo Ice House locations will act as unofficial drop zones for Project Santa donations. Project Santa is the annual holiday gift drive that provides toys, gifts and gift cards for the small children, youths, and families served by Austin Children's Services (ACS). Read More | Comment »

Virginia's On the Range 10:00AM Thu. Dec. 11, Virginia B. Wood

Gift Guide: In Good Books

One of the perks of the job of any cookbook-loving food writer is access to review copies of new cookbook titles released every year. But, alas, the personal culinary library can only hold so many volumes before they literally take over the house. Read More | Comment »

9:00AM Thu. Dec. 11, Virginia B. Wood

12 Days of Christmas Desserts

While home bakers might cut out cookies shaped like pears, partridges, swans, and dancing ladies for meticulous hand decoration, pastry chef Janina O'Leary is upping the ante. Taking her creative clues from the beloved holiday standard, she's created 12 new desserts that could melt the heart of even the meanest scrooge. Read More | Comment »

Virginia's On the Range 12:30PM Wed. Dec. 10, Virginia B. Wood

Austin Food and Wine Alliance Awards 2014 Grants

There's a reason why the Austin Food and Wine Alliance have been throwing parties all year. Last night, the organization awarded $30,000 in grants to support Austin culinary innovation – a record disbursement. True to the spirit of the locavore movement, this year's winners all help foster community. Read More | Comment »

10:45AM Wed. Dec. 10, Brandon Watson

12 Days of Smoked Meats at Stiles Switch

Every December, the pit masters at Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew (6610 N. Lamar) like to celebrate the anniversary of the popular barbecue joint by unleashing their culinary creativity at the smoker. They come up with 12 days of special smoked meat dishes and invite their clientele to chow down. Read More | Comment »

Barbecue 12:30PM Tue. Dec. 9, Virginia B. Wood

First Look: The Badlands

Shane Howard's lifelong dream of opening a hot dog stand was realized after relocating to Austin, the land of food-truck opportunity. Read More | Comment »

Restaurant Openings 11:00AM Tue. Dec. 9, Adrienne Whitehorse

Gift Guide: Local Flavor

Used to be that local cookbooks were little more than a few typewritten pages held together with plastic binding and bookended with the stray observations of women named Viola and Ima Jean. We've come a long way. Read More | Comment »

Cookbook Reviews 2:20PM Mon. Dec. 8, Brandon Watson and Virginia B. Wood

Celebrate in style with a Segura Viudas magnum

Wine of the Week

With the holidays fast approaching, nothing says party like Champagne. Unfortunately, Champagne always carries a hefty price tag to match its festive nature. Read More | Comment »

Wines 10:15AM Mon. Dec. 8, Wes Marshall

Food-o-File: Friday Lagniappe

Sometimes there is too much Austin food news to squeeze into the print edition of the Chronicle. Rather than wait a week, we've decided to give our readers a little bite of something extra. Read More | Comment »

4:00PM Fri. Dec. 5, Virginia B. Wood

Hot Tamales, Baby!

Hungry for tamales but you've got no time, no recipe, and no assembly team? No problem. Whether you're looking for traditional fare, specialty tamales, vegan tamales, or the newest Central Texas culinary culture clash mash-up – brisket tamales – one of these professionals can fulfill your needs. Read More | Comment »

Artisan Food Products 2:30PM Fri. Dec. 5, Virginia B. Wood

Culinary Ladies of the Eighties: Sharon Watkins

Sharon Watkins did not set out to own a restaurant. In the Eighties, she parlayed her theater arts background into a successful Austin boutique ad agency, Wilson and Wilson. The company was one of the first to represent local restaurants, helping them establish their brands by creating memorable, award-winning marketing campaigns. Read More | Comment »

Chef Profiles 10:00AM Fri. Dec. 5, Virginia B. Wood

Brooklyn's Star Bakers in Austin

Passionate self-taught bakers Erin Patinkin and Agatha Kulaga met in a food-focused Brooklyn book club in 2009 and immediately recognized each other as kindred spirits. They launched Ovenly as a wholesale business in 2010 and grew it into a wildly popular bakery in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood by 2012. Read More | Comment »

Cookbook Reviews 11:00AM Tue. Dec. 2, Virginia B. Wood

Food-o-File: Wednesday Lagniappe

Sometimes there is too much Austin food news to squeeze into the print edition of the Chronicle. Rather than wait a week, we've decided to give our readers a little bite of something extra. Read More | Comment »

2:30PM Wed. Nov. 26, Virginia B. Wood

Heard at Wine and Swine

The Austin Food & Wine Alliance's annual Wine and Swine event has bounced around from venue to venue over the past few years, but here's hoping they've found a permanent home at Star Hill Ranch. After Saturday's downpours, Sunday dawned bright and blustery and the celebration of all things pork was another rousing success. Read More | Comment »

Food & Wine Events 3:30PM Tue. Nov. 25, Virginia B. Wood

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