SXSW Panel: Artists & Homeland Security

Cognitive dissonance is a terrible affliction, especially this deep into a festival. So after a SXSW that saw Julian Assange and Edward Snowden Skyping in to talk about freedom, it was a 540 spin when Homeland Security Committee Chair Mike McCaul turned up to talk music. Read More | Comment »

Music 9:17PM Sat. Mar. 15, Richard Whittaker

SXSW Panel: The Bartholomew Family – Three Generations of New Orleans Hitmaking

You may not recognize the name Dave Bartholomew, but you surely know his music. The song “Blueberry Hill,” which he produced for Fats Domino in 1956, continues to sell today. And sell, and sell, and sell. “Fifty million copies and counting,” his son Don B pointed out. Read More | Comment »

Music 8:59PM Sat. Mar. 15, Jim Caligiuri

SXSW Live Shot: Against Me!

Laura Jane Grace, frontwoman of Against Me!, wears a lot of hats these days. Already a punk rock stalwart, her journey as a trans woman has put her firmly on the frontlines of LGBTQ rights, awareness, and education. Read More | Comment »

Music 8:50PM Sat. Mar. 15, Claire Gordon

SXSW Interview: Stuart Murdoch

Few people have contributed more to the indie-rock songbook than Stuart Murdoch. Belle & Sebastian’s entire career, beginning in the mid Nineties, couldn’t be more celebrated, but he’s never been especially public. Read More | Comment »

Music 8:35PM Sat. Mar. 15, Luke Winkie

SXSW Interview: CeeLo Green

“It’s been more than a job,” CeeLo said of his music career in conversation with NPR Music’s Frannie Kelley on Saturday morning. “It’s been such a civil service and a matter of of missionary work. It’s been an adventure.” Read More | Comment »

Music 8:15PM Sat. Mar. 15, Thomas Fawcett

SXSW Live Shot: Hurray for the Riff Raff, Rodney Crowell, Lucinda Williams, Shakey Graves

The average age of those showcasing for the Americana Music Association Friday night hovered around 47, but everybody playing deviated far from that mean. Disparate as each may have been from their bill mates, like American music, together all managed to find that sweet spot in the middle. Read More | Comment »

Music 3:15PM Sat. Mar. 15, Chase Hoffberger

SXSW Live Shot: Tinariwen

Introduced as the godfathers of desert blues and the group that brought Tuareg music to the international stage, Tinariwen melted minds with 45 minutes of swirling guitar grooves and percussion Friday night. Read More | Comment »

Music 2:50PM Sat. Mar. 15, Thomas Fawcett

SXSW Live Shot: Garland Jeffreys

While a galaxy of stars were paying tribute to Lou Reed a few blocks away at the Paramount Theatre, Reed’s former college classmate and fellow urban poet Garland Jeffreys, who had performed at the Reed show earlier, was back in club mode, delivering a lean, mean showcase set with the grace and class that one has come to expect from him. Read More | Comment »

Music 2:33PM Sat. Mar. 15, Scott Schinder

SXSW Live Shot: Foster the People

Butler Park, the green space adjacent to the Long Center, teemed with humanity on Friday evening, with young couples toting newborns and sorority girls chugging $10 cans of Fosters beer to confused grandpas and bros buying fistfuls of enormous plastic syringes filled with green Jell-O shots. Read More | Comment »

Music 2:20PM Sat. Mar. 15, Melanie Haupt

SXSW Live Shot: Thumpers

First things first: It was good to see the Mohawk rally. Nothing can keep a good space down, not even unspeakable tragedy. Seeing the debauchery defiantly still in place nearly brought a tear to my eye. Read More | Comment »

Music 2:07PM Sat. Mar. 15, Luke Winkie

Mo' Music SXSoGay Afterglow: Friday

Your faithful Mo' Music author and his amazing photographer buddy Ryan Obermeyer set out to do SXSW our way. Check us out every day this week for a recap of the night before. Read More | Comment »

Music 2:00PM Sat. Mar. 15, Rob Cohen

SXSW Film Announces Audience Award Winners

The jury awards have been out for days, but here, the people have spoken. Read More | Comment »

Film 1:45PM Sat. Mar. 15, Monica Riese

SXSW Live Shot: Animals As Leaders

There’s big difference between a rock show and a concert performance. Live, prog metal revivalists Animals As Leaders sit firmly on the concert side of that abyss. Read More | Comment »

Music 1:40PM Sat. Mar. 15, Richard Whittaker

SXSW Live Shot: Foxboro Hot Tubs

Bags of black balloons bounced into the audience as Foxboro Hot Tubs hit Brazos Hall Friday night, determined to make every day New Year’s Eve. Green Day’s garage punk alter ego comes augmented with guitarist Kevin Preston (on loan from Prima Donna) and a saxophone/keyboard player who’s a dead ringer for the late rock critic Paul Nelson. Read More | Comment »

Music 1:21PM Sat. Mar. 15, Tim Stegall

SXSW Film: Stuart Murdoch and 'God Help the Girl'

Belle & Sebastian singer Stuart Murdoch has been working on the God Help the Girl project for nearly 10 years. The project finally saw the light at Sundance, and now premieres in Texas at SXSW. We spoke about his film influences, casting, and some new B+S album tidbits. Read More | Comment »

Film 1:15PM Sat. Mar. 15, Rob Cohen

SXSW Interview: Colin Gilmore

Colin Gilmore is a second generation Austin musician, son of Jimmie Dale Gilmore. The scion grew up in Lubbock and moved here when he was 14 to live with his father. Gilmore’s been gaining traction with his songwriting to the point that even his dad’s band the Flatlanders have recorded some of his songs. Read More | Comment »

Music 1:00PM Sat. Mar. 15, William Harries Graham

SXSW Live Shot: Angel Olsen

Two core members of Blondie are blonds. Despite that trademark band sobriquet, I’ve never witnessed a musical act tht matched their name as perfectly as Angel Olsen playing Central Presbyterian Church Friday night. Read More | Comment »

Music 12:47PM Sat. Mar. 15, Abby Johnston

SXSW Interview: Cheetah Chrome

As guitarist for Cleveland’s Dead Boys, Cheetah Chrome remains an American punk legend. Dubbed by Rolling Stone’s Charles M. Young as “the angriest-looking humanoid this side of Johnny Rotten,” Chrome (born Gene O’Connor) demonstrated outsized guitar chops that helped elevate the Dead Boys well beyond standard three-chord ramalama. Read More | Comment »

Music 12:00PM Sat. Mar. 15, Tim Stegall

SXSW Live Shot: Mark Kozelek

You get the sense that Mark Kozelek doesn’t spend a lot of time writing his songs. At least not the crop on Benji, his latest under the moniker Sun Kil Moon, from which he pulled the majority – if not the entirety – of his SXSW showcase Friday night. Read More | Comment »

Music 11:37AM Sat. Mar. 15, Michael Bertin

SXSW Live Shot: Lou Reed Tribute

It’s the nature of a beast like this tribute organized by Alejandro Escovedo and Richard Barone that the constant turnover of artists kills momentum. Despite all the equipment adjustments, unprepared artists, and unplanned additions, the show moved along efficiently enough to finish a half-hour early. Read More | Comment »

Music 11:11AM Sat. Mar. 15, Michael Toland

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