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Canopy: Grand Opening Party

Wait a minute, WTF? Canopy's been open for a year already. You can't have annual Grand Openings, that's not how … we mean, it flies in the face of … like … Tsk. Artists, man. Fucking artists, always warping things, always subverting the dominant whattayacallit. But, OK, at least the Big Medium honchos and their talented tenants will be rendering this celebration in classically spectacular fashion, with a variety of art to boggle your mind and drinks from Deep Eddy Vodka and food from La Condesa and music from DJ Khary Alexander of Dub Academy and, boy howdy, no wonder we like this ever-expanding Eastside compound of creativity so much. Recommended. Thu., June 12, 7-10pm.

Canopy, 916 Springdale, Austin