City’s SXSW Survey Finds Little Worth Noting

The most notable takeaway from Wednesday’s second public meeting by the city’s Austin Center for Events (ACE) staff, which presented results of the citizen feedback survey taking stock “on all events related to” the 2014 SXSW Film, Interactive, and Music Festival, was that four of the six panelists didn’t find any conclusions deemed noteworthy. Read More | Comment »

Music 9:30AM Thu. May. 29, Chase Hoffberger

My D̶i̶n̶n̶e̶r̶ Breakfast with A̶n̶d̶r̶e̶ Omelet

You wake up, with or without a hangover, and it's SXSW, so your usual schedule is already … how shall we put this gently? Your usual schedule is already Fucked Beyond Recognition? Read More | Comment »

Interactive 3:44PM Mon. Apr. 7, Wayne Alan Brenner

Two More Acquisitions for SXSW Alumni

We always have fun playing the "where are they now" game with films that premiere at area film festivals, and this week, two more South by Southwest features leveled up. Read More | Comment »

Film 12:25PM Fri. Mar. 28, Monica Riese

Tyler, the Creator

At South by Southwest 2011, for a “Death Match” day party put on by Thrasher Magazine, juvenile punk rappers Odd Future opened their show with such a commotion that a herd of fans who were barred entry broke down the fence barricading the Scoot Inn from Waller Street and overthrew the show. Read More | Comment »

Music 1:40PM Tue. Mar. 18, Chase Hoffberger

SXSW Live Shot: Suzanne Vega

When the top hat goes on, the magic starts. Well, nearly. In the seemingly acoustically perfect Central Presbyterian Church, the stylishly chapeau’d Suzanne Vega had the traditional technical problems as she stop-started with brokenhearted “Marlene on the Wall.” Read More | Comment »

Music 12:12PM Sun. Mar. 16, Richard Whittaker

SXSW Live Shot: San Fermin

Pale, male, and Yale: three words that when lumped together conjure the epitome of American privilege. And yet, despite his degree in classical composition from that vaunted Ivy League realm, Ellis Ludwig-Leone has managed to compose a deeply American document of youthful existentialism, while also capturing the sheer, messy joy of existence. Read More | Comment »

Music 11:55AM Sun. Mar. 16, Melanie Haupt

SXSW Live Shot: Habibi

Amid the deep-fried sugar punk chaos that was Burgermania III at the Eastside’s Hotel Vegas on Saturday night, Habibi was something of an outlier. Read More | Comment »

Music 11:37AM Sun. Mar. 16, Greg Beets

SXSW Live Shot: White Denim

With the exception of Willie Nelson, who both hosted a party on his ranch in Luck two days before helping to close out the iTunes Festival at ACL Live at the Moody Theater on Saturday, it’s tough to think of a local band who mixed the comforts of home with the chaos of SXSW quite like White Denim. Read More | Comment »

Music 10:57AM Sun. Mar. 16, Chase Hoffberger

SXSW Live Shot: Stones Throw DJ Night

“I wish you guys could see the stage. It’s a fucking mess,” said Stones Throw founder Peanut Butter Wolf at the end of a magical Saturday night at Eastside haven the North Door. “There are records everywhere.” Read More | Comment »

Music 10:30AM Sun. Mar. 16, Thomas Fawcett

SXSW Live Shot: Take Me to the River

Like the new documentary that inspired it, Saturday afternoon’s all-star Take Me to the River revue at Butler Park as part of SXSW’s free concert series celebrated the musical traditions of Memphis by teaming veteran R&B and blues performers and players with young rappers and singers. Read More | Comment »

Music 10:15AM Sun. Mar. 16, Scott Schinder

SXSW Film Review: 'All American High Revisited'

Oh, the white anklets and crew socks, the feathered and poodle-permed hair, the pre-washed and pastel-everything… You couldn't pay many of us who lived through the 1980s the first time to live through them again. But, somehow that damn decade manages to trigger nostalgia gyrations like so many skanking Molly Ringwalds. Read More | Comment »

Film 10:00AM Sun. Mar. 16, Kate X Messer

SXSW Panel: Artists & Homeland Security

Cognitive dissonance is a terrible affliction, especially this deep into a festival. So after a SXSW that saw Julian Assange and Edward Snowden Skyping in to talk about freedom, it was a 540 spin when Homeland Security Committee Chair Mike McCaul turned up to talk music. Read More | Comment »

Music 9:17PM Sat. Mar. 15, Richard Whittaker

SXSW Panel: The Bartholomew Family – Three Generations of New Orleans Hitmaking

You may not recognize the name Dave Bartholomew, but you surely know his music. The song “Blueberry Hill,” which he produced for Fats Domino in 1956, continues to sell today. And sell, and sell, and sell. “Fifty million copies and counting,” his son Don B pointed out. Read More | Comment »

Music 8:59PM Sat. Mar. 15, Jim Caligiuri

SXSW Live Shot: Against Me!

Laura Jane Grace, frontwoman of Against Me!, wears a lot of hats these days. Already a punk rock stalwart, her journey as a trans woman has put her firmly on the frontlines of LGBTQ rights, awareness, and education. Read More | Comment »

Music 8:50PM Sat. Mar. 15, Claire Gordon

SXSW Interview: Stuart Murdoch

Few people have contributed more to the indie-rock songbook than Stuart Murdoch. Belle & Sebastian’s entire career, beginning in the mid Nineties, couldn’t be more celebrated, but he’s never been especially public. Read More | Comment »

Music 8:35PM Sat. Mar. 15, Luke Winkie

SXSW Interview: CeeLo Green

“It’s been more than a job,” CeeLo said of his music career in conversation with NPR Music’s Frannie Kelley on Saturday morning. “It’s been such a civil service and a matter of of missionary work. It’s been an adventure.” Read More | Comment »

Music 8:15PM Sat. Mar. 15, Thomas Fawcett

SXSW Live Shot: Hurray for the Riff Raff, Rodney Crowell, Lucinda Williams, Shakey Graves

The average age of those showcasing for the Americana Music Association Friday night hovered around 47, but everybody playing deviated far from that mean. Disparate as each may have been from their bill mates, like American music, together all managed to find that sweet spot in the middle. Read More | Comment »

Music 3:15PM Sat. Mar. 15, Chase Hoffberger

SXSW Live Shot: Tinariwen

Introduced as the godfathers of desert blues and the group that brought Tuareg music to the international stage, Tinariwen melted minds with 45 minutes of swirling guitar grooves and percussion Friday night. Read More | Comment »

Music 2:50PM Sat. Mar. 15, Thomas Fawcett

SXSW Live Shot: Garland Jeffreys

While a galaxy of stars were paying tribute to Lou Reed a few blocks away at the Paramount Theatre, Reed’s former college classmate and fellow urban poet Garland Jeffreys, who had performed at the Reed show earlier, was back in club mode, delivering a lean, mean showcase set with the grace and class that one has come to expect from him. Read More | Comment »

Music 2:33PM Sat. Mar. 15, Scott Schinder

SXSW Live Shot: Foster the People

Butler Park, the green space adjacent to the Long Center, teemed with humanity on Friday evening, with young couples toting newborns and sorority girls chugging $10 cans of Fosters beer to confused grandpas and bros buying fistfuls of enormous plastic syringes filled with green Jell-O shots. Read More | Comment »

Music 2:20PM Sat. Mar. 15, Melanie Haupt

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