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LoneStarCon 3: The Jo Walton Interview

“If you love books enough, books will love you back.” So says Morwenna "Mori" Phelps, the 15-year-old protagonist of Jo Walton’s weird, wonderful, genre-bending book that won last year’s Hugo Award for Best Novel, beating out, among others, George R. R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons for a win that surprised many. Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Fri. Aug. 30, 2013, Amy Gentry

LoneStarCon 3: The George R. R. Martin Interview

Amid reports of a dramatic uptrend in babies named “Khaleesi” and tourism to Dubrovnik, Croatia (aka King's Landing), we're guessing George R. R. Martin doesn’t need much of an introduction. Read More | Comment »

11:01AM Thu. Aug. 29, 2013, Amy Gentry


From a history of Austin to a Hot Sauce Festival book signing, all our local books news is good news. Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Fri. Aug. 16, 2013, Monica Riese

UT Acquires McSweeney's Archive

The last few decades have not been kind to print media. Read More | Comment »

11:51AM Wed. Jul. 31, 2013, Monica Riese


An Austinite wins a Bulwer-Lytton Award, and Veronica Mars goes literary. Read More | Comment »

2:30PM Wed. Jul. 17, 2013, Monica Riese


Some live, some die, and some age gracefully. Here's the latest from the Austin publishing scene. Read More | Comment »

12:34PM Tue. Jul. 9, 2013, Monica Riese

Carver Museum Hosts Austin African American Book Fest

Terry McMillan is a pretty big deal. Read More | Comment »

12:45PM Fri. Jun. 21, 2013, Monica Riese

Crowdfunding for Readers

Every Friday for the past few months, we've been featuring local film projects' Kickstarter campaigns in the Kickstart Your Weekend series. Read More | Comment »

4:44PM Thu. Jun. 20, 2013, Monica Riese

We Need More of Randall Reid's Fractured Signs in Our Times

You can't see much of Randall Reid's "Full Circle" art in any nearby gallery right now. Read More | Comment »

12:02PM Mon. Jun. 3, 2013, Wayne Alan Brenner

Now You Can See 'What Jane Saw'

Two hundred years ago today, Jane Austen visited a museum for a retrospective of portraitist Joshua Reynolds. And now, you can see it too. Read More | Comment »

3:30PM Fri. May. 24, 2013, Monica Riese


Writing prizes are great news for the recipients, but they're even more spectacular for the community: You get a whole new set of rising stars to watch make their impressive trajectory. Check out the latest on these recent winners. Read More | Comment »

12:58PM Thu. May. 16, 2013, Monica Riese

'Chronicle' Adult Spelling Bee Takes Place Tonight

Yes, the weather forecast is a little ominous, but why base your plans on a “chance” of something when you can be 100% certain that staggering feats of orthographer prowess will rain down on the audience tonight at the The Austin Chronicle’s Adult Spelling Bee at Threadgill’s World Headquarters? Read More | Comment »

10:24AM Thu. May. 9, 2013, Kimberley Jones

Austin Teen Book Fest Snags Rob Thomas

We announced just last week that Holly Black was joining opener Maggie Stiefvater as the Austin Teen Book Festival's closing speaker. This morning, two more big names were dropped: Rob Thomas and Sarah Dessen. Read More | Comment »

9:30AM Wed. May. 8, 2013, Monica Riese


Two events tonight, plus two poetry contests and two awards for Texas Monthly. Man, we thought good things all came in threes …. Read More | Comment »

12:02PM Fri. May. 3, 2013, Monica Riese

Soderbergh and IBM's Sense of Scale

There are plenty of curious pairings we've forced by juxtaposition on this blog. Read More | Comment »

12:35PM Thu. May. 2, 2013, Monica Riese

Revisiting Poetry in Motion

Not quite a year ago, we wrote about Poetry With Wheels, the partnership between Capital Metro and the Austin Poetry Society that brings local poetry to placards in unused ad space. Read More | Comment »

11:30AM Wed. May. 1, 2013, Monica Riese

Texan Typists Unite

Pop quiz! When you see the word "type," what comes to mind? Read More | Comment »

3:01PM Thu. Apr. 18, 2013, Monica Riese

Chewbacca Wants You To Read

For a wookiee whose first language closer resembles that of a bear or a walrus, Chewbacca is certainly serious about reading. Or at least Peter Mayhew is. Read More | Comment »

2:50PM Wed. Apr. 17, 2013, Monica Riese

Poem in Your Pocket Day: April 18

We'd find it hard to believe if you said you were having a difficult time celebrating National Poetry Month. Read More | Comment »

2:22PM Wed. Apr. 17, 2013, Monica Riese

Food Bloggers Celebrate Cookbook Release

Take 150 food bloggers, mix in one up-and-coming restaurant near campus, and simmer on low for a few hours for one delicious event. Read More | Comment »

9:53AM Wed. Apr. 17, 2013, Monica Riese

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