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First Authors Announced for Texas Book Festival

On Wednesday, the Texas Book Festival announced the first slate of marquee authors for the 2014 edition, and as is usual with this Lone Star literary extravaganza, the eight guests cover the spectrum of the book world: fiction to nonfiction, local to international, new authors to old favorites – all that in just eight individuals. Read More | Comment »

2:15PM Fri. Jul. 25, Robert Faires

Letters Like You've Never Seen Before

There are some things so cool you just have to tell other people about, and so please dig this. Read More | Comment »

1:30PM Thu. Jun. 26, Wayne Alan Brenner

Who's Afraid of Gertrude Stein?

OK, everybody can quote "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose" from Gertrude Stein's "Sacred Emily," and that's about it. Read More | Comment »

3:25PM Wed. Apr. 23, Wayne Alan Brenner and Matt Bucher


A director departs and a festival returns in this edition of News/Print. Read More | Comment »

1:02PM Sat. Mar. 1, Monica Riese

T.R. Fehrenbach Dead at 88

Noted Texas historian and journalist T.R. Fehrenbach died yesterday morning from a congenital heart condition, reports the San Antonio Express-News. Read More | Comment »

2:55PM Mon. Dec. 2, 2013, Kimberley Jones


Two big awards for Texas Book Festival alumni, plus a new bookstore and a book fair. Read More | Comment »

4:50PM Fri. Nov. 22, 2013, Monica Riese

What Would Poets Say About What Would I Say?

One of the things that I love about poetry is how diverse it is. Read More | Comment »

2:30PM Wed. Nov. 13, 2013, Mac McCann

HRC Launches Digital Archive

Austin hosts an embarrassment of riches when it comes to museums and archives, but going to one just got a little easier. Read More | Comment »

3:18PM Mon. Nov. 11, 2013, Monica Riese

Akashic's 'USA Noir' Takes You Hostage in a Good Bad Way

She walked into my office like a short blond angel making a pitstop on her way to hell. Read More | Comment »

1:00PM Wed. Nov. 6, 2013, Wayne Alan Brenner


The Texas Book Festival may be the cornerstone event of the Austin literary scene, but it's hardly the last gig in town. Check out these headlines, fresh from the shelves. Read More | Comment »

11:00AM Tue. Oct. 29, 2013, Monica Riese


With the Texas Book Festival right around the corner, we're already swimming in literary news. But don't miss these other headlines from around the written world. Read More | Comment »

9:00AM Tue. Oct. 22, 2013, Monica Riese


Fall is always a solid season for books, and this month is no exception. Just as Austin starts to cool down, the literary scene is heating up. Read More | Comment »

9:45AM Thu. Oct. 3, 2013, Monica Riese


News you can use from the national lit scene. Read More | Comment »

11:30AM Thu. Sep. 5, 2013, Monica Riese

Might Be More Art Than You Can Handle, Baby

The most recent issue of the twice-yearly Esopus magazine, a printed wunderkammer you should totally know about, is strongly reminiscent of Austin's Rubber Repertory Theatre Company. Read More | Comment »

1:35PM Wed. Sep. 4, 2013, Wayne Alan Brenner

LoneStarCon 3: The Hugos

The Hugo Awards are often called the Academy Awards of science fiction, and there were certain similarities apparent on Sunday night at LoneStarCon 3: The column dresses glittered, the cummerbunds gleamed, and the winners cried, thanked their spouses, and hefted the rocket-shaped Hugos as if they couldn't quite believe they were real. Read More | Comment »

3:30PM Tue. Sep. 3, 2013, Robert Faires and Amy Gentry

LoneStarCon 3: Lessons From My First Worldcon

As a relative newcomer to the science fiction world – make that universe – fandom culture is not second nature to me. When I hit the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center on Thursday, I didn't know a World of Warcraft orc from Shrek. Oh, how young and naive I was. Here are some things I learned from my first gathering of the genre faithful. Read More | Comment »

2:15PM Mon. Sep. 2, 2013, Amy Gentry

LoneStarCon 3: The Lois McMaster Bujold Interview

Lois McMaster Bujold has won more Hugo Awards for best novel than anyone but Robert Heinlein, and if you’re confused about why, you haven’t been paying attention. For 27 years, she’s been turning out book after book in the acclaimed Vorkosigan Saga, a “military space opera” with a heart – and brain and uterus, or at least uterine replicator. Read More | Comment »

2:00PM Sun. Sep. 1, 2013, Amy Gentry

LoneStarCon 3: The Howard and George Show

To commemorate their half-century of improbable friendship, writers George R. R. Martin and Howard Waldrop spent an hour in front of several hundred people at LoneStarCon 3 telling the kind of stories on each other that made you feel they should have given up on one another or else fallen to fisticuffs long, long ago. Read More | Comment »

11:30AM Sun. Sep. 1, 2013, Robert Faires

LoneStarCon 3: Friday

So two years after that mad wunderkind named Orson scared the bejeezus out of Mr. and Mrs. America and all you ships at sea with his radio version of a Martian invasion, he had a little sit-down with the venerable author of that tale as it originally appeared in print, courtesy of none other than a little Alamo City radio station, KTSA. Read More | Comment »

9:43AM Sat. Aug. 31, 2013, Robert Faires

LoneStarCon 3: The Jo Walton Interview

“If you love books enough, books will love you back.” So says Morwenna "Mori" Phelps, the 15-year-old protagonist of Jo Walton’s weird, wonderful, genre-bending book that won last year’s Hugo Award for Best Novel, beating out, among others, George R. R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons for a win that surprised many. Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Fri. Aug. 30, 2013, Amy Gentry

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