Unofficial Parties & Free Shows

Don't have a badge but still want to get in on all the music SXSW brings with it? Well, lucky for you there are unofficial shows out the wazoo! Below you'll find our best effort at an exhaustive list of these shows. Bear in mind that the lineups and schedules change often during the anarchy of the festival. Got a show we should know about? Email the details – date, time, location, and band name – to
Friday, March 8

The 13th Floor   $5 advance or $5 cover at door

Yeast by Sweet Beast Fest Day 1 w/ ST 37 (1:30am), Brontosaurus (12:45am), Rasputin (midnight), Iron Uncle (11:15), Line of Fire (10:30), Nøkken (9:45), Bernard (9:00), VHU (8:15), Slothful Induction (7:30), Gone to Earth (6:45), Hollow Earth (6:00)

Cheer Up Charlies, 9pm

Girls, Gays, & Theys w/ Noah Vonne, Arya, Kiki Machine, DJ SuperMcN4sty

Saengerrunde Hall, 4pm   get tickets

New Bloom music & art showcase day one w/ Grace Sorensen, Blakchyl, Quadry, Waldo Witt, BluMoon, Lluvii
Saturday, March 9

Bakery HQ, 1301 S. I-35, noon   Free w/ RSVP

Bakery Agency Pain Au Chocolat w/ West Texas Exiles, Como Las Movies, Big Skinny, Money Chicha

Carousel Lounge   $5 advance tickets or $5 cover at door

Yeast by Sweet Beast Fest Day 2 w/ Aunt's Analog (12:15am), Aurora Plastics Company (11:30), Alexx Artificial (10:45), Cinders Ensemble (10:00), Rabbit Hole 7 (9:15), Atom Intention (8:30), Night Pickle (7:45), Rami Stein (7:00), Gumbasso Profundo (6:15), Night Viking (5:30), wetsponger (4:45), Lost Cat Magnet (4:00), Start Tape Now (3:15), Dr Funky Fingers (2:30), Marty Viper (1:45), San Martian All-Stars (1:00)

Draylen Mason Studio, noon   Free w/ RSVP (all ages)

KMFA Contemporary Classical day party w/ Akins Sinfonietta Orchestra, Austin Percussion Collective, Esteban Alvarez, Jessy Eubanks, Density512, Maru, Middle Sattre, Khalo Quartet & James Tecuatl-Lee, Panoramic Voices, Perpetual Motion, Kimberly Sandoval, Mago Sextet

Freddo ATX, 5:30pm   Free w/ RSVP

SXSoCo w/ Jus Rus & the Rusty Buckets, Lizzie Budin, Manesayer, Trashy Annie

Friendly Rio Market, noon   Free (all ages) & $1 tacos

Stone Dakota, Kromathaw, Rasputin, Mental Warfare, Shysters, Slam Pig

Friendly Rio Market, 7pm   Free (all ages)

The Wizard, Souls Extolled, Swellin

Irene's, 11am   Free w/ RSVP (all ages)

SXSBrunch Day 1 w/ Midnight Rubies, Manesayer, Gabi Turner

Radio Coffee & Beer, 2pm   Free w/ RSVP (all ages)

Kerrville Folk Festival showcase w/ Jake Ames, Creekbed Carter Hogan, Redbud (solo), Raina Rose, Other Vessels, Sunny Fairly (host)

Saengerrunde Hall, 4pm   get tickets

New Bloom music & art showcase day two w/ Bay Ledges, Rococo Disco, Ok Cowgirl, Glad Rags, Autumn Cymone, Karima Santi

The Water Tank, 1pm   Free (all ages)

Future Legends Rock Festival w/ Yoyoka, Soundbox, Only Bay & the All-Stars, K8 & the Krushers, Ava Toton, Live Another Day, Rising Ivy, performer jam
Sunday, March 10

Tex Tune Automotive, 3415 Andtree, 11am   BYOB. Link to Instagram here.

Ghouls at the Garage w/ Electric Babies, Tempo Tantrums, Yardwork, Cruel Summer TX, Total Diamonds, Deadites, Eerie Family, Sex Mex

Asian American Resource Center, 1pm   Free w/ RSVP (all ages). RSVP here

Tones w/ Ramesh, Public Feeling, Jon Colambo

Butterfly Bar at the Vortex, 5pm

Fly by Butterfly w/ Fifi Knifefight, Amethyst Jonquille, Karma Stewart, Amanda Kitchens, Bad Luck Penny

Chess Club   $15 cover (21+)

Frail Body (10:15), Heavenly Blue (9:30), Venus Twins (8:45), Missouri Executive Order 44 (8:00), Votive (7:15), Recurser (6:30)

Coconut Club, 3pm   Get tickets! (21+)

R&B & Ribs w/ Knowpa Slaps, DJ Ortiz, Mark Cutz, Kevin Kon

The Far Out Lounge & Stage, 3pm   get tickets

Sound Wine Fest w/ the Bright Light Social Hour, BALTHVS, Vlad Holiday, Nabihah Iqbal, Star Parks, Mamalarky

Friendly Rio Market, 5pm   Free (all ages)

Vulgar Records showcase w/ Foster Pettit, loudermilk., hexenzense

Hotel Vegas, 2pm   Free (21+)

Side Track One vs. Austin Town Hall w/ TC Superstar, Font, Dossey, Foxtales, Club Coma, LA Snacks, Otis the Destroyer, Mountain Time, Booher, San Gabriel, Slomo Drags, the Infinites, Half Dream, Cloud Companion, Genuine Leather, Broken Gold, Lauren Lakis, Kenton Mackay, StaleFish, Semihelix, Variety, Pollen Rx, Tearjerk, BRUCE, Daily Worker, Living Set, Lavender Scare [portion of event is at Volstead Lounge]

Sahara Lounge   $5 advance tickets or $5 cover at door

Yeast by Sweet Beast Fest Day 3 w/ Disensemble (10:15), Minor Mishap Marching Band (9:30), Coach Campa (8:45), Tazer Void (8:00), BoOsty (7:15), Ouiness (6:30), Elly Kace (5:45), Heavy Stars (5:00), Aaron Gonzalez (4:15), Fontknow (3:30), Jose Pasco (2:45), Assorted Potions (2:00)
Monday, March 11

Neon Grotto, 9pm   $7 presale, $10 cover at door. Get tickets

Hi-Hat Architecture w/ JAKEGATEWOOD, Rooney Toones, Morgan Morgan, Sordelo, Lzrcat, C.B. Smoove, Boyblk, Olamide
Tuesday, March 12

The 13th Floor   Free w/ RSVP (21+). RSVP here

Psychedelic Plants Clash hosted by Kevin Curtin w/ Pink Fuzz (5:00), Lauren Lakis (4:00), Colatura (3:00), Semihelix (2:00), OnismE (1:00)

Come & Take It Live, 6pm   get tickets

SXSE metal showcase w/ Never Rest, Reign, Cultburner, Postal, Deadmouth, Houses We Die In

dadaLab, 8pm   $20 tickets

Beat Case+ party w/ Guilty Simpson, Botany, Muggzy Flowz, Retrograde, Poolboi Blu, DJ Boozwa

Duett's Texas Club, 6pm   get tickets

Oh Boy Records TN to TX: the Road to Luck Reunion w/ Kelsey Waldon, Tré Burt, Arlo McKinney, Emily Scott Robinson, Mick Flannery, Swamp Dogg

Hotel Vegas, 2pm   Free (21+)

SXSWASS w/ Haha Laughing, Touch Girl Apple Blossom, Outback, Guiding Light, Thirst For Love, Necklace
Wednesday, March 13

Colton House Hotel, 2510 S. Congress, noon   Free (all ages). RSVP here.

Meanwhile at Colton House Hotel Day 1 w/ Daniel Donato's Cosmic Country, Jason Scott & the High Heat, Riley Downing, the Pink Stones, Josh Langston, Mallory Eagle

1100 Gattis School, 6pm   get tickets

Floating World Fest w/ Che, Yhapojj, Lil Tony, MollySantana, Darkness Falls, Rackeduproy, Eastbaytae, Remizerxes, PMO Sosa, DJ Phat (host)

The Ballroom, noon   Free (18+), RSVP here

Da Underground Fest w/ SSG Splurge, Sunnitharapper, Jet the 3rd

The Lost Well, 9pm   $10 cover

LVRK Late Records showcase w/ Ungrieved, Slumbering Sun, Secret Green, Dim Light

Vulcan Gas Company, 6pm   $75 advance tickets (18+)

Restless Fest w/ Homixide Gang, Anycia, Sid Shyne, Dom Corleo, fourfive, Slimesito, Highway, Bear1boss, Real Slummy
Thursday, March 14

LuxeArt Hangar, 2109 S. Congress   Free (all ages)

Dedstrange Records & Vancerts day party w/ Pons (6:30), Dead Tooth (5:45), Native Sun (5:00), Punchlove (4:15), Programmique (3:30), Dana (2:45), Gold Dime (2:00)

Colton House Hotel, 2510 S. Congress, noon   Free (all ages). RSVP here.

Meanwhile at Colton House Hotel Day 2 w/ Low Water Bridge Band, Blue Cactus, T.Gold, Sunsp.t, Colton Cerny & the Paper Matches, Sam Downing & the Bandits

1100 Gattis School, Round Rock, 6pm   get tickets

Thouxanbanfauni, Bear1boss, Lil HBK

Dub Academy, 906 E. Fifth #109, 8pm   Instagram post

The House of Konvict w/ Shay Star, DJ Grip, DJ Hollygrove, P Skillz Flo, DJ Don Perryon, DJ Hella Yella, DJ Roro, Akon (host)

The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.

Music Export Memphis & Nine Mile Records day party w/ Joybomb (10:00), Talibah Safiya (9:00), Alexis Grace (8:00), Rachel Maxann (7:00), Blvck Hippie (6:00), William the Conqueror (5:00), Native Harrow (4:00), Anna Smyrk (3:00), Brandon McCulloch Band (2:00)

Auditorium Shores   Free & open to the public

Spurs Night & celebration of Steamboat 1874 Austin w/ Bob Schneider (6:30), Vallejo (5:25), Ian Moore (4:30), Patrice Pike & Friends (3:45), Joe "King" Carrasco (3:00)

Carousel Lounge   get tickets

Frogmouth (6:00), Die Hard Habits (5:00), the Unselected (4:00)

Central Machine Works, 5pm   Free w/ RSVP (all ages). RSVP here.

Spaceflight Records March Takeover Day 1 w/ Kalu & the Electric Joint, Night Glitter, Slomo Drags, Billy King & the Bad Bad Bad, Tribe Mafia, Galactic Protector

Come & Take It Live, 7pm   get tickets

HollowSquad showcase w/ Xavier Wulf, Eddy Baker, Idontknowjeffery, Black Smurf, Sovren, Mikey Rotten, Marcelo, Quintin Lamb, halfhucci, Twtbac, Jason Gnarlee

The Concourse Project, 9pm   get tickets

Young Art Records showcase w/ Tokimonsta, Channel Tres (DJ set), Rochelle Jordan, Rozet

The Far Out Lounge & Stage, noon   Free (all ages)

Stoner Jam w/ Tia Carrera, Bong Wizard, Duel, Switchblade Jesus, Greenbeard, Kamru, Bridge Farmers, Amplified Heat, Warlung, Swell Fellas, Heavy Velvet, Bexar County Bastards, Castle Club, Hashtronaut, Thunder Horse, Slumbering Sun, Sudden Deaf, Stone Nomads, Direlands, Heavy the Mountain, Abject Terror, Hollow Skulls, Peth, Earth Tongue, EXOTIC FRUITICA, Burdener, Scroll

The Grackle   Free & open to the public

EQ Austin Radio Free Texas w/ Taméca Jones (10:00), Danny Bonilla (9:00), Stephanie Bergara (8:00), EXOTIC FRUITICA (7:00)

Mohawk   Free w/ RSVP (21+). RSVP here

FLOODfest w/ Chromeo (DJ set) (5:00), Hinds (4:00), Estevie (3:00), Kneecap (2:00), Fat Dog (1:00), Newdad (noon) [outside]; Porij (4:30), Caleb Landry Jones (3:30), J Noa (2:30), Viji (1:30), WILT (12:30), Gareth Donkin (11:30am) [inside]

Radio/East   Free w/ RSVP (all ages). RSVP here!

Pooneh presents Omni (4:30), A Giant Dog (3:30), Shannon & the Clams (2:30), SNõõPER (1:30), Big Bill (12:30)

Radio/East, 7pm   Free & open to the public

Edgewater Music Group showcase w/ the Statesboro Revue, the Mighty Orq, Bayou City Funk, Paige Lewis, Sun Valley Station, Luke Daniel

Spokesman, 7pm   $10 (all ages)

Slick, Max Mondini, Dog Beach Rebels

Sunny's Backyard, 2pm   $10 cover (all ages)

For Spite Fest Day 1 w/ Rococo Disco, Blah Spa, Wetsuit, HOT///CAKES, Joey Tea, Sick Ride, Campaigner, Nite Music, the Fin, Bermuda Search Party

Valhalla   Free w/ RSVP (21+). RSVP here

Planetary Group day party w/ Corridor (5:35), Gurriers (4:50), Fat Dog (4:05), Shelf Lives (3:20), Viji (2:35), the Silver Lines (1:50), Porij (1:05), Otto Aday (12:20)
Friday, March 15

Colton House Hotel, 2510 S. Congress   Free (all ages). RSVP here

Meanwhile in Music queer country showcase w/ Austin Lucas (5:00), Jared Deck (4:00), Paisley Fields (3:00), Ever More Nest (2:00), Secret Emchy Society (1:00), Creekbed Carter Hogan (noon)

1100 Gattis School, 6pm   get tickets

Stinc Fest w/ Ralfy the Plug, Pimp Tobi, 24hrs, Dice Soho, Nipscogang Foreign, Poloboy Nunu, Nipscogang Hancho, HBK Jachi, Young Bull, Chiefin Heavily, Goodfinesse, K7 the Finesser, Playerrways, Itsmanman, Day3, Uchieboy, Gmoneydt

2720 Castro, 8pm   Free admission & drinks

The Magic School Bus w/ Father, Lil House Phone, BLUE$TRIIIP, Black Felony, Cottonmouf, Kayoo TZ, Chuckstaaa, Rocstar, 4EVR, Alyssadababy, BIG$SO$A, Dexaintdead, Nice&Wavy

Life Sound Studio, 9pm   $5 for first 30 tickets, $10 presale after. $20 at door.

Bad Bitch Fest w/ P Killa, Krystall Poppin, Stiff Barbie, xBValentine, K.Sunny, Ice Villa, Aliza1k

The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.   Free (all ages)

Yard Dog party w/ Waco Brothers (11:00), Wild Seeds (10:00), Jon Langford & the Far Forlorn (9:00), the Silos (8:00), Ocotillo (7:00), William Harries Graham (6:00), Bob Schneider (5:00), Bright Shiners (4:00), Deaner & Jo (3:00), Buttercup (2:00)

Auditorium Shores   Free & open to the public

Funk Not Fight w/ Bootsy Collins, ZAPP!, Riders Against the Storm

Bolm Studios, 2pm   Instagram

Bolm Fest w/ Bolero, Fading Yellow, Spirit Gum, Geranium Drive, the Holy Temple

Carousel Lounge   $5 advance tickets or $5 cover at door

Yeast by Sweet Beast Fest Day 4 w/ antwort.aus.iob (11:15), Trio Glossia (10:30), Public Domain (9:45), iLa Minori (9:00), Flowertopz (8:15), Vincent Carlton Oscillator (7:30), Lemsi (6:45), Andy Toad (6:00)

Central Machine Works, 5pm   Free w/ RSVP (all ages). RSVP here.

Spaceflight Records March Takeover Day 2 w/ Big Bill, S.L. Houser, Anastasia Hera, Otis Wilkins, Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band, Jank Sinatra

El Mercado South

Craftsman Music Festival Day 1 w/ Taylor Graves & the Tombstone Trio (8:30), Keller Driskill & the Wildcards (album release) (7:00)

Flamingo Cantina   Free w/ RSVP; RSVP here

The Full Irish Breakfast w/ Sprints (5:15), NewDad (4:40), Gurriers (4:05), Chalk (3:30), Cardinals (2:55), Soda Blonde (2:20), Gavin James (1:45), Mick Flannery (1:10), Robert Grace (12:35), Conchúr White (noon)

The Grackle   Free & open to the public

EQ Austin Higher Ground w/ Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band (10:00), Como Las Movies (9:00), Midnight Navy (8:00), Kalu James (7:00)

Hole in the Wall, 7pm   Facebook

Shifting Sounds unofficial showcase w/ Swallow the Rat, Gentlemen Rogues, Magnet School, Black Books, Startographers

Knomad Bar, 6pm   No cover

Queer Bi South Gay w/ Boo85, Digger of Dirt, Snack Supper, Side Saddles, Dogs & Diamonds, the Grotesques, Red (of Red & the Rebels), Shaving Ryan's Privates, Pipes & the Lounge Punks

Radio/East   Free w/ RSVP (all ages). RSVP here.

Pooneh's Freaky Friday w/ Dry Cleaning (4:30), Hinds (4:00), BODEGA (3:00), Faux Real (2:00), Font (1:00)

Speakeasy   SXSW badges get priority; RSVP for general admission queue is free. RSVP here.

The Funk Factory Day 1 w/ R.C. Williams jam session (1:00am), DJ Johnny Jane (Janelle Monáe DJ set) (midnight), Natasha Diggs & DJ L3ni (9:00), MonoNeon (8:00), BLK ODYSSY (7:00), DJ Sean Doe (6:00) [ballroom]; future funk industry mixer ft. DJ Afrosheen, Jimi Brass, Zach Person, JADA AMINA [saloon] (5:00)

Sunny's Backyard, 2pm   $10 cover (all ages)

For Spite Fest Day 2 w/ Don't Get Lemon, Dead Leaf Echo, Flags, Lauren Lakis, Punchlove, EXOTIC FRUITICA, TILT, Wifeknife, Nihiloceros, Desert Sharks

The White Horse, 2pm   get tickets

Ray Wylie Hubbard, Cotton Clifton
Saturday, March 16

Colton House Hotel, 2510 S. Congres, noon   Free (all ages). RSVP here

Meanwhile at Colton House Hotel Day 4 w/ Pete Bernhard, Resonant Rogues, Jason Dea West, Cole Ritter, Yes Ma'am, Little Foot

1306 Canterbury, 3pm   Free, BYOB (21+)

A Denton Music Scene showcase w/ A Brief Memoir (7:30), A Record Setter (6:45), Jockey (6:00), Echo (5:15), Gus Baldwin & the Sketch (4:30), Larvae (3:45), Divine Calypso (3:00)

Auditorium Shores   Free & open to the public (family friendly!)

KUTX Rock the Shores w/ Waco Brothers (6:30), Parker Woodland (6:00), Sugar Free Allstars (5:30), SaulPaul (5:00), Superhero Pepperminte Patti Collins (4:30), Storey Littleton (4:00), Sabrina Ellis & Andrew Cashen (3:30), the Dinosaur's Skin (3:30)

Central Machine Works, 5pm   Free w/ RSVP (all ages). RSVP here.

Spaceflight Records March Takeover Day 3 w/ Garrett T. Capps & NASA Country, the Tender Things, Wil Cope, Croy & the Boys, Chris Catalena, Golden Dawn Arkestra Acoustic Second Line

Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que   Free & open to the public

Latinapalooza w/ Destiny Navaira (1:00am), Shiela (midnight), Lesly Reynaga (11:00), Patricia Vonne (10:00), the Tiarras (9:00), Grace Sorensen (8:00)

The Coral Snake   Free (21+)

Rhinestone Rodeo w/ Alex Maas (5:00), Die Spitz (3:00), Eagle Claw (1:00)

El Mercado South

Craftsman Music Festival Day 2 w/ the Reverent Few (9:00), Jeska & the Vanity Project (7:00), Central Coast (5:00), Shoddy Posture (album release) (3:00)

Full Circle Bar, 2pm   $10 cover (21+)

For Spite Fest Day 3 w/ Die Mart, Glass Eye, Deadtramps, Frida Kill, Shower Curtain, Pons, Futon Blonde, Swiss Banks, Lavender Scare, Valice, Linda From Work, Teenage Sequence, Domestic Tallboys

Gnar Bar, 5:30pm   get tickets

2Froze Tour w/ Ethereal, RexGotBandz, Riven, eyeSAYGE, Deadset, Gash the Reaper & Vil, Audreyisarose, Koolkat!, Lil Sad Girl

High Noon   Free (21+)

Rhinestone Rodeo w/ Kevin Morby (6:00), the Tender Things (4:00), Jane Leo (2:00)

Hotel Vegas, 11am   Free (21+)

Honky Tonk Hangover Brunch w/ Dale Hollow, Pedal Steel Noah

Hotel Vegas, 1pm   Free (21+)

Fiesta Destructo w/ John Garcia, Midnight, Fugitive, Gel, Tear Dungeon, Sugar Shack, Black Mercy, Dana, Dust, Hotwax, BALTHVS, Shop Talk, Miranda & the Beat, Hot Garbage, A Very Special Episode

Irene's, 11am   Free w/ RSVP (all ages)

SXSBrunch Day 2 w/ Pete Caren & the Creek Don't Rise, Meg Lauren, Ruthie Craft

Love Wheel Records, 11am   Free

SIMS Saturday w/ Prom Threat, Semihelix, Thor Harris, the Ugly Beats

Radio Coffee & Beer   Free. RSVP here

Luna Magazine & Radio Coffee present Half Dream (6:30), Magen Buse (5:15), wilter (4:15), babe corner (3:30), Maisyn (2:45), Jackson Sage (2:00)

Sagebrush, 3pm   $10 cover

New West Records showcase w/ the Howdies, Lady Apple Tree, Native Harrow, the Pink Stones, Rattlesnake Milk, Riley Downing, Rose Hotel, Sean Thompson's Weird Ears, Sentimental Family Band, Teddy & the Rough Riders

Speakeasy   SXSW badges get priority. RSVP for general admission queue is free. RSVP here.

The Funk Factory Day 2 w/ R.C. Williams jam session (12:30am), DJ Questlove (10:15), PREACHER (9:15), Danielle Ponder (8:00), Dos Negros (7:00), Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears (5:00), Just Jim (3:00) [ballroom]

St. Elmo Brewing Co., 3pm   Free

Sunday Dinner Records & Pressing Matterz day party w/ Domo Supreme, the Point, Acclimated Assassin, Soupmakesitbetter, Tony Dark, JKay, K Like the Letter, Nothingisreal, Tarif, Tommy Fuego

The White Horse   Free (21+)

People are Beautiful w/ Shannon & the Clams (4:30), Garrett T. Capps & NASA Country (3:30), Color Green (2:30), Blue Jean Queen (1:30), Tearjerk (12:30)
Sunday, March 17

Full Circle Bar, 2pm   $10 cover (21+)

For Spite Fest Day 4 w/ Slurp the World, Public Circuit, Mary Shelley, Dragon Rapid, Monja, Heavy Velvet, Rad Gnar, LCLS, Pink Apocalypse, Coolworld, Buttonfly

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