Salvage Vanguard Theater

2803 Manor Rd.
Austin, 78722

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Feast of My Heart

Multidisciplinary artist Jason Phelps asked eight of the country’s most gifted contemporary playwrights: "What does it mean to engage in an act of compassion?" Responses from Kirk Lynn, C. Denby Swanson, Zell Miller III, Daniel Alexander Jones, Ruth Margraff, Erik Ehn, Lisa D’Amour, and Rubber Repertory will be performed by Phelps – under the direction of Austin's best theatremakers – in seven nights of beautiful, intense humanity. Dec. 11-20. Thu.-Sat., 8pm; Sun., 2pm. $8-80.

SVT Gallery: Feast of My Heart

A certain Jason Phelps has curated this exhibition to accompany his theatrical presentation of the same name, and here you can see works (inspired by the show's diverse texts) from Leon Alesi, Stella Alesi, Carl Smith, Shannon McCormick, Tim Mateer, Lee Webster, Gretchen Phillips, and Sarah Bork Hamilton. Through Dec. 30.

No Shame Theatre

Gnap! Theater Projects' legendary open-mic performance gig – for which that Kerri Lendo is at least partially to blame – provides a venue for things you probably wouldn't see anywhere else. Funny, bad, good, weird, dance-based, or just what-the-hell, all styles of performance are welcomed and it's hella entertaining. Fri., Dec. 19, 10pm. Free.


  • 2009: Critics Friendliest Haunt for Weird Noise (Church of the Friendly Ghost)
  • 1997: Critics Best Hip Drama
  • 1995: Critics Best Place To See A Musician Onstage