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RIP Paul Mazursky

Variety reports that filmmaker Paul Mazursky died yesterday at the age of 84. The writer/director of such essential Seventies films as Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice and An Unmarried Woman, Mazursky was also a lively, if only occasional performer whose first screen role was in Kubrick’s Fear and Desire. Read More | Comment »

Film 3:14PM Tue. Jul. 1, Kimberley Jones

DVDanger: 'Enemy'

Remember when Jake Gyllenhaal became famous with Donnie Darko, and then he became replaced by a guy that looked like Jake Gyllenhaal, but did big studio bullhooey like Prince of Persia and The Day After Tomorrow? Well, both Gyllenhaals are in Canadian psychological creepfest Enemy (LionsGate). Kinda. Read More | Comment »

DVD 8:00AM Sat. Jun. 28, Richard Whittaker

Production news, plus early brushes with 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Film Flam

The Hill Country is alive with the sound of cameras rolling. Production news is in this week’s edition of Film Flam. Read More | Comment »

Film Flam 1:19PM Fri. Jun. 27, Kimberley Jones

Kickstart Your Weeked: A Double Dose of Horror Comedies

Well, wait for a locally shot horror comedy to start raising funds, and suddenly two come running into camp, waving bloody axes, at the same time. Read More | Comment »

Film 11:30AM Fri. Jun. 27, Richard Whittaker

Binge Watching in Wi-Fidelity

“There is a misconception about the quality of webseries,” says Rain Chavez, the Chief Information Officer of the inaugural Austin WebFest, which kicks off tonight. “We want to show that this is high caliber filmmaking.” Read More | Comment »

Web 4:05PM Thu. Jun. 26, Fernie Martinez

Unleashing the Fundraising Power of 'Inframan'

Bionic giants! Skeleton ghosts! Demon princesses! And all in a good cause! Tonight the Alamo Village screens Inframan in a special medical fundraiser for local author Stephen Romano, who'll be there to thank everyone for helping him heal. "It's things like this that make me feel normal in the middle of all this crap." Read More | Comment »

Film 5:15PM Wed. Jun. 25, Richard Whittaker

Guy Pearce Gets Chatty

Last night the Austin Film Society hosted a special screening of The Rover with actor Guy Pearce popping in for a post-film Q&A. Read More | Comment »

Film 3:37PM Wed. Jun. 25, Neha Aziz

Austin Bars & Restaurants on TV

Get ready for an onslaught of shows featuring Austin on various cable networks over the next few weeks. I had a chance to preview a classy new show from the Esquire Network called America's Best Bars. It debuts tonight with an episode about Portland's prime drinking spots, but an episode on Austin is up July 2. Read More | Comment »

Television 11:30AM Wed. Jun. 25, Wes Marshall

An Evening With Kevin Corrigan

Last night the Austin Film Society hosted actor Kevin Corrigan at the Marchesa Hall & Theater for its ongoing Moviemaker Dialogue Series. The conversation was moderated by Corrigan's friend, local filmmaker Bob Byington. Read More | Comment »

Film 4:00PM Tue. Jun. 24, Neha Aziz

Points of View

Tonight brings the premiere of the 27th season of PBS’ award-winning documentary series POV. The series (aired locally at 9pm on KLRU-TV) continues every Monday night throughout the summer and concludes the season with a special broadcast this fall of Drafthouse Films’ Academy Award-nominated film, The Act of Killing. Read More | Comment »

Television 5:15PM Mon. Jun. 23, Marjorie Baumgarten

DVDanger: 'Almost Human'

Remember when aliens didn't engage in full-scale, all-CGI invasions, but just stuck to picking up hillbillies in the ass-end of nowhere? Almost Human (IFC) does. Read More | Comment »

DVD 3:00PM Sun. Jun. 22, Richard Whittaker

Happy Birthday (Tomorrow), Meryl Streep

There are A-listers, and then there are performers like Meryl Streep. An actress where the alphabet just doesn't have the right letter to express her impact on the silver screen. So this Sunday the Alamo Ritz makes it up to the star of The Deerhunter, Mamma Mia and Death Becomes Her with her own Merylthon marathon, celebrating her 65th birthday. Read More | Comment »

Film 2:20PM Sat. Jun. 21, Richard Whittaker

Kickstart Your Weekend: 'Transient'

With so much political energy in Texas concentrating on the seeming exodus of children being sent over the border by their parents, new local indie film Transient. Read More | Comment »

Film 2:00PM Fri. Jun. 20, Richard Whittaker

Before Snowpiercer opens, a ticket for the best films on track

The Greatest Train Movies Ever

Austin may be a long way away from getting much of a rail system, but at least this weekend we'll be getting a sneak cinematic peak at the joys of life on the rails. Read More | Comment »

Film 10:00AM Fri. Jun. 20, Richard Whittaker

HBO Going Under the Dome for 'God Save Texas'

For those of you who believe there isn't enough drama in the Texas legislature: HBO has announced it is developing a new political fiction series, set under our famous Capitol dome. Read More | Comment »

Television 9:10AM Wed. Jun. 18, Richard Whittaker

DVDanger: Of Flesh, Blood and Boners

If films teach us one thing, it's that the human body is a frail thing, and that the greatest myth we teach ourselves is that we are eternally inviolate. Read More | Comment »

DVD 8:00AM Tue. Jun. 17, Richard Whittaker

Kickstart Your Weekend: 'The Illustrated Geek Cookbook'

Ever wondered how cook an Arakis sand worm? Or wanted the recipe to make your own nightmarish Christmas pin wheels? Don't worry. Austin cook book author/kitchen nerd Chris-Rachael Oseland, aka the Kitchen Overlord, wants to share her fannish recipes with you. Read More | Comment »

Web 10:11AM Fri. Jun. 13, Richard Whittaker

Film Flam

Acid ballers, banned Google Glasses, and technical snafus are in today's edition of Film Flam. Read More | Comment »

Film 1:10PM Thu. Jun. 12, Kimberley Jones

Local Video Game News

If you follow the video game industry, then your Twitter feed is probably lousy with reports of new games and characters and controversies and questions and conjecture from E3. This is what Brooklynites must feel like during SXSW. Here’s the local gaming news; some of it is related to E3, sorry. Read More | Comment »

Gaming 8:30AM Wed. Jun. 11, James Renovitch

Film Flam: El Rey Shines on Austin

This from the "you weren't already?" files: Robert Rodriguez has announced that his El Rey Network will use Austin as its production and corporate headquarters. Read More | Comment »

Television 1:30PM Tue. Jun. 10, Richard Whittaker

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