Hunting Can Be a 'Psychedelic Experience'

RECEIVED Sun., Dec. 2, 2012

Dear Editor,
    Re: "In the Blind" [Food, Nov. 30]: John Wootters – Texan, hunter, and author – likened the time spent waiting for deer as a "psychedelic experience." The hunter's stillness and quietude spins reels and reels of thought not otherwise searched. And no wonder. This is where one answers the question: What does it take to live?
    That answer is: we kill.
    Artists contemplate the whys of living in song, in motion picture, on stage, and in art. But anyone can venture beyond contemplation for the price of a license, a hunter education course, a pawn-shop rifle, and some time at the range. No third-person drama, no cartoon hysteria, no kidding yourself.
    There's a library out there. Perhaps we should walk out into it, letting fear be our guide.
Stephen W. McGuire
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