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A 'Giant' Slice of Movie Memorabilia

A converted courthouse with links to Giant goes on the auction block. Read More | Comment »

Film 1:53PM Mon. Sep. 27, 2010, Kimberley Jones

Things I Learned at Fantastic Arcade

According to locals Adam Saltsman (Canabalt, Gravity Hook), David Kalina (Spider), and Mike Wilford ('Splosion Man), the real reasons to move your operations to Austin: cost of living and tacos. Read More | Comment »

Gaming 11:37AM Mon. Sep. 27, 2010, James Renovitch

Fantastic Fest: 'Bedevilled'

Director Jang Cheol-so has fashioned an absolutely riveting horrorshow that plays like Southern gothic on the skids, Korean-style. And because the story has both feet planted firmly in the real world – as opposed to containing an element of the supernatural – Bedevilled generates true empathy in the audience: the very definition of horror. Read More | Comment »

Film 6:40PM Sun. Sep. 26, 2010, Marc Savlov

Fantastic Fest: 'The Housemaid' (2010)

The director of the wild South Korean thriller, The President’s Last Bang, here takes on an identically titled remake of one of that country’s classic movies. Kim Ki-young’s 1960 thriller, The Housemaid, which was recently restored by Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Foundation, is the source material for Im Sang-soo’s modern take. Read More | Comment »

Film 4:30PM Sun. Sep. 26, 2010, Marjorie Baumgarten

RZA, Tim League, Elijah Wood, and some wacky Spaniards karaoke madness

Fantastic Fest: The Mind Reels

At the Chaos Reigns Karaoke party, 'Chaos' might've been an understatement. Click through to watch RZA, Elijah Wood, Tim League, Nacho Vigalondo, Eugenio Mira, Michael Lerman, and Henri Mazza wail through the Black Eyed Peas, half-naked body-surf and give each other wedgies. Read More | Comment »

Film 11:34AM Sun. Sep. 26, 2010, Kimberley Jones

Fantastic Fest: Yuen Woo-Ping Double Bill

You get the feeling that there aren't many men to whom RZA would take a knee, but Yuen Woo-Ping, master of martial arts choreography, is on that elite list. Literally. Read More | Comment »

Film 10:16AM Sun. Sep. 26, 2010, Richard Whittaker

Anime presents a charming slice of virtual life

Fantastic Fest: 'Summer Wars'

The funny thing about modern technology is that it's everywhere: Even in rural Japan, it seems like everyone has email, two blogs and a Tumblr account. The remarkable Summer Wars may be one of the first movies to really approach that ubiquity, and not come off as bad cyberpunk. Read More | 1 Comment »

Film 8:47AM Sun. Sep. 26, 2010, Richard Whittaker

Austin's own living graphic novel makes a Fantastic debut

Fantastic Fest: 'The Intergalactic Nemesis'

Fantastic Fest isn't just about films. There are the parties, the Fantastic Arcade, and Jeffrey Comb's hotly anticipated one-man show Nevermore. But there's nothing like live action graphic novel The Intergalactic Nemesis. Read More | Comment »

Film 8:31AM Sun. Sep. 26, 2010, Richard Whittaker

Fantastic Fest: 'X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes'

"This is going to be something you remember for the rest of your lives, and if your grandchildren are cool enough, you're going to to be able to tell them about this day." Read More | Comment »

Film 7:30PM Sat. Sep. 25, 2010, Kimberley Jones

Fantastic Fest: Roger and Julie Corman Lifetime Achievement Award

Roger Corman has been known as the "King of the Bs" for so long now that it was a something of a dream come true to see the man and his wife and longtime producing partner Julie Corman wielding a wicked-looking 50" broadsword atop the stage of the Paramount Theater Friday night. Read More | Comment »

Film 2:58PM Sat. Sep. 25, 2010, Marc Savlov

Getting lively and animated in short bursts

Fantastic Fest: Short Compilations

What's the old saying about how from tiny acorns, mighty oaks do grow? Some of our favorite Fantastic Fest veterans cut their teeth on short films (like Hatchet creator Adam Green's The TIVO), and this year there's a conjoined pair of programs stuffed with bite-size oddities. Read More | Comment »

Film 1:23AM Sat. Sep. 25, 2010, Richard Whittaker

Fantastic Fest New Online Ticketing Not All That Fantastic

We hate it when things go awry at our favorite film festivals, but it's especially tough when the festival in question inadvertently creates a situation vastly more complicated while attempting to simplify something that was pretty simple to begin with. Read More | Comment »

Film 3:23PM Fri. Sep. 24, 2010, Marc Savlov

Fantastic Fest: 'Rubber'

Part post-modern meta-thriller, part audience-baiting, fourth wall obliterator, and chock full 'o Scanners-style erupting craniums, Schizopolistic dada panache, and mindfuckery galore, Quentin Depieux's pseudo-narrative feature is nearly as effortlessly mind-expanding as his once-upon-a-turntable Mr. Oizo persona. Read More | Comment »

Film 2:52PM Fri. Sep. 24, 2010, Marc Savlov

Fantastic Fest: 'Stone'

The first time you see the quintessentially clean-cut Edward Norton in Stone, the effect is startling – corn rows? – but it's when he opens his mouth that the jaw really drops. Read More | Comment »

Film 12:56PM Fri. Sep. 24, 2010, Kimberley Jones

Fantastic Fest: 'Fire of Conscience'

Fans of Dante Lam's explosive, anthropomorphized bestiary (Beast Cops, Beast Stalker) will not be disappointed with this ratatat descent into the grimy-slick underworld of Hong Kong lawbreakers and the damaged cops who finally say enough's enough and let their 9mms go bang. Read More | Comment »

Film 11:25AM Fri. Sep. 24, 2010, Marc Savlov

Sex and death make a bloody mess in Serbia

Fantastic Fest: 'The Life and Death of a Porno Gang'

Part of the remit of Fantastic Fest is to shock: And it's hard to imagine that anything this year will push more buttons than Serbia's The Life and Death of A Porno Gang. Read More | Comment »

Film 8:00AM Fri. Sep. 24, 2010, Richard Whittaker

Fantastic Fest: 'Buried'

Buried was buried. The claustrophobic thriller, starring Ryan Reynolds and a cell phone, was written off as an unfilmable movie. Yet somehow it got filmed. "What we had was a guy and a box, and yet you're still here," director Rodrigo Cortes said at Thursday's Fantastic Fest gala screening at the Paramount. "I wonder what you didn't understand." Read More | Comment »

Film 2:07AM Fri. Sep. 24, 2010, Richard Whittaker

Fantastic Fest: 'Let Me In'

Had any of the Fantastic Fest faithful worried that the festival would lose its essential geeky fantastic-ness by moving the big premieres to the grown-up Paramount Theatre, no worries: Tim League is not afraid to rock a Viking loincloth at a historic landmark. Read More | Comment »

Film 11:24PM Thu. Sep. 23, 2010, Kimberley Jones

'Lone Star' Needs Your Love, and Is Not Afraid to Beg for It

“If somehow Rudy and Rocky had a baby it still wouldn't be as big an underdog as our little show.” Lone Star creator Kyle Killen takes to the internet to drum up support for his underseen show. Well, it’s working, isn’t it? Read More | Comment »

Television 10:50PM Thu. Sep. 23, 2010, Kimberley Jones

This Week's Waste of Time

The inaugural year of the Fantastic Arcade arm of the rapidly growing film fest is looking good. The number of notable indie developers in attendance is pretty astounding. Get a taste of what's offered by playing Garden Gnome Carnage, but, trust me, that's just a drop in the bucket. The bucket of awesome gameness. Read More | Comment »

Gaming 3:22PM Thu. Sep. 23, 2010, James Renovitch

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