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Contigo's Craft Beer Cookout

When Ben Edgerton and Andrew Wiseheart opened Contigo three years ago, they couldn't have envisioned how successful the casual, ranch-inspired eatery would be from opening day. Now, they're finally taking time to expand the high volume kitchen, and throwing a party in the beer garden while they're at it. Read More | Comment »

Beer & Food Events 4:45PM Fri. Sep. 19, Virginia B. Wood

Culinary Ladies of the Eighties: Dot Hewitt

By the time readers finally turned me on to the soul-satisfying home-style cooking at Dot's Place in the late Nineties, proprietor Dorothy Nell "Dot" Hewitt had already been in business nearly 20 years. Her place was well off the beaten path and far from any limelight, but it was a definite Austin success story nonetheless. Read More | Comment »

Chef Profiles 2:00PM Fri. Sep. 19, Virginia B. Wood

Dynamic Duo Cooking at El Naranjo

Although the high-profile Fiestas Patrias dinners and cooking classes scheduled over the coming week sold out quickly, visiting chef Tomás Dominguez will spend the coming week in the kitchen at El Naranjo alongside chef and co-owner Iliana de la Vega, enhancing her menu with dishes from Veracruz. Read More | Comment »

Chef Profiles 3:30PM Thu. Sep. 18, Virginia B. Wood

First Look: Fork & Taco

In a town glutted with enough tortillas to resod the Zilker lawn, it takes a bit of audaciousness to enter the taco game. It takes extra stones to set up shop near Torchy's Tacos and the upcoming Crestview Tacodeli. The owners of Fork & Taco may not be exactly throwing caution to the wind, but they're not exactly erring on its side either. Read More | Comment »

Restaurant Openings 3:00PM Thu. Sep. 18, Brandon Watson

The Largest Latte Competition in the History of Texas

That's the Thunderbird on Koenig.
The one with the new 35-beer tap room, yes. Read More | Comment »

Contests 2:15PM Wed. Sep. 17, Wayne Alan Brenner

Farmers Need Love Too

These days, chefs get a lot of attention for their craftsmanship. Cuisine is this country’s newest pop art and we have begun to treat those who create it with Hollywood-esque reverence. But chefs will likely say that food growers are the true unsung heroes of the business. Read More | Comment »

Artisan Food Products 10:30AM Wed. Sep. 17, Rachel Feit

Gossip and Goat at TMBBQ Fest

An early cold front with overcast skies and cool breezes and an expanded site plan that divided barbecue vendors between the Long Center circle drive and the City Terrace made for a very comfortable afternoon at the Fifth Annual Texas Monthly BBQ Fest on Sunday, Sept. 14. Read More | Comment »

Barbecue 9:30AM Tue. Sep. 16, Virginia B. Wood

Tracing culinary family trees to the roots of four local mentors

Chef Genealogy

Making the rounds of restaurant openings the past couple of years, it became apparent that many of the new generation of young chefs could trace their local work history through the kitchens of four important local mentors. This previous generation of chefs helped train and encourage many of the players responsible for our current restaurant boom. Read More | Comment »

Chef Profiles 9:00AM Tue. Sep. 16, Virginia B. Wood

First Look: Sawyer & Co.

When the Fifties-era Arkie's Grill closed quietly in 2012, a landmark Austin eatery was lost. Now, new owners Lauren and Stephen Shallcross and Mickie Spencer have breathed new life into the old spot, honoring the past while setting it up for future success Read More | Comment »

Restaurant Openings 11:15AM Fri. Sep. 12, Virginia B. Wood

Culinary Ladies of the Eighties: Judy Willcott

When Judy Willcott took some homemade baguettes to a dinner party in 1980, she could not have foreseen that the edible gift would ultimately provide the city of Austin with one of its favorite bakeries. Read More | Comment »

Chef Profiles 4:15PM Thu. Sep. 11, Virginia B. Wood

Food-o-File: Early Edition

Tomorrow's print edition is devoted to our annual "Best of Austin" issue, so we're dishing up the latest Austin food news a day early. Read More | Comment »

3:15PM Wed. Sep. 10, Virginia B. Wood

Lights! Camera! Ice Cream!

If you've always wanted folks to know just how much you love Blue Bell ice cream, the Brenham-based company wants to hear from you. Read More | Comment »

Contests 12:45PM Wed. Sep. 10, Virginia B. Wood

Thunderbird Hearts Austin Coffee

For better or worse, there will probably never be a reality series about Austin's coffee culture. There's just not enough drama. Heck, there's seldom even an unkind word. And hugs only really play after a good deal of hair pulling. Read More | Comment »

12:45PM Mon. Sep. 8, Brandon Watson

Grocery Store Heaven

Like any debutante with a long, respectable Texas pedigree and family branches in all the state's major cities, Central Market celebrates its birthday with two weeks of events starting on Sept. 10 and culminating in a festive gala outside the flagship store on Sept. 25. Read More | Comment »

Food & Wine Events 3:30PM Thu. Sep. 4, Virginia B. Wood

Culinary Ladies of the Eighties

The Eighties were a dynamic time in Austin - real estate boomed, busted, and boomed again; the seeds of the city's development as a high-tech hub were planted and began to flourish; and an embryonic restaurant scene and the Hill Country wine industry both began to blossom. Read More | Comment »

Virginia's On the Range 11:00AM Thu. Sep. 4, Virginia B. Wood

First Look: The Scarlet Rabbit

Chef Rob Snow has added a touch of fantasy to Round Rock’s Main Street with the opening of his new bistro the Scarlet Rabbit in July. The family-friendly joint is brimming with Wonderland decor, from the teacup chandeliers to the false doors lining the entrance wall, but the cuisine is all Texas. Read More | Comment »

Restaurant Openings 2:45PM Tue. Sep. 2, Amira Jensen

Art Blondin Dead at 60

When I last spoke to Art Blondin in January of this year, he was excited about having found a turn-key deal on a barbecue joint in the Williamson County town of Florence. He was glad to be back in the barbecue business and already talking about plans to offer live music. Art Blondin was found dead in the restaurant Saturday, Aug. 30. He was 60 years old. Read More | Comment »

Obituaries 1:45PM Tue. Sep. 2, Virginia B. Wood

Help Save Swede Farm Dairy!

Regular shoppers at Austin area farmers' markets are bound to know the friendly Carlson family of Swede Farm Dairy – if not by individual names, certainly by their excellent line of goat milk products. Those exemplary products are in danger of disappearing from the markets, but there is a way to help. Read More | Comment »

Growing Your Own Food 2:35PM Thu. Aug. 28, Virginia B. Wood

Whole Foods' The Forager's Table event highlights local products

Livin' la Vida Local

Whole Foods might be the behemoth of the natural and specialty foods world, but each region of the company has the ability to bring in small, local vendors. The Forager’s Table dinner was a chance to spotlight some of these offerings. Read More | Comment »

Benefits 9:00AM Wed. Aug. 27, Rod Machen

First Look: Olamaie

Before culinary school, Texas native Michael Fojtasek spent time in Austin restaurant kitchens before striking out for New York City and then Los Angeles to gain more professional experience. After he met like-minded chef Grae Nonas, they returned to Austin to open Fojtasek's dream restaurant, Olamaie. Read More | Comment »

Restaurant Openings 2:03PM Tue. Aug. 26, Virginia B. Wood

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