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FF2011: Beyond the Badge

For those of you suffering a little bit of Fantastic Fest envy, don't panic. There are some events this weekend outside of the screenings that do not require a badge, or even leaving your own couch. Read More | Comment »

Film 4:35PM Sat. Sep. 24, 2011, Richard Whittaker

FF2011: 'Juan of the Dead' Premiere

Last night's US debut of Juan of the Dead was a strange sort of homecoming for Havana's first film at Fantastic Fest. Director Alejandro Brugues explained, "There's a reason why this is the first Cuban film here. That reason is you guys." Read More | Comment »

Film 3:30PM Sat. Sep. 24, 2011, Richard Whittaker

FF2011: 'Calibre 9' Director Jean-Christian Tassy Goes Ballistic

"If I'd known I was going to be spending my day with the ghost of a whore trapped inside a gun, I'd have stayed in bed." Frankly, it sounds like our ideal weekend getaway, but in French director Jean-Christian Tassy's righteous debut feature, it's a prelude to bullets, bloodshed, and a fight against the status quo of epic supernatural proportions. Read More | Comment »

Film 8:58AM Sat. Sep. 24, 2011, Marc Savlov

Fantastic Arcade Interview: Robin Hunicke

Despite the din of a HighBall stuffed to the gills with hi-def screens bleeping and blooping for players’ attention, the headphoned ambiance of Journey is a respite. The shifting sand of the expansive world reveals its secrets slowly, but the beautifully rendered landscapes are open to the player from the onset. Read More | Comment »

Gaming 2:13AM Sat. Sep. 24, 2011, James Renovitch

Charlie Belle kicks up some Magnetic Fields buzz

Kid Powers

Local kid wonders Jendayi and Gyasi Bonds of the band Charlie Belle got a shout-out in USA Today Tuesday for their cover of The Magnetic Fields' "Strange Powers." Read More | Comment »

Film 4:15PM Fri. Sep. 23, 2011, Cindy Widner

Things I Learned at Fantastic Arcade: Bonus Edition

Here's a little rambling aside to spice up my daily Fantastic Arcade blogs. It exists, if for no other reason, than to highlight the fact that the arcade is free. And how great that is. (And I get to use my shakey face photo that didn't make it to my badge)
Read More | Comment »

Gaming 2:20PM Fri. Sep. 23, 2011, James Renovitch

FF2011: 'Kill Me Please'

If you are a fan of SyFy's oddball charmer Warehouse 13, you will know Saul Rubinek as the irascible Artie Nielsen. But Belgian director Olias Barco snagged one of the world's greatest Yiddish actors for his dark comedy Kill Me Please. Read More | Comment »

Film 12:50PM Fri. Sep. 23, 2011, Richard Whittaker

FF2011: Elijah Wood Challenges Dominic Monaghan!

"I've received a call to fight. A call to fight my brother. Powers unbeknownst-st-st. Brothers for so long … no longer," sneers Elijah Wood in a late-breaking video posted on YouTube overnight. Read More | Comment »

Film 7:27AM Fri. Sep. 23, 2011, Marc Savlov

FF2011: 'The House by the Cemetery'

You never know who you might bump into at Fantastic Fest, but there was a full-blown holy schnikes moment at last night's screening of Lucio Fulci's 1981 gorefest The House by the Cemetery: An unexpected appearance by William Lustig. Read More | Comment »

Film 2:27AM Fri. Sep. 23, 2011, Richard Whittaker

What I Learned at Fantastic Arcade: Thursday

The Fantastic Arcade isn’t even running on all cylinders -- no talks, just arcade anarchy so far -- but it's already superior to last year. How the next days’ panels will fare will be interesting, but the caliber of the games is, in my opinion, superior to 2010’s stellar lineup. Here’s a few things I took away from the first day: Read More | Comment »

Gaming 1:58AM Fri. Sep. 23, 2011, James Renovitch

FF2011: Getting Fisted By 'Knuckle'

When filmmaker Ian Palmer stumbled into the shadowy world of bare-knuckle boxing and bloody feuds amongst the native Irish subculture known as Travellers, he had no idea that twelve years on he'd be premiering his documentary Knuckle at Fantastic Fest. We're psyched that he's here, though, and spoke with him about the Travellers and his film. Read More | Comment »

Film 12:52PM Thu. Sep. 22, 2011, Marc Savlov

FF2011: Liveblogging the Ticket Line

Veterans of Fantastic Fest 2010 may have some … well, let's be honest, less than kind memories of getting tickets. After the online system exploded on the first day, it was all early starts and a lot of lines. True, it meant meeting exciting film fans, but it was harsh on the hangovers. So how is this year's online system working out? Read More | Comment »

Film 6:13PM Wed. Sep. 21, 2011, Richard Whittaker

Taking the Weird Around the World

Ever wondered if "slacker" translates in Australia? Next month, Austin sister city Adelaide will find out, when Adelaide's Mercury Cinema hosts a mini-film festival featuring some of Austin's finest homegrown films. Read More | Comment »

Film 1:54PM Wed. Sep. 21, 2011, Kimberley Jones

A Firestorm of Controversy

The case of Cameron Todd Willingham, executed in 2004 for the alleged arson-murder of his three young children inside the family home in Corsicana, remains a flashpoint for controversy nearly 20 years after the fire was extinguished on the morning on Dec. 23, 1991. Read More | Comment »

Film 11:24AM Wed. Sep. 21, 2011, Jordan Smith

AFF Announces 2011 Lineup

Some of the biggest titles to come out of the recent Toronto and Venice film festivals will touch down locally at the 2011 Austin Film Festival, including Alexander Payne's The Descendants and Steve McQueen's Shame. Read More | Comment »

Film 11:05AM Tue. Sep. 20, 2011, Kimberley Jones

FF2011: Ultimate Nerd Search

OK, you're a nerd, and you're comfortable with it. But to what extent have you really come to terms with your nerdness? Enough to send a yearbook photo to the Fantastic Arcade people and have them parade you around as the über-dweeb? You might want to think this one through. Read More | Comment »

Gaming 4:12PM Thu. Sep. 15, 2011, James Renovitch

The Film After the Fire

Richard Linklater was hoping to have a nice, quiet private screening of his upcoming film Bernie on Sunday: As he announced yesterday, he and his stars have turned it into a major fundraiser for victims of the Bastrop fires. Linklater said. "That's one thing we know how to do – put on a show." Read More | Comment »

Film 4:19PM Wed. Sep. 14, 2011, Richard Whittaker

'Bernie' Benefit for Bastrop Fire Relief

Wanna help with the victims of the Bastrop fire and get a sneak peek at Rick Linklater's latest film? You're in luck: Bernie will screen at the Paramount this Sunday, with star Jack Black in attendance, and proceeds will benefit Bastrop fire relief. Read More | Comment »

Film 4:04PM Tue. Sep. 13, 2011, Kimberley Jones

Butthole Surfers Meet John Hawkes in Super-8

Didn't make it in to tonight's way sold-out Butthole Surfers reunion gig at the new Emo's East? Not to worry. We've uncovered an equally disturbing short film featuring the Surfers and Contagion star John Hawkes, circa 1988. Read More | Comment »

Film 7:23PM Sun. Sep. 11, 2011, Marc Savlov

Welcome to the Roadrunner Network

Confirming a week-old rumor, today the Longhorn Network announced that it will be carrying the next five UTSA home games at the Alamodome, starting this weekend. Read More | 1 Comment »

Television 5:22PM Thu. Sep. 8, 2011, Richard Whittaker

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