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Temptress Moon

Set against the blustering, turn-of-the-century opium trade in China, Chen's newest film resonates on enough levels to satisfy everyone from the hardcore China enthusiast to...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jul. 4, 1997

Out to Sea

Out to Sea: Boy, howdy… that's the truth. This one misses the boat by several nautical miles. Out to Sea is the 10th pairing of...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jul. 4, 1997

All Over Me

Claude (Folland) is the sort of teenage girl who goes by Claude instead of Claudia: a big, sturdy girl with beautiful red hair, a wardrobe...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jul. 3, 1997

Head Above Water

It's a strange feeling to see Harvey Keitel in a comedy, even if it is a ghoulishly morbid one like this. American cinema's premier tough-guy...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jun. 27, 1997


I once had a friend -- the father of two teenaged daughters -- who predicted the end of civilization as we know it and blamed...

Hollis Chacona, Review, Jun. 27, 1997

Zero Kelvin

Set in the frozen, pristine wasteland of the Greenland coast during the 1920s, Zero Kelvin posits the destruction of several individuals' humanity over the course...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jun. 27, 1997

Late Bloomers

I've known so many gay people who are reduced to honking, snuffling emotional wreckage by the most saccharine hetero romance films that one has to...

Russell Smith, Review, Jun. 27, 1997

Ulee's Gold

For rural Florida beekeeper Ulysses Jackson (Peter Fonda), work is life's purest essence. Even when all-night toil in the tupelo swamps leaves his back so...

Russell Smith, Review, Jun. 27, 1997

Twin Town

Produced by Andrew MacDonald and Danny Boyle -- the pair who brought us Trainspotting and Shallow Grave -- this feature debut by former documentarian Allen...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jun. 20, 1997

Batman & Robin

You know a franchise is in trouble when Joel Schumacher is sniping at Batman fans on the Internet. The director's ongoing brouhaha with local webrunner...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jun. 20, 1997

My Best Friend's Wedding

The Philadelphia Story is 57 years old, George Cukor lies a-moulderin' in the grave, and the theory prevails in some quarters that Hollywood has forgotten...

Russell Smith, Review, Jun. 20, 1997

Message to Love: The Isle of Wight Festival

We want the world and we want it now. When did the Woodstock generation start believing its own hype and, what's more, when did it...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jun. 20, 1997

Brassed Off!

Robust, combative, big-souled, and unapologetically maudlin, Mark Herman's Brassed Off! draws its blood from the same universal workingman's heart as the English coal-mining culture it...

Russell Smith, Review, Jun. 13, 1997

Speed 2: Cruise Control

Not as bad as you might have thought it would be, De Bont's Speed 2 hums along nicely as a summer actioner, rarely resting on...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jun. 13, 1997

Ulysses' Gaze

Ulysses' Gaze is one of those films that appeals to what might be called art-movie machismo: Hey buddy, how long can you stare at images...

Russell Smith, Review, Jun. 13, 1997

Con Air

Based on Con Air, you would never guess that Don Simpson no longer strides this mortal coil. Alongside longtime co-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Simpson stamped his...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jun. 13, 1997

Rough Magic

Like its characters, Rough Magic has a lot on its mind and only the vaguest of ideas on where it's headed. A love story-cum-magical adventure-noir,...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jun. 13, 1997

Love! Valour! Compassion!

The Big Chill. The Boys in the Band. Anything by Chekhov. (I'll spare you the exclamation points.) These are some of the more discernible ingredients...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jun. 13, 1997

Bitter Sugar

Gustavo (Lavan of TV's One Life to Live) is the portrait of Cuba's “new man.” This young believer in the Revolution is a recent graduate...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, Jun. 6, 1997


The great insight of 12-step programs is that chronic substance abuse is less about thrills than finding a system for living and a source of...

Russell Smith, Review, Jun. 6, 1997

Gone Fishin'

Once you rule out the notion of ancestral destiny for an actor named Pesci, it's hard to figure how Gone Fishin' got made in this...

Russell Smith, Review, Jun. 6, 1997

A Chef in Love

A French-Georgian co-production with international assists from Germany, Belgium, and Ukraine, the much-lauded A Chef in Love is truly a labor d'amour, gastronomical and otherwise....

Marc Savlov, Review, Jun. 6, 1997

'til There Was You

A professor of mine once told me that a paper I wrote seemed to have 75 thesis statements. A similar charge could be made against...

Alison Macor, Review, Jun. 6, 1997


Just because an 800-pound gorilla can sit anywhere he wants to doesn't mean it's going to be an interesting affair. This directorial debut from screenwriter...

Marc Savlov, Review, Jun. 6, 1997


When first we meet Kissed's young Sandra Lomax, it's clear that she already has an overwhelming attraction toward dead things. We watch as the gawky...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, May. 30, 1997

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

The phrase “long-awaited” kind of falls short of the mark when discussing Spielberg's $70 million-plus follow-up to the highest-grossing film of all time. Suffice to...

Marc Savlov, Review, May. 30, 1997

Truth or Consequences, N.M.

When Nelson Algren wrote books and screenplays about doomed petty hoods and white-trash dreamers, he was forced by technological limitations of the 1940s to actually...

Russell Smith, Review, May. 30, 1997

Trial and Error

There's a very fine line between formulaic comedies and bizarre torture devices that render viewers insensate with ennui while precious brain cells die yawning by...

Marc Savlov, Review, May. 30, 1997


The title refers to being in love, a state that's pure anathema to any man who aspires to well and truly be “The Mack.” At...

Russell Smith, Review, May. 30, 1997

Le Samourai

Fedoras and trench coats. Film noir in cool blues and greens. Melville's 1967 film is the real deal.

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, May. 29, 1997

Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina

Just in case you're having trouble keeping those adulterous, tragically fated 19th-century heroines straight in your mind, this is the one who throws herself under...

Russell Smith, Review, May. 23, 1997

Addicted to Love

When lovesick small-town astronomer Sam (Broderick) loses his one true love Linda (Preston) to the thrall of the big city, he packs up his things...

Marc Savlov, Review, May. 23, 1997

Female Perversions

Strange bedfellows, indeed. Female Perversions is a movie which, by all conventional wisdom, should not work. Yet it not only works, it accomplishes something thoroughly...

Marjorie Baumgarten, Review, May. 23, 1997

Children of the Revolution

What if Joseph Stalin had spawned a son before his untimely death? And what if this son were to be raised in a revolutionary household...

Marc Savlov, Review, May. 23, 1997

Broken English

With all due respect to John Lennon and Benetton, the human race seems still woefully unprepared to “imagine there's no countries" or abandon our ethnic...

Russell Smith, Review, May. 23, 1997

Pink Flamingos

Singing sphincters, Edie the Egg Lady, Divine as the "filthiest person alive," and the now-legendary dog shit scene: All are part of Waters' first underground success.

Marc Savlov, Review, May. 22, 1997

Battle for the Minds

(Battle for the Minds opens theatrically in Austin following its previous run during the SXSW.97 Film Festival.) A conservative, patriarchalist takeover of the Southern Baptist...

Russell Smith, Review, May. 16, 1997

Night Falls On Manhattan

There's an adage in baseball that when a hitter can no longer crush his favorite pitch, it's time to consider retirement. Sidney Lumet's latest return...

Russell Smith, Review, May. 16, 1997


If there is such a thing as Divine Intervention, it should have interceded before writer-director Daniel Taplitz's feature debut made it to the theatres. Despite...

Alison Macor, Review, May. 16, 1997

The War at Home

It's one of those terrific behind-the-scenes snafus Hollywood manages to pull on occasion: a major studio fails to give any significant marketing push to a...

Marc Savlov, Review, May. 16, 1997

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