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Austin Music Awards 2016 Poll Ballot


  • How many times can I vote?
    Only one mail-in or web ballot is allowed per person. In order to prevent ballot stuffing, contact information is needed with each web entry. Please read our privacy policy.
  • Can I wage a campaign to get votes?
    Yes, you can use social media and other platforms to get out the vote for your category. (Check out our ready-made campaign materials.) However, ballot stuffing is strictly prohibited. Do not allow anyone to ballot stuff on your behalf. You may be taken out of the running for an award you otherwise might have won.
  • How does voting work?
    "Best of Austin" voting is now split into two rounds. In the preliminary round, voters wrote in candidates for awards in more than 100 categories, plus a wild card for businesses, groups, or personalities that do not have a set category. The three write-ins (or more in the case of a tie) with the most votes are in the final round, where readers again vote on their favorites.
  • Do the totals from the preliminary round count toward the final tally?
    No, the voting totals reset in the final round.