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This Week's Waste of Time

There's no doubt that I'm a fan of the platforming genre. They've been the weekly waste of time quite a few times in the past. Usually, to set itself apart from other running and jumping games developers offer players a unique game mechanic to spice things up. This week's platform game, Soul Brother, gives you reincarnation. Read More | Comment »

Gaming 1:34PM Fri. May. 27, 2011, James Renovitch

50 Documentaries to See Before You Die

Cool news from Current TV. Morgan Spurlock (The Greatest Movie Ever Sold) is hosting a five-part series on the netlet looking at the history of the (presumably, U.S. made) documentary and which ones any good documentary watcher should see before they die. Read More | 1 Comment »

TV Eye 11:57AM Tue. May. 24, 2011, Belinda Acosta

Upfront Aftermath: CBS & the CW

After a little poking around, I managed to view clips of CBS’s new fall series. But before I get to that, let’s get to the biggest news at CBS: Read More | Comment »

TV Eye 6:54PM Thu. May. 19, 2011, Belinda Acosta

This Week's Waste of Time

Game developer Nitrome has graced this blog before. Fault Line was a polished little piece of innovation. Their latest title, Test Subject Green might not be quite as mind-bending, but it still makes for an enjoyable take on the platforming genre. Read More | Comment »

Gaming 5:02PM Thu. May. 19, 2011, James Renovitch

Upfront Aftermath 2: 5/17/11

Yay! This time, there were no pesky technical difficulties to interrupt ABC’s Upfront presentation online. That’s not entirely a good thing, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Read More | Comment »

TV Eye 5:58PM Tue. May. 17, 2011, Belinda Acosta

Upfront Aftermath: 5/17/11

Not surprised that NBC cancelled the silly and somewhat offensive Outsourced, along with Law & Order: LA. The latter just never got any traction. The last show standing in the L&A franchise will be Law & Order: SVU, when L&O: Criminal Intent finishes its run on cable. Read More | Comment »

TV Eye 9:53AM Tue. May. 17, 2011, Belinda Acosta

On the Road Again

Texas has always fancied itself a country unto itself, so it’s fitting that the next Rolling Roadshow, set exclusively in Texas, will be unveiled in a Texas Monthly feature titled “No Country for Bad Movies.” Read More | Comment »

Film 11:00AM Mon. May. 16, 2011, Kimberley Jones

ABC Nightline at Texas Rollergirls tonight, plus new derby doc

'And Now Here's Ted With the Derby'

It seems like the camera's eye is increasingly on the world of Roller Derby: Tonight reporters from ABC News Nightline will be at the Austin Convention Center covering the Texas Rollergirls bout. Yet they are not the only camera crews on the track these days, with two documentaries imminent. Read More | Comment »

Film 11:58AM Sun. May. 15, 2011, Richard Whittaker

Who's Your Dada?

Towers open fire on Michael Bay and his summer blockbuster ilk tonight at the Austin School of Film's Friendly But Starving IV: An Evening of Avant Garde & Experimental Film. You want weird? You got it. Read More | Comment »

Film 4:22PM Fri. May. 13, 2011, Marc Savlov

The Ficklish Bone

If you know film in Austin, then you know Bryan Poyser, whom the Chron dubbed the town's Best Film Resource back in our Best of Austin 2009 for his work as the director of artist services at the Austin Film Society. Well, when he isn't resourcing up a storm, he's making his own movies, including a new short for the USA Network. Read More | Comment »

Film 10:23PM Thu. May. 12, 2011, Kimberley Jones

Local game developers Red Fly talk 'Thor'

Making Mjolnir Out of a WiiMote

Sometimes it is good when lightning strikes. That's what local firm Red Fly got this week when Thor topped the box office: A surge of power and press for their tie-in game for the Wii, Thor: God of Thunder. Read More | Comment »

Player's Guide 4:30PM Wed. May. 11, 2011, Richard Whittaker

This Week's Waste of Time

This week, waste your Friday with the games of Jonas Kyratzes. Why? Because I though I already wrote about him in this blog column. And because his creations are interesting exploration of the relationship between the gamer and the game. A relationship that is ignored by most games in an effort to facilitate suspension of disbelief. Read More | Comment »

Gaming 3:11PM Fri. May. 6, 2011, James Renovitch

This Week's Waste of Time

Dry your eyes, faithful readers (reader? anyone?) the weekly free gaming column is back. My apologies for the hiatus. We restart our adventures in browser distractions with Interlocked. And, no, you won't need 3-D glasses to play, but it is a rare example of a simple game that uses all three dimensions without confusing your computer's mouse. Read More | Comment »

Gaming 5:09PM Fri. Apr. 29, 2011, James Renovitch

Restyling 'Slacker'

What do you get when you mix an Austin classic, 23 of the freshest homegrown talent, and a very good cause indeed? Slacker 2011. Read More | Comment »

Film 10:58AM Fri. Apr. 29, 2011, Kimberley Jones

Cowboys & Dinosaurs!

Cowboys & Aliens, Jon Favreau's inspired (we hope) take on the good, the bad, and the extraterrestrial is right around the corner. Before you go check out that big ole slice of yee-haw, we strongly suggest you scope tomorrow morning's Alamo Kid's Club screening of Ray Harryhausen's classic Valley of Gwangi. Read More | Comment »

Film 8:14AM Fri. Apr. 29, 2011, Marc Savlov

Lamebook on the Go

The Austin-based Facebook lampoon Lamebook debuted an iPhone app last week, which means wherever there's a signal, there's snickering sure to follow. Read More | Comment »

Web 3:41PM Wed. Apr. 27, 2011, Kimberley Jones

What's in Steve Niles' Head?

When it comes to horror comics, Steve Niles knows artists. He needs to, with the volume of projects he has penned. So that creates a real challenge for anyone attending today's signing at Austin Books and Comics: What to get autographed? Read More | Comment »

Film 8:00AM Wed. Apr. 27, 2011, Richard Whittaker

Reality TV Update: 'The Next Dragon'

The indefatigable Janell Vela Smith, of Austin-based Iron Dragon Productions and producer of The Next Dragon, the martial arts reality series she was casting last year (see “Witty, Pretty People, the real deal on Austin as a reality TV casting mecca,” Austin Chronicle, April 2, 2010), touched base with TV Eye recently: Read More | Comment »

Television 8:57PM Tue. Apr. 26, 2011, Belinda Acosta

From Watergate to Birtherism

Thursday was a busy day for Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward and Robert Redford. The trio behind All The President's Men launched a whirlwind tour of the UT Campus, and a series of discussions about the burdens of truth and timeliness in journalism. But Bernstein seemed most distracted by one man: Donald Trump. Read More | Comment »

Film 6:00PM Sun. Apr. 24, 2011, Richard Whittaker

'American: The Bill Hicks Story' co-director talks post-SXSW success

'Bringing Bill Back to His Cultural Home'

SXSW 2010 smash American: The Bill Hicks Story returns to Austin this week. Co-director Matt Harlock dropped by to talk about Hicks' local connections, the UK and US releases, and how friends and family of the late comedian have responded to the film. Read More | Comment »

Film 12:09PM Sat. Apr. 23, 2011, Richard Whittaker

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