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Dikes of Holland

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09/06/15 @ Hotel Vegas

Zigzagging power chords to pogo the punk sect and a trebly, careless rumble to slake the palates of Goner Records devotees, Ex-Cult exemplifies hardcore garage. The Memphis marauders, led by barker Chris Shaw (“I’m a bedroom shooter, I’m the voice from the sewer, I’m a suicide cruiser”), followed up 2014 standout Midnight Passenger with the Cigarette Machine EP on John Dwyer’s Castle Face Records. Another ATX stopover turns out like-minded locals Dikes of Holland and Ghetto Ghouls.

08/20/15 @ Red 7 CLOSED

Florida death metal this ain’t, but knowing surviving Hackney brothers Bobby and Dannis, they could well be fans of Chuck Schuldiner’s pioneering grave robbers of the same name. Alongside late brother David, the Detroit trio of Seventies hard rockers were discovered in 2009 for a politicized proto-funk-punk in the vein of Austin’s Big Boys – only black. Guitarist Bobbie Duncan shreds the void on N.E.W., Death’s first LP since then, “Look at Your Life” twisting prog-punk and “Resurrection” approximating Warren Zevon on a Motor City bender. The band Q&As after its documentary at the Ritz beforehand.

07/08/15 @ Hotel Vegas
Dikes of Holland, Telepods, Sailor Poon, Lake of Fire

Spray Paint’s return from Japan and Australia means Chris Stephenson’s stateside, so we finally get another Dikes of Holland show. The shit-kicking local punk fivesome hasn’t gigged since a midday one-off last August, but extracts from 2010’s eponymous debut and 2012 follow-up Braindead USA ground banshee Liz Herrera and her band of merry men. Telepods, Sailor Poon, and Lake of Fire open.

06/07/14 @ Hotel Vegas
Fat Tony, Dikes of Holland

Jason McNeely’s talent jukebox at Hotel Vegas has transformed the Eastside sugar shack into an East Sixth HQ, so his birthday pulls out all the stops, beginning with Houston rapper Fat Tony flashing his improved playbook. The Nigerian-American rhymer dunked Smart Ass Black Boy last year and released singles “No More” and “Love Me” April 1, proving he’s underground only to napping hip-hop rollers. When combined with a feral bar blast of Dikes of Holland, hopeless romantics the Bad Lovers, and local metalheads Ditch Witch, better not schedule anything too early for the following morning.

02/21/14 @ Beerland
Dikes of Holland, Foreign Mothers

Homegrown grrrl power.

01/08/14 @ Beerland
Members of disbanded noise punk brothers Cruddy and Neighbor team to form Empty Markets, a devilish trio whose lone single “Stainless Steel” fits right into Beerland’s ratchet mold. Same goes for experimental guitar impresario Shawn David McMillen, 12XU head Gerard Cosloy’s Air Traffic Controllers duo, and angst rock quintet Coma in Algiers, recently signed to NYC’s A Wicked Company Records. The big draw here remains Dikes of Holland, those rotten streetwalkers who just returned from assaulting eardrums on tour.
12/04/13 @ Hotel Vegas
Dikes of Holland Tour Kickoff

Austin bar punks alight, with Gospel Truth, Ghetto Ghouls, etc.

10/12/13 @ Hotel Vegas
Jack Oblivian

Jack Oblivian, charismatic guitarist and vocalist for Memphis badasses the Oblivans, returns to the Eastside rock bar where his band’s influence remains evident in every trebley, lo-fi gang of garage punks strumming in front of the blue curtain. Oblivian tops a strong bill of kindred spirits including ’Bama-based power-pop quartet Nightmare Boyzzz, and three locals: Austin post-punk spazzes Spray Paint, glorious good-time rockers Bad Lovers, and high-energy garage force the Dikes of Holland.

08/16/13 @ Beerland
Dikes of Holland, Flesh lights

Local CBGB punks, Blondie and Television, respectively.

07/28/13 @ The Grand
Rubberneck’s 2-Year Anniversary

Rubberneck, the zine capturing Austin’s sweaty underground in photo spreads and free online music, commemorates two years in print at the Grand on Airport Boulevard. The party piggybacks on DJ Ben Tipton’s regular Burger City Rock & Roll nights, which draw hordes of hip kids in dismembered denim to the unassuming strip mall for free pool, cheap beer, and killer tunes. Not to be confused with Fullerton, Calif., cassette revivalists Burger Records, Burger City reps mostly up-and-coming locals, like vintage rockers the Bad Lovers, who liven up this Sunday’s festivities alongside garage-punk fivepiece Dikes of Holland and thundering post-punk supergroup Nazi Gold.

06/08/13 @ Mohawk
The Thermals, Dikes of Holland

Riding on the eternal chemistry between singer/guitarist Hutch Harris and bassist Kathy Forster, Portland’s lo-fi alt-rockers the Thermals hit the decade mark with their sixth album, released this spring on Saddle Creek. Recalling discography’s crown jewel The Body, the Blood, the Machine from 2006, Desperate Ground maintains the group’s melodically assertive, lyrically dominant, punky jams. Rumor has it they hand-selected indomitable garage punk titans Dikes of Holland to play main support. Fellow locals Eets Feats open.

02/21/13 @ Beerland
OBN III’s Tour Kickoff

Explosive garage rock triple bill with Crooked Bangs and Dikes of Holland.

01/26/13 @ Trailer Space Records
Creationists, Dikes of Holland, Coma in Algiers, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers
Expect things to get good and loud at Trailer Space for the Creationists’ LP release. The local quartet’s Super Secret Records debut, which translates out of Greek into Holy Wisdom, layers dense psych and post-punk passive aggression with accessible progressions and sharp lyrics perfect for shouting. Sharing the bill are exuberant Austin garage vets Dikes of Holland, the keys-impregnated beatdown of Coma in Algiers, and Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, whose forlorn melodies catch fire live on married vocals.
01/05/13 @ Beerland
Free Weekend
Guess what? Austin bought itself a new musical festival.

Free Week currently matches its just-under-a-fortnight run with as many local venues, so hopping between clubs and music acts now mimics Austin’s March madness.

Ten marquee bills here act as a Best-of our Saturday night Club Listings. Get a load, for instance, of Red 7’s monstrous two-room tag-team packing in an avalanche of hometown talent. We don’t need no stinking badges.

• Soul Track Mind, Hard Proof, Larry (g)EE (Antone’s)

• The Crack Pipes, Dikes of Holland, John Schooley and His One Man Band, Church Shoes (Beerland)

• Leftover Crack, Krum Bums, Crack Box, Juicy Karkass, Here to Offend (Emo’s East)

• Whitman, Stereo Is a Lie, the Baker Family, Antiques (Frank)

• Afrofreque, Ugly Elephant (Flamingo Cantina)

• Hard Proof, East Cameron Folkcore, the Lost Counts, Mirror Travel, Mrs. Glass (Holy Mountain)

• Marmalakes, Whiskey Shivers, Cartright, Little Lo (Mohawk outside)

• Outside: Eagle Claw, Flesh Lights, Tia Carrera, Woodgrain, Crooked Bangs; inside: My Education, Smoke & Feathers, Megafauna, Residual Kid (Red 7)

• Vallejo, Vitera, Patricia Vonne (Stubb’s)

• Gobi, Jericho, Este Vato, End Wave (Swan Dive)

10/26/12 @ Beerland
OBN III’s LP Release
Garage extraordinaires plus Dikes of Holland, Sweet Talk, and Ditch Witch.
10/23/12 @ The Palm Door
Paper Cuts: Dikes of Holland
09/25/12 @ Beerland
Dikes of Holland
Chronic punk combustibles bookended by opening heavies the Well.
08/04/12 @ Spider House Ballroom
Dikes of Holland LP Release
See this week's Music news column “Playback.“
05/18/12 @ Beerland
OBN III's, Holy Wave, Dikes of Holland
Garage glitterati Holy Wave kicks off its tour while sandwiched by local three-alarm punks/rockers and opener Low Times.
03/04/12 @ Cheer Up Charlies
The Saint James Society
Local psych breakouts return home to Dikes of Holland, Skycrawler, the Wolf, the Ripe, Black Tabs, and La Migra. 5pm, $5.
02/18/12 @ The Bearded Lady
Bearded Lady's 10th Anniversary Party
Birthed alongside the dearly departed Perverted Son record label, Bearded Lady Printing is still going strong at 10. Its screen-printed gig posters are a “staple” among Red River venues, while the deadpan “Austin: A city where people live and stuff” T-shirt scores with locals and tourists alike. Celebrate the Eastside shop’s decade in business with the aurally and visually stunning psychedelic technophilia of Total Unicorn and Dikes of Holland’s rip-roaring, reverb-soaked avant-garage onslaught. Attack Formation alum Reaganometry deejays before and between sets. 2pm.
12/22/11 @ Emo's CLOSED
Dikes of Holland
Red River’s hottest garage gangbangers host the Young, the Gospel Truth, the Creationists, and Crooked Bangs.
12/06/11 @ Mohawk
Burning off – or rather, organ frying – some of the obvious Can influence from its previous Psychic Summer, plus sanding down the metallic sheen and not-so-obvious hints of early Devo, Chicago instrumental quartet Cave shifts comfortably into the third gear of its third LP, driving, lysergic, metronomic 2011 Drag City earwig Neverendless. Fourteen minutes of “This Is the Best” come expertly matched locally with the garage rock flammability of Dikes of Holland and the raw jolt of Naw Dude.
09/01/11 @ Mohawk
Daniel Francis Doyle tour kick-off
One-man indie troubadour preps seven-week East-West trek. Dikes of Holland, Seth Sherman, and Transmography aid the send-off.
08/11/11 @ Beerland
Dikes of Holland
Over the past two years, Dikes of Holland have become Beerland’s unofficial house band, and they never fail to impress. The local quintet takes a round-robin approach to clamoring post-punk and noisy garage-psych, a beastly hybrid that harkens back to Trance Syndicate’s halcyon era. Seattle’s Orca Team helps cleanse the palate early, with breezy 1960s surf-pop fit for a DIY beach party, after Austin’s dark Horse + Donkey and Jared Zoltar.
07/07/11 @ Beerland
Beerland's 10th Anniversary
Everyone’s favorite punk bunker celebrates a decade long and strong on Red River with an appropriately bonkers lineup. Wednesday, Jimmy Flemion of the Frogs, Rubble, James Arthur’s Manhunt, and Cruddy get lowbrow. Thursday, A Giant Dog, Tia Carrera, Dikes of Holland, and Lola Cola shred more notes than the Federal Reserve. The festivities continue through this weekend, with Flesh Lights (Friday), the Crack Pipes (Saturday), and more.
06/25/11 @ Beerland
Rubble/Dikes of Holland
Matinee summer shows at Beerland? Bring on the flagellation! At 3pm, Dikes of Holland, the Flesh Lights, the Creamers, and Suede Uppers bring enough punk energy to soak through ya drawers. Later, more crushing sounds come via Rubble, whose new LP The Farewell Drugs is the perfect summer dose of psych. James Arthur’s Manhunt, Coma in Algiers, and Bloody Knives redefine grime.
04/22/11 @ Hotel Vegas
Pau Wau Benefit
Local music zine’s second benefit features Dikes of Holland, Sunset, and more.
02/18/11 @ Emo's CLOSED
Sundae Records Showcase
The DIY label of choice for the Trailer Space cognoscenti, Jared Canada’s vinyl-only local imprint, Sundae Records, commemorates its banner first year with a South by Southwest-worthy showcase, anchored by Dikes of Holland’s post-punk roulette and the fuzz-pop of Followed by Static. Slo-mo duo the Zoltars boasts a new 7-inch, and Oklahoma’s Crown Imperial, featuring former members of the Mean Spirits, has another on the way. Austin garage-psych combo A Giant Dog pops the proverbial cherry on top.
02/12/11 @ Mohawk
Follow That Bird!
Local riff-happy trio FTB! is all aflutter with activity this month. They’ve just released a new 7-inch single on Seattle’s Mt. Fuji Records, a nice appetizer before a debut full-length later this year, and are embarking on a West Coast tour. Their sweet/sour pop will no doubt find lots of fans, especially in the land that K Records and Kill Rock Stars built. Dikes of Holland, Holy Wave, and Silent Diane represent the rainbow of awesome that is Austin music right now.
12/17/10 @ Red 7 CLOSED
Turbo Fruits, Pujol
Nashville’s Be Your Own Pet are no more, but its offshoots are still grinding gears. Turbo Fruits, featuring BYOP guitarist Jonas Stein, huffed and puffed 1970s punk fumes on last year’s Echo Kid (Fat Possum). Both the Fruits and fellow Nashville garage rock enthusiast Pujol have new 7-inches on Stein’s Turbo Time Records. Locals Rayon Beach and Dikes of Holland shake and rattle first.
11/06/10 @ Cheer Up Charlies
Dikes of Holland
Austin ditch-diggers do the graveside psych out.
08/18/10 @ Mohawk
Puffy Areolas
Google “puffy areolas” and get sucked into an awkward vortex of nipple creams and mammary nightmares. Sort of appropriate, as the Ohio group’s music is a similar mix of unhinged guitar, sax, and screams that wriggles and dry heaves its way out of latest LP In the Army 1981 (Siltbreeze). A trinity of like-minded locals – When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, the Young, and Dikes of Holland – get the blackout rolling.
06/03/10 @ Mohawk
Follow That Bird! Tour Kickoff
Get caught up in the trio’s pop hooks before they fly. Melissa Bryan, Soft Healer, and Dikes of Holland round out the send-off.
04/02/10 @ Beerland
Elvis vs. Dikes of Holland
Step into the local thunderdome. Bad Sports, Simple Circuit, and Bang Bang Theodores open.
02/04/10 @ Beerland
Casual Victim Pile Release
Matador Records’ ATX grab bag Casual Victim Pile did an admirable job of cramming 19 wiry, jangly, riffy bands onto a comp with just one fatality (R.I.P. Teeners). The Red River scene is a fickle mistress, but the label’s Southern bureau chief Gerard Cosloy saw its potential, zeroing in on this slab of nitty gritty Texas punk/rock. Over three days this weekend, Beerland offers a chance to experience the bands with a few more senses. Tonight (Thursday), catch the darker sounds of Persimmons, Distant Seconds, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, Dikes of Holland, and headliners Follow That Bird!. Friday night gets blackout drunk courtesy of the No No No Hopes, Elvis, the Flesh Lights, the Young, Wild America, and Woven Bones. Saturday night’s all right for fightin’ with Lost Controls, Stuffies, Love Collector, the Bad Sports, Golden Boys, and Harlem. See them now, before another band breaks up.
01/20/10 @ Mohawk
Possessed by Paul James, John Schooley
One-man exorcism, with the noir sounds of Dikes of Holland.
11/05/09 @ Beerland
The Golden Boys, Apache Dropout
The soundtrack for a blackout, plus the return of Rubble and neon jams from Dikes of Holland.
10/24/09 @ Spider House Ballroom
Follow That Bird! 10-inch Release
Monofonus Press kicks off its One-Sider series with a new slab of riff-raff.
07/18/09 @ Emo's CLOSED
No Wave’s anyone-can-play-it mindset seems to be enjoying a renaissance in Mexico. Monterrey duo XYX head the charge, pulling ominous threads of fuzz from just drums and bass and as ground in wax on latest Sistema de Terminacion Sexual. Fellow regiomontanos Penetración Cósmica beam down as well, and locals the Young, Dikes of Holland, and Low Red Center form Austin’s hard, weird center.
07/12/09 @ Beerland
Ugly Beats, Black Hollies
Beerland does its best go-go dive impersonation as local Get Hip staples the Ugly Beats kick out psychotic reactions with snap-crackle acumen. Jersey’s Black Hollies unleash a groovy flange-and-fuzz contagion alternately capable of selling computers (Dell used “Tell Me What You Want” in a 2008 TV spot) or setting off a mashed-potato pandemic. Garage rock refugees Candle Shop & the Psychic Readers and reverberant psych-punks Dikes of Holland open.
06/19/09 @ Beerland
The Mean Spirits
Norman, Okla., gets Cramps. Dikes of Holland and Holy Wave singe cilia.
04/25/09 @ Artseen Alliance
NadaMoo! Ice Cream Social
’Tis the season for politics in A-town, and this fundraiser for City Council candidate Chris Riley includes a sweet payoff. Riley’s vision of a green Austin gets scooped during this ice cream social, courtesy of locals NadaMoo!, and local sounds abound with La Snacks, Baby Robots, Dikes of Holland, Peel, Follow That Bird!, the Black, and Cry Blood Apache delivering the brain freeze.
04/17/09 @ Beerland
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth Benefit
A van break-in and gear theft during South by Southwest resulted in harshed mellows throughout the colony of the Dinos. Rolling with the punches, the local post-punk sevenpiece plays acoustic on Beerland’s patio and gets back in the groove with help from their friends: Pataphysics side project the Amazing Music Brothers, Red X Red M, Woodgrain, Dikes of Holland, Ralph White, the Strange Boys, plus an all-star jam titled Bananafana.
04/16/09 @ Red 7 CLOSED
Dikes of Holland, Pillow Queens
Keeping Austin cuckoo, with the Man Stamps and Alright Tonight.
01/17/09 @ Beerland
Daniel Francis Doyle
DIY drummer readies a new disc for spring. Baltimore’s metric thrashers Yukon and locals Dikes of Holland, Seth Sherman, and Woodgrain spit and shine.
01/08/09 @ Mohawk
Transmission Entertainment's Free Week
Aaaaand in this corner, the inaugural year of Transmission Entertainment’s multiclub Free Week, because, ya know, the economy and all. Friday at Mohawk, Low Line Caller and Calm Blue Sea perfect the art of tension and release, Club de Ville houses the dulcet tones of the Alice Rose and Midgetmen, and Red 7 brings the noise with Summer of Blood, the Ends, Deadly Companions, Capital Scam, Blank Generation, and more. Saturday sees the return of the Riverboat Gamblers at Mohawk, plus Til We’re Blue or Destroy at de Ville, and Black Panda at Red 7. The Sabbath offers service with Serious Tracers, Follow That Bird!, and Butcher Bear’s Rainbow Bus Band at Mohawk and Los Hispanos UK and more at Red 7. The transmissions continue Monday with Bridge Farmers (Mohawk) and Fire From the Gods (Red 7). Tuesday ’verbs out with Frantic Clam and Baby Robots (Mohawk) and goes to 11 with the Roller, Scorpion Child, and more (Red 7). Wednesday gets fogged out with Tia Carrera and Strange Attractors at Mohawk, and Thursday goes apeshit with Houston’s Homopolice and locals Air Traffic Controllers at Mohawk, Loxsly at de Ville, and more hardcore at Red 7. Stay free, y’all, and visit
09/14/08 @ Beerland
Air Traffic Controllers
Get yer fill of jet noise.
05/31/08 @ Emo's CLOSED
Boss Martians
Seattle’s power-pop beings descend, with the Nervous Hospital, the Urgencies, and Dikes of Holland.

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