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Five Film Catches for aGLIFF Prism 34

The best of queer cinema from around the world

By James Scott, August 27, 2021, Screens

Everything at Once (Todo a la Vez)

Become a voyeur of the voyeurs while watching this documentary about Paco Moyano and Manolo Rodríguez, the photographer couple behind the underground homoerotic zine Kink. (D: Alberto Fuguet, Spain, Southwest Premiere, 102 min.)

Available to stream from 9pm, Fri., Aug. 27.

Boulevard! A Hollywood Story

The wild but very true story of the first musical adaptation of Sunset Boulevard, itself stewarded by star Gloria Swanson as a chance to regain the spotlight, is ready for its close-up, Mr. DeMille. (D: Jeffrey Schwarz, USA, Southwest Premiere, Centerpiece Film, 85 min.)

Sat., Aug. 28, 7pm, Galaxy Highland.Available to stream from 7pm, Mon., Aug. 30.


A revealing and badass documentary delving into the world of country music's lesbian singer-songwriters as they strive to live as their most authentic selves. (D: T.J. Parsell, USA, Southwest Premiere, 107 min.)

Available to stream from 9am, Wed., Sept. 1.

Forgotten Roads (La Nave del Olvido)

After her husband's death, traditional woman Claudina (Rosa Ramírez) moves in with her grandson and his daughter, and falls in love with independent, married bar singer Elsa – all against the backdrop of a small town obsessed with UFO sightings. (D: Nicol Ruiz, Chile, Southwest Premiere, 72 min.)

Available to stream from 9am, Thu., Sept. 2.Thu., Sept. 2, 4:30pm, Galaxy Highland.

Made on the Rooftop

It's your classic "boy breaks up with closeted boyfriend, accidentally leaves cat with ex-boyfriend, and nurses heartbreak with internet celeb best friend BongBong" story. (D: Kim Jho Gwang-soo, South Korea, Southwest Premiere, 86 min.)

Sat., Sept. 4, 9:30pm, Galaxy Highland.

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