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Of Russians and Ruffles

From Chekhov to Gunne Sax

Amy Gentry, Dec. 18, 2014

Good Eye: Books Are a Slanket for Your Brain

Read your way through those visits with the in-laws

Amy Gentry, Dec. 11, 2014

Happy Thankswishing! Here's Your Jardigan.

You can't fit these wishes in a jar

Amy Gentry, Dec. 4, 2014

Secrets of Charm

Charmed, we're sure ...

Amy Gentry, Nov. 26, 2014

On Productivity and Reproductivity

You could pick this column up and read it right now or ...

Amy Gentry, Nov. 20, 2014

There and Back Again

Don't mess with Texas women, bucko

Amy Gentry, Nov. 13, 2014

Good Eye: Killer Outfits 4

Blow-Up vs. The Eyes of Laura Mars: The female gaze of male gaze is way more compelling

Amy Gentry, Nov. 6, 2014

Killer Outfits

This week's horror couture reveals how phenomenal Jennifer Connelly looks in Armani

Amy Gentry, Oct. 30, 2014

A Woman Possessed

Was she wrong to go all Isabelle Adjani on New Yorker book critic James Wood?

Amy Gentry, Oct. 23, 2014

Killer Outfits - Anna's Blue Dress

Isabelle Adjani is a devil in a you-know-what

Amy Gentry, Oct. 16, 2014

Killer Outfits - Julia Cotton's Armani Suit

You would kill for this suit

Amy Gentry, Oct. 9, 2014

Good Eye: La Nausée

We had no idea Kübler-Ross wrote "The Story of Austin Style"

Amy Gentry, Oct. 2, 2014


If a "Rare Trend" is defined as quality fabrics, expert stitching, and an exacting eye, call us trendy

Amy Gentry, Sep. 25, 2014

Big Time

Turn up the volume on this oversized trend

Amy Gentry, Sep. 18, 2014

The Good Eye: Big Pleat Photo Gallery

Sep. 18, 2014

How Should a Fall Fashion Preview Be?

The "Good Eye" does herself

Amy Gentry, Sep. 4, 2014

You Say You Want a Resolution

Austin's budding fashion industry gets a vote of confidence – and a shot at diversity

Amy Gentry, Aug. 28, 2014

The Good Eye

On aunthood, from a loving neice

Amy Gentry, Aug. 21, 2014

The Good Eye

Learn a little more about the woman who parties like it's 1929

Amy Gentry, Aug. 14, 2014

Passion Play

Don't call them action figures

Amy Gentry, Aug. 7, 2014

The Good Eye

Take a trip back in time: Just make sure you're properly outfitted for it

Amy Gentry, Jul. 31, 2014

The Good Eye

It's official: You may wear caftans

Amy Gentry, Jul. 24, 2014

The Good Eye

Pull up that Arvin and read about from whence it came

Amy Gentry, Jul. 17, 2014

The Good Eye

Get down with your bad self sans fear of crotch-leeches

Amy Gentry, Jul. 10, 2014

The Good Eye

Them other boys don't know how to craft ...

Amy Gentry, Jul. 3, 2014

The Good Eye

Man up and take off your pants

Amy Gentry, Jun. 26, 2014

Summer Camp

Notes on QueerBomb's profusion of glitter and camp

Amy Gentry, Jun. 19, 2014

The Good Eye

A Father's Day meditation on double standards

Amy Gentry, Jun. 12, 2014

Perfume Is a Country

Two local perfumers make natural magic in Austin

Jun. 5, 2014

Where Everybody Sews Your Name

Leslie Bonnell’s Stitch Lab insists that you are not a number

Amy Gentry, May. 29, 2014

V Is for Vulnerability

There ain't nothin' hurly or burly about these ladies

Amy Gentry, May. 22, 2014

Swimming While Fat

Does this swimsuit make me look fat? I hope so.

Amy Gentry, May. 15, 2014

The Good Eye: Photo Gallery

May. 15, 2014

The Good Eye – Clothes-Minded: An Eyeful of Austin Fashion Week

Austin Fashion Week comes to a clothes

Amy Gentry, May. 8, 2014

Are You There God? It's Me, Vagina

One zine grows up, and Austin's mags burst into bloom

Amy Gentry, May. 1, 2014

Good Eye

UT design students kick off Austin Fashion Week with a 'Spectrum' of influences

Amy Gentry, Apr. 24, 2014

The Good Eye

Peeling back the layers of clutter to an organized you

Amy Gentry, Apr. 17, 2014

A (Tiny) Room of One's Own

You call that a small house? This is a small house!

Amy Gentry, Apr. 10, 2014

The Good Eye: Tiny House Photo Gallery

Apr. 10, 2014

Hitting Home

Preservation Austin knows there's no place like midcentury modern

Amy Gentry, Apr. 3, 2014

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