Chronicle Live Music Venue Guide

Electric Lounge

Damon & Naomi, the Gourds, Cornershop, Cornelius, Daniel Johnston, Atari Teenage Riot, Mix Master Mike, Combustible Edison, Creeper Lagoon, Sleater-Kinney, Hi Fives, Jonathan Richman, Luna, Diamond Smugglers, Wesley Willis, Hamell on Trial, Everclear, American Analog Set, Ben Lee, Spoon, Lucinda Williams, Nashville Pussy, Joan Jett, Link Wray, Medicine, Ben Folds Five, Wayne Kramer, John Cale, Cibo Matto, the Asylum Street Spankers, Varnaline, Archers of Loaf, the Wannabes, Versus, the Damnations, Mojave 3, High Llamas, ? and the Mysterians, Sixteen Deluxe, Lambchop, Vic Chesnutt, Olivia Tremor Control. For the better part of this decade, the Electric Lounge has been an essential part of the indie (and not-so-indie) rock revolution.

Photo of Electric Lounge sign.

photograph by John Carrico

Whether it's high voltage or lo-fi, local, national, or international, on the way up, on the way down, or just somehow still around, it's been at the Lounge. Just off the outside edge of the hyper-concentrated downtown club scene, this live music venue consistently caters to kids in the know, while also being a hangout for more frequenters than regulars. Generally, the clientele are low-key college kids who don't care to make the effort necessary to be terminally indifferent. The club now features a full bar, in addition to its ample selection of both draft and bottled beers. A few recent cosmetic alterations also opened up the Elbow Room, a bar in the back of the club, with the rest of the space allowing for quicker access to booze and a roomier rock experience with an easier flow of bodies around the room.

The pool table spends equal time doubling as a riser from which patrons watch the show, and it's absurdly simple to land the high score on the Galaga game tucked into the Lounge's back corner. Parking is ample, but that could change when the city starts construction next door. The Lounge is also home to a weekly poetry slam on Tuesday nights. Generally, if "Bob" means either Mould or Stinson and not Dylan to you, then the Electric Lounge is your kind of place. --Michael Bertin