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Jury Duty

The less said about this, the better. The bane of high-brow comedians everywhere stars in yet another tired, unfunny, sophomoric vehicle playing basically the same...

Marc Savlov, Review, Apr. 14, 1995

Don Juan Demarco

In real life, true love may elude the best of us, but in the enchanting Don Juan DeMarco, affairs of the heart are realized by...

Steve Davis, Review, Apr. 14, 1995

The Sum of Us

Love is the greatest adventure of all, according to widower Harry Mitchell (Thompson) in the newest Australian export The Sum of Us. Co-directors Dowling and...

Alison Macor, Review, Apr. 14, 1995

Circle of Friends

“There's a lot to be said for those big soft girls,” remarks one character in Circle of Friends. Indeed there is, especially if they're played...

Alison Macor, Review, Apr. 7, 1995

Cafe Au Lait

First-time French filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz's Café au Lait bears more than a passing resemblance to Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It, both in terms of...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Apr. 7, 1995

Bad Boys

Coming from the notorious Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer production team behind everything from Beverly Hills Cop to the Tom Cruise vehicle Days of Thunder, Bad Boys...

Marc Savlov, Review, Apr. 7, 1995

Tommy Boy

As a mismatched pair, Farley and Spade have their comic moments, with the big galoot playing off the little jerk.

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Apr. 7, 1995

A Goofy Movie

Saturday morning, popcorn, forbidden soda, and a theatre only partially filled with squirming kids -- I'm here for my son. Even as a child, I...

Louis Black, Review, Apr. 7, 1995

Once Upon a Time in China V

Sandwiched in between his far more ambitious Green Snake and The Butterfly Lovers, Hong Kong trendsetter Tsui Hark found the time to continue his popular...

Joey O'Bryan, Review, Apr. 7, 1995

"The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb"

Like a cross between the Brothers Quay, Jan Svankmajer, and David Lynch, Tom Thumb is a dark, eerie retelling of the familiar tale of the...

Marc Savlov, Review, Apr. 7, 1995

"Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life"

Like a cross between the Brothers Quay, Jan Svankmajer, and David Lynch, Tom Thumb is a dark, eerie retelling of the familiar tale of the...

Marc Savlov, Review, Apr. 7, 1995

Born to Be Wild

A rebellious Generation-X youngster finds meaning in his angst-ridden existence when he befriends a guy in a gorilla suit -- oh sorry -- I mean...

Joey O'Bryan, Review, Apr. 7, 1995

Rob Roy

A sweeping view of the majestic, rugged Highlands; a band of kilted, weathered Scots emerging from the swirling mist; a spine-tingling crescendo of music. So...

Hollis Chacona, Review, Apr. 7, 1995

Dolores Claiborne

It's been quite a good year for the Stephen King Film Franchise, what with Frank Darabont's The Shawshank Redemption and now this intelligent -- if...

Marc Savlov, Review, Mar. 31, 1995

Paul Bowles: The Complete Outsider

Writers who are not as well known as it seems they ought to be are often termed “writers' writers.” Such is the case with Paul...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Mar. 31, 1995

The Wild Bunch

“Let's Go.” “Why Not? Then, accompanied by Jerry Fielding's brilliant score, William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Ben Johnson and Warren Oates walk down the street in...

Louis Black, Review, Mar. 31, 1995

Major Payne

Damon Wayans does brilliant Damon Wayans shtick in this familiarly themed story of a crusty-hearted (okay, in this case, almost clearly deranged) military man confronting,...

Louis Black, Review, Mar. 31, 1995


Very little is as it seems in the uncompromising world of Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan. Exotica, which won the critics' prize at last year's Cannes...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Mar. 31, 1995

Tank Girl

A movie that combines Busby Berkeley chorus lines with killer mutant kangaroos and the wildest female action hero this side of La Femme Nikita.

Marc Savlov, Review, Mar. 31, 1995

Muriel's Wedding

If the thought of another Australian film with a soundtrack full of ABBA songs scares you away from this film, buck up and see it...

Alison Macor, Review, Mar. 24, 1995

Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill

Watching Tall Tale is like exploring your grandmother's attic. Awash in amber light and shadowy corners and filled to the very rafters with old trunks...

Hollis Chacona, Review, Mar. 24, 1995

Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh

Taking up where the original Candyman left off, this stylish, atmospheric spook story manages to do its predecessor one better and ends up as that...

Marc Savlov, Review, Mar. 24, 1995

Colonel Chabert

Depardieu stars as a soldier presumed killed in battle who comes home years later to find his wife remarried. The set-up echoes Depardieu's The Return...

Robert Faires, Review, Mar. 24, 1995

Bye Bye, Love

Divorced dads often get a bad rap in films. Bye Bye, Love attempts to paint a fuller picture of the weekend father, but falls short...

Alison Macor, Review, Mar. 24, 1995

The Eagle Shooting Heroes

Based upon a famous Chinese novel, The Eagle Shooting Heroes takes the characters from that famous tome and uses them to parody the Cantonese swordplay...

Joey O'Bryan, Review, Mar. 24, 1995

Losing Isaiah

We've grown so accustomed to the courtroom drama which plays one side as hero and one as villain, it seems sometimes there's no other kind....

Robert Faires, Review, Mar. 24, 1995


Outbreak has the feel of a movie written by a committee of writers -- it's totally lacking in personality. Starting off promisingly as a medical...

Steve Davis, Review, Mar. 17, 1995

Tom & Viv

The Tom and Viv under scrutiny in this movie are none other than T.S. Eliot and his wife Vivienne. Eliot we all recognize as one...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Mar. 17, 1995


“Family takes care of family,” snarls 75-year-old Rocky Holeczek, Polish immigrant, baker, and crusty patriarch of a Pittsburgh family which has just endured a tragedy...

Robert Faires, Review, Mar. 10, 1995

Fist of Legend

An action-packed remake of the Bruce Lee chopsocky classic The Chinese Connection, Fist of Legend stars Hong Kong's current king of martial arts superstars, Jet...

Joey O'Bryan, Review, Mar. 10, 1995


This second feature from director Brett Leonard is a definite improvement over his first. The man who brought us last year's The Lawnmower Man (which,...

Marc Savlov, Review, Mar. 10, 1995

The Mangler

Adapted from the short story by Stephen “Bad Film Adaptations of My Work Only Make Me Stronger” King, this pointless exercise in tweaking the suits...

Marc Savlov, Review, Mar. 10, 1995

Man of the House

If you've seen the trailer for Man of the House, you have seen the best parts of the movie. And even that's not saying much....

Alison Macor, Review, Mar. 3, 1995

The Hunted

Coming on the heels of Juzo Itami's Minbo, this tale of a criminal faction of killer ninjas in modern day Japan can't help but seem...

Joey O'Bryan, Review, Mar. 3, 1995


John Boyz (LeGros) is a guy with problems. At 28, he's drifting aimlessly through life, his nights reduced to catnaps in an ongoing battle with...

Marc Savlov, Review, Mar. 3, 1995

Miami Rhapsody

Miami Rhapsody's aspirations are clear. It longs to be a Gershwin Manhattan. Easy-listening rum & Coke is more like what it achieves. Even if Mia...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Mar. 3, 1995

Strawberry and Chocolate

Tolerance is the main theme of this fascinating new film from Cuba. The story tracks the development of an improbable friendship between two Cuban men,...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Mar. 3, 1995

The Walking Dead

Hyped as the “first film to accurately portray the plight of African-American soldiers in Vietnam,” The Walking Dead instead comes across as a straight-ahead, cookie-cutter...

Marc Savlov, Review, Mar. 3, 1995


As the 19th century gives way to the 20th, a young medical researcher (Owen) finds love and conflict in a London hospital. Though the cast...

Robert Faires, Review, Mar. 3, 1995

Minbo -- Or the Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion

Far removed from the glamorized vision of the Japanese mob, or yakuza, as seen in stateside action films like Black Rain, Japanese filmmaker Juzo Itami...

Joey O'Bryan, Review, Feb. 24, 1995

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