About The Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival

What began as a small hot sauce contest in 1990 has grown into one of Austin's best-known food events, drawing over 10,000 and 350 entries in peak years.
Hundreds of hot sauces have been consumed testing the bravest of pepper heads and chili-loving festival goers with beverages on hand to cool off the overheated.
In addition to hot sauce, this truly Austin food event features local food truck options, sauces for sale, cookbooks, peppers, and of course live music every year! Past performers at the fest include Joe King Carasco, A. Sinclair, Dale Watson, Money Chicha, Crooks, Shinyribs, Alesia Lani, Superfonicos, and many more.
Serving as a major fundraiser for the Central Texas Food Bank, The Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival has raised over 1 million meals!
We are excited for the return of this beloved event and celebration of all things spicy!

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