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Wat'cha Watchin'?

Editorial intern Shane Pfender makes it through the cold

By Shane Pfender, March 12, 2021, Screens

When you lose electricity, you have to sit in the car to charge your phone. You watch a press release and get angry when there's no good news, you pore over an "outage map" that won't load correctly on your outdated phone, and you update the weather app to confirm that yes, it's cold.

My Rembrandt (Film Forum VOD)

The night before the power goes out, you and your significant other will build a fire (you do not yet know the purpose of the Central Texan fireplace) and watch this documentary about the collectors of Rembrandt's paintings. There is some quaint intrigue but more importantly, it's a great way to see some of the greatest paintings on Earth up close. If you miss being in a museum, My Rembrandt conjures that solitary feeling of awe you get when you're alone with a masterpiece.

The Long Dark (Steam, Nintendo Switch)

Ironically, for the past few weeks this indie survival game has been a solace for you. It takes place in a frozen-over, post-catastrophe scenario in the Canadian backcountry. Your time is spent searching for food, gathering wood for fire, and resting when you're weary. The game is perfectly paced and none of this feels like a chore. It will do absolutely nothing to prepare you for any real-life weather apocalypse.

Homemade-DIY Soda Can Alcohol Stove (YouTube)

Now that your electric stove doesn't work and the water needs to be boiled, this tutorial comes in handy. You may need to watch it twice to see how he gets the flame to burn just right. Make sure to mute if you're in a survival-type situation, the Crazy Frog-esque soundtrack can feel a bit mocking.

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