Roxane Gay, Tim O’Brien Join Texas Book Festival Lineup

Full author roster revealed for November fest

Roxane Gay, author of October collection Opinions: A Decade of Arguments, Criticism, and Minding Other People's Business

The Texas State Capitol is currently playing host to an impeachment trial that will surely inspire investigative books (and maybe a bodice ripper?), but by November, its grounds will be used for a more exalted purpose: the Texas Book Festival’s annual free celebration of all things books and bookish.

The 28th annual Texas Book Festival – taking place Nov. 11-12 on the Capitol grounds and nearby venues – has dropped the entirety of its author lineup, bolstering previous lineup teasers that trumpeted the likes of Stacey Abrams and Lawrence Wright and Texas Writer Award recipient Elizabeth Crook.

Swelling the 2023 coffers: “bad feminist” and essential culture critic Roxane Gay; Tim O’Brien (The Things They Carried), debuting his first novel in almost two decades, America Fantastica; Pulitzer Prize-winner Héctor Tobar, repping Our Migrant Souls; Angie Kim, presenting Happiness Falls, her followup to Edgar Award-winning Miracle Creek; Ali Hazelwood, neuroscientist and author of Love, Theoretically and The Love Hypothesis, changing lanes with her young-adult romance novel Check & Mate; and Colombian author Ingrid Rojas Contreras, whose 2022 memoir, The Man Who Could Move Clouds, was a Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award, and National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist. Wednesday's announcement also touted Steve Inskeep as emcee for the First Edition Literary Gala, the annual Thursday night fundraiser which this year will honor Ann Patchett, Roger Reeves, and Abraham Verghese.

Keep reading for all 300+ authors participating in the 2023 Texas Book Festival.

Wendi Aarons (I’m Wearing Tunics Now: On Growing Older, Better and a Hell of a Lot Louder)
Stacey Abrams (Rogue Justice)
Agatha Achindu (Bountiful Cooking: Wholesome Everyday Meals to Nourish You and Your Family)
Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah (Chain Gang All Stars)
Sylvia Aguilar Zéleny (Trash)
Charles Alcorn (Beneath the Sands of Monahans)
Asale Angel-Ajani (A Country You Can Leave)
Andrea Arango (Something Like Home)
John Manuel Arias (Where There Was Fire)
Isa Arsén (Shoot the Moon)
Roxanna Asgarian (We Were Once a Family: A Story of Love, Death, and Child Removal in America)
Alex Aster (Nightbane)
Ben Austen (Correction: Parole, Prison, and the Possibility of Change)
Jessixa Bagley (Duel)
Aaron Bagley (Duel)
Chandler Baker (Cutting Teeth)
Rebecca Balcárcel (Boundless: Twenty Voices Celebrating Multicultural and Multiracial Identities)
Derrick Barnes (Like Lava In My Veins)
Martin Baron (Collision of Power)
Chris Barton (Glitter Everywhere! Where It Came From, Where It's Found & Where It's Going)
Greg Beets (A Curious Mix of People: The Underground Scene of '90s Austin)
Celia Bell (The Disenchantment)
Rosa Beltran (Free Radicals)
George Black (The Long Reckoning: A Story of War, Peace and Redemption in Vietnam)
Daniel Black (Black on Black: On Our Resilience and Brilliance in America)
Cat Bohannon (Eve: How the Female Body Drove 200 Million Years of Human Evolution)
Deborah Bonello (Narcas: The Secret Rise of Women in Latin America’s Cartels)
David A. Bowles (Sheriff of Starr County)
David Bowles (Secret of the Moon Conch)
David Bowles (The Prince & the Coyote)
Alexandra Bracken (Silver in the Bone)
Max Brallier (Last Comics on Earth)
H.W. Brands (Founding Partisans: Hamilton, Madison, Jefferson, Adams and the Brawling Birth of American Politics)
Jennifer Bristol (Cemetery Birding: An Unexpected Guide to Discovering Birds in Texas)
George Bristol (Texas State Parks: The First 100 Years - 1923-2023)
KB Brookins (Freedom House)
Justin Brooks (You Might Go to Prison, Even Though You're Innocent)
Meghan Browne (The Bees of Notre-Dame)
Anne Burt (The Dig)
Gabi Burton (Sing Me to Sleep)
Christine Byl (Lookout)
Andrea Cáceres (My Dog Just Speaks Spanish)
Edward Carey (Edith Holler)
Lakiesha Carr (An Autobiography of Skin )
Eirinie Carson (The Dead Are Gods)
Keith Carter (Ghostlight)
Susan Casey (The Underworld: Journeys to the Depths of the Ocean)
Ana Castillo (Dona Cleanwell Leaves Home)
Kurt Caswell (Iceland Summer: Travels Along the Ring Road)
Jorge Cham (Oliver’s Great Big Universe)
Nidhi Chanani (Super Boba Café)
Kevin Chen (Ghost Town)
Nicole Chen (It's Boba Time for Pearl Li! )
Linda Cheng (Gorgeous Gruesome Faces)
Ava Chin (Mott Street: A Chinese American Family's Story of Exclusion and Homecoming)
Carmela Ciuraru ( Lives of the Wives: Five Literary Marriages)
Rebecca Clarren (THE COST OF FREE LAND: Jews, Lakota, and an American Inheritance)
May Cobb (A Likeable Woman)
Cindi Collins (Dinosaurs and Other Ancient Animals of Big Bend)
Shawn Cosby (All the Sinners Bleed)
Justin Cronin (The Ferryman)
Elizabeth Crook (The Madstone)
Adrianna Cuevas (The Ghosts of Rancho Espanto)
Michael Cunningham (Day: A Novel)
Homa Dashtaki (Yogurt & Whey: Recipes of an Iranian Immigrant Life)
Tracy Daugherty (Larry McMurtry: A Life)
Jennifer De Leon (Borderless)
Rodrigo Dorfman (Generation Exile: The Lives I Leave Behind)
Jennifer duBois (The Last Language)
Dayton Duncan (Blood Memory: The Tragic Decline and Improbable Resurrection of the American Buffalo)
Teo DuVall (Brooms)
Geoff Dyer (The Last Days of Roger Federer: And Other Endings)
Mazey Eddings (Tilly in Technicolor)
Gavin Edwards (MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios)
Asher Elbein (Dinosaurs and Other Ancient Animals of Big Bend)
Patricia Engel (The Faraway World)
Huda Fahmy (Huda F Cares)
Saadia Faruqi (Saving Sunshine)
Lalena Fisher (Friends Beyond Measure )
Paul Flahive (Worth Repeating: San Antonio Stories)
Nick Flynn (Low)
Ben Fountain (Devil Makes Three)
Vievee Francis (The Shared World)
Ashley Robin Franklin (The Hills of Estrella Roja)
Rafael Frumkin (Confidence)
Dina Gachman (So Sorry For Your Loss: How I Learned to Live with Grief and Other Grave Concerns)
Cristina Garcia (Vanishing Maps)
Thomas Ray Garcia (El Curso de la Raza: The Education of Aurelio Manuel Montemayor)
Alma García (All That Rises)
Seth Garfield (Guaraná: How Brazil Embraced the World's Most Caffeine-Rich Plant)
Van Garrett (Juneteenth)
Jonny Garza Villa (Ander & Santi Were Here)
Alicia Gaspar de Alba (Crimes of the Tongue: Essays and Stories )
Michael Genhart (Spanish Is The Language Of My Family)
George Getschow (Pastures of the Empty Page: Fellow Writers on the Life and Legacy of Larry McMurtry)
Kenny Gilbert (Southern Cooking, Global Flavors)
Alex Gino (Green)
Sara Goetter (The Bawk-ness Monster)
Ben Goldfarb (Crossings: How Road Ecology Is Shaping the Future of Our Planet)
Dave Gonzales (MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios)
E. B. Goodale (The Bees of Notre Dame)
Jeff Goodell (The Heat Will Kill You First: Life and Death on a Scorched Planet)
Michael Granberry (Hole in the Roof: The Dallas Cowboys, Clint Murchison Jr., and the Stadium That Changed American Sports Forever)
Andrew Greer (Less is Lost)
Rachel Eliza Griffiths (Promise: A Novel )
Loren Grush (The Six: The Untold Story of America's First Women Astronauts)
Jeff Guinn (Waco: David Koresh, the Branch Davidians, and A Legacy of Rage)
S.C. Gwynne (His Majesty's Airship: The Life and Tragic Death of the World's Largest Flying Machine)
Nathan Hale (Above the Trenches (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales #12))
Louisa Hall (Reproduction)
Aaron Hamburger (Hotel Cuba)
Rachel Harrison (Black Sheep)
Vashti Harrison (Big)
Hopeton Hay (Austin Noir)
Ali Hazelwood (Check & Mate)
Bethany Hegedus (You, Me, We: A Celebration of Peace and Community)
Tim Z. Hernandez (Some of the Light: New & Selected Poems)
Walt Hickey (You Are What You Watch: How Movies and TV Affect Everything)
David Hillis (Armadillos to Ziziphus: A Naturalist in the Texas Hill Country)
Bill Ong Hing (Humanizing Immigration: How to Transform Our Racist and Unjust System)
Jamie Hoang (My Father, The Panda Killer)
Brianna Holt (In Our Shoes: On Being a Young Black Woman in Not-So "Post-Racial" America )
Peter Hotez (The Deadly Rise of Anti-science: A Scientist's Warning)
Elise Hu (Flawless)
Ling Ling Huang (Natural Beauty)
Steve Inskeep (Differ We Must: How Lincoln Succeeded in a Divided America)
Walter Isaacson (Elon Musk)
Mitchell S. Jackson (Fly: The Big Book of Basketball Fashion)
Tania James (Loot)
Paulette Jiles (Chenneville, A Novel of Murder, Loss and Vengeance)
Kim Johnson (Invisible Son)
Vicki Johnson (Molly's Tuxedo)
Eskor David Johnson (Pay As You Go)
Bret Anthony Johnston (Ghostlight)
Peniel Joseph (The Third Reconstruction: America's Struggle for Racial Justice in the Twenty-First Century)
Laekan Zea Kemp (An Appetite for Miracles)
Laekan Zea Kemp (A Crown for Corina)
Nancy Jooyoun Kim (What We Kept to Ourselves)
Eliza Kinkz  (Papá’s Magical Water-Jug Clock; El Barrilito Mágico de Papá)
Meg Kissinger (While You Were Out: An Intimate Family Portrait of Mental Illness in an Era of Silence)
Yume Kitasei (The Deep Sky)
Kari Lavelle (Butt or Face?)
Mark Lawrence (LBJ's America: The Life and Legacies of Lyndon Baines Johnson)
Minh Lê (Real to Me)
Andrew Leland (The Country of the Blind: A Memoir at the End of Sight)
Joan LeMay (Quantum Criminals: Ramblers, Wild Gamblers, and Other Sole Survivors from the Songs of Steely Dan)
Jonathan Lethem (Brooklyn Crime Novel)
Dr. Fei-Fei Li (The Worlds I See: Curiosity, Exploration, and Discovery at the Dawn of AI)
Jardine Libaire (You're An Animal)
Carole Lindstrom (Autumn Peltier, Water Warrior)
Robert Liu-Trujillo (Fresh Juice and Jugo fresco)
Diana López (Los Monstruos: Felice and the Wailing Woman)
Oksana Lutsyshyna (Ivan and Phoebe)
Lindsay Lynch (Do Tell)
Michael MacCambridge (The Big Time: How the 1970s Transformed Sports in America)
James Magnuson (Young Claus)
William Magnuson (For Profit: A History of Corporations)
Rebecca Makkai (I Have Some Questions for You)
Cynthia Manick (No Sweet Without Brine)
Sherri Maret T(welve Days of Winter: A Wildlife Celebration)
Stephen Markley (The Deluge: A Novel)
Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack (Muy Bueno: FIESTAS: 100+ Delicious Mexican Recipes for Celebrating the Year)
Greg Marshall (Leg: The Story of a Limb and the Boy Who Grew From It)
Max Marshall (Among The Bros: A Fraternity Crime Story)
Melania Luisa Marte (Plantains and Our Becoming)
Pedro Martín Mexikid)
Claudia Guadalupe Martínez (Still Dreaming / Seguimos soñando)
Jennifer Mathieu (DOWN CAME THE RAIN)
Airea Matthews (Bread and Circus: Poems)
Joyce Maynard (The Bird Hotel)
Allyson McCabe (Why Sinéad O'Connor Matters)
Guadalupe García McCall (Secret of the Moon Conch)
David McCloskey (Moscow X)
Ernest McMillan (Standing: One Man's Odyssey through the Turbulent '60s)
Cameron McWhirter (American Gun: The True Story of the AR-15)
Brittany Means (Hell if We Don't Change Our Ways)
Juana Medina (Elena Rides)
Jasminne Mendez (Aniana Del Mar Jumps In)
Matt Mendez (The Broke Hearts)
Yamile Saied Méndez (Calling the Moon: 16 Period Stories from BIPOC Authors )
Sean Michaels (Do You Remember Being Born?)
Jamila Minnicks (Moonrise Over New Jessup)
Sarah Mlynowski (Best Wishes #3: Time After Time)
Szilvia Molnar (The Nursery)
Mehnaaz Momen (Listening to Laredo: A Border City in a Globalized Age)
Jana Monroe (Hearts of Darkness: Serial Killers, The Behavioral Science Unit, and My Life as a Woman in the FBI)
Kiyash Monsef (Once There Was)
Simon Montefiore (The World: A Family History of Humanity)
Aurelio Manuel Montemayor (El Curso de la Raza: The Education of Aurelio Manuel Montemayor)
Matt Moore (Butcher on the Block: Everyday Recipes, Stories, and Inspirations from Your Local Butcher and Beyond)
Magdalena Mora (Still Dreaming / Seguimos soñando)
Elio Morillo (The Boy Who Reached for the Stars)
Deborah D.E.E.P. Mouton (Black Chameleon: Memory, Womanhood, and Myth)
Burk Murchison (Hole in the Roof: The Dallas Cowboys, Clint Murchison Jr., and the Stadium That Changed American Sports Forever)
J Muzacz (ATX Urban Art: Layers of Graffiti, Street Art, Murals, and Mosaics in Austin, Texas)
Leah Myers (Thinning Blood A Memoir of Family, Myth, and Identity)
Sarafina El-Badry Nance (Starstruck: A Memoir of Astrophysics and Finding Light in the Dark)
Craig Nelson (V is for Victory: Franklin Roosevelt's American Revolution and the Triumph of World War II)
Ricardo Nuila (The People's Hospital: Hope and Peril in American Medicine)
Rachel Nuwer (I Feel Love: MDMA and the Quest for Connection in a Fractured World)
Tim O'Brien (America Fantastica)
Alejandra Oliva (Rivermouth: A Chronicle of Language, Faith, and Migration)
Lisa Olstein (Dream Apartment)
Allison Orr (Dance Works: Stories of Creative Collaboration)
Ehigbor Okosun (Forged by Blood)
Emma Otheguy (Martina Has Too Many Tías)
Sebastián Páramo (Portrait of Us Burning)
Ed Park (Same Bed Different Dreams: A Novel )
Ann Patchett (Tom Lake)
Sajni Patel (Isha, Unscripted)
Sajni Patel (Sleepless in Dubai)
Sanjay Patel (Ganesha's Great Race)
Celia C. Perez (Tumble)
Emma Pérez (Queering the Border: Essays)
Jamar Perry (Cameron Battle and the Escape Trials)
Welsey Phelps (Before Lawrence v. Texas: The Making of a Queer Social Movement)
Natasha Pickowicz (More Than Cake: 100 Baking Recipes Built for Pleasure and Community)
Ann Taylor Pittman (The Global Pantry Cookbook: Transform Your Everyday Cooking with Tahini, Gochujang, Miso, and Other Irresistible Ingredients)
Andy J. Pizza (Invisible Things)
JD Pluecker (Trash)
Tori Pool (Worth Repeating: San Antonio Stories)
Andrew Porter (The Disappeared: Stories)
Kevin Powers (A Line in the Sand: A Novel)
Jarrett Pumphrey (Link + Hud: Heroes by a Hair)
Jerome Pumphrey (Link + Hud: Heroes by a Hair)
Shelley Read (Go as a River)
Roger Reeves (Dark Days: Fugitive Essays)
Ramona Reeves (It Falls Gently All Around and Other Stories)
Al Rendón ( Mi Cultura: Bringing Shadow into Light)
Anastacia Renee (Side Notes from the Archivist)
Adam Rex (The Story of Gumluck the Wizard)
Sonora Reyes (The Luis Ortega Survival Club)
Natalie Riess (The Bawk-ness Monster)
Joanna Robinson (MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios)
Roj Rodriguez (Mi Sangre)
Ingrid Rojas Contreras (The Man Who Could Move Clouds)
Gilberto Rosas (Unsettling: The El Paso Massacre, Resurgent White Nationalism, and the US-Mexico Border)
Jess Row (The New Earth)
Steven Rowley (The Celebrants)
Rudy Ruiz (Valley of Shadows)
Etaf Rum (Evil Eye)
Rachel Renée Russell (Dork Diaries 15: Tales from a Not-So-Posh Paris Adventure)
Kennedy Ryan (Before I Let Go)
Aida Salazar (Calling the Moon: 16 Period Stories from BIPOC Authors)
Aida Salazar (A Seed in the Sun)
Leila Sales (The Museum of Lost and Found)
Andrew Sansom (The Art of Texas State Parks: A Centennial Celebration, 1923–2023)
Esmeralda Santiago (LAS MADRES)
Richard Santos (A Night of Screams)
Sam Sax (Pig: Poems)
John Scalzi (Starter Villain)
Liz Garton Scanlon (The World's Best Class Plant)
Jo Scott-Coe (Unheard Witness: The Life and Death of Kathy Leissner Whitman)
Chaitali Sen (A New Race of Men from Heaven)
Judd Servidio (Salt and Vanilla)
Melissa Sevigny (Brave the Wild River: The Untold Story of Two Women Who Mapped the Botany of the Grand Canyon)
Charif Shanahan (Trace Evidence: Poems)
Jenn Shapland (Thin Skin)
Jeff Sharlet (The Undertow: Scenes from a Slow Civil War)
Nik Sharma (Veg-table: Recipes, Techniques, and Plant Science for Big-Flavored, Vegetable-Focused Meals)
Elizabeth Shreeve (The Upside-Down Book of Sloths)
Neal Shusterman (Courage to Dream: Tales of Hope in the Holocaust)
Jonathan Silverman (Astros and Asterisks: Houston's Sign-Stealing Scandal Explained)
Safiya Sinclair (How to Say Babylon)
Ana Siqueira (Abuela's Super Capa (also in Spanish))
Curtis Sittenfeld (Romantic Comedy)
Brando Skyhorse (My Name Is Iris)
Dashka Slater (Accountable: The True Story of a Racist Social Media Account and the Teenagers Whose Lives It Changed)
Brendan Slocumb (Symphony of Secrets)
Nikkolas Smith (The Artivist)
Dominic Smith (Return to Valet)
Rachel Louise Snyder (Women We Buried, Women We Burned: A Memoir)
Dan Solomon (The Fight For Midnight)
Christina Soontornvat (Best Wishes #3: Time After Time)
Burgin Streetman (Worth Repeating: San Antonio Stories)
Shadra Strickland (Jump In!)
Carmen Tafolla (Warrior Girl)
Liara Tamani (What She Missed)
Don Tate (Jerry Changed the Game!: How Engineer Jerry Lawson Revolutionized Video Games Forever)
Amy Thielen (Company: The Radically Casual Art of Cooking for Others)
Angie Thomas (Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy)
Valentine Thomas (Good Catch)
Héctor Tobar (Our Migrant Souls)
Trang Thanh Tran (She is a Haunting)
Jesús Trejo (Papá's Magical Water-Jug Clock / El Barrilito Mágico de Papá)
Peter Turchi ( (Don't) Stop Me if You've Heard This Before and Other Essays on Writing Fiction)
Cadwell Turnbull (We Are the Crisis)
Mark Updegrove (LBJ’s America: The Life and Legacies of Lyndon Baines Johnson)
Luis Alberto Urrea (Good Night, Irene)
Deepa Varadarajan (Late Bloomers: A Novel)
Alejandro Varela (The People who Report More Stress)
Abraham Verghese (The Covenant of Water)
Laura Villareal (Girl's Guide to Leaving)
Stephen Vladeck (The Shadow Docket: How the Supreme Court Uses Stealth Rulings to Amass Power and Undermine the Republic)
Jasmine Walls (Brooms)
Laura Warrell (Sweet, Soft, Plenty Rhythm)
Alicia Roth Weigel (Inverse Cowgirl)
Tyriek White (We Are a Haunting)
Richard Whymark (A Curious Mix of People: The Underground Scene of '90s Austin)
Katie Williams (My Murder: A Novel)
Delvin Williams (Fifth Ward to Fourth Quarter: Football's Impact on an NFL Player's Body and Soul)
Ismée Williams (Boundless: Twenty Voices Celebrating Multicultural and Multiracial Identities)
Kirk Wilson (Out of Season)
Justine Winans (The Otherwoods)
Kaz Windness (Bitsy Bat, School Star)
Alice Winn (In Memoriam)
Ashley Winstead (Midnight is the Darkest Hour)
Tracy Wolff (Star Bringer)
Tracy Wolff (Cherish)
Jacqueline Woodson (Remember Us)
Lawrence Wright (Mr. Texas)
Anne Wynter (Nell Plants a Tree)
Donald Yacovone (Teaching White Supremacy)
Monica Youn (From From: Poems)
Emilio Zamora (In Defense of My People)
Ada Zhang (The Sorrows of Others)

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Texas Book Festival 2023, Roxane Gay, Tim O'Brien, Hector Tobar, Angie Kim

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