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One in a Crowd: Car Wars

Get revved up for the new version of the tabletop classic

By Richard Whittaker, December 13, 2019, Screens

Like many artists, Austin's creative community is increasingly turning to crowdfunding platforms to cover developmental cost. For potential backers, it can be hard to navigate all the sites out there, so we scour the web for local projects. Remember, do your own due diligence before you back anything.

Who's raising the funds?

Steve Jackson Games for Car Wars Sixth Edition.

What's the project?

The original Car Wars was a tabletop blast, letting you vent your road rage on minature vehicles in a postapoaclyptic tarmac war for four-wheel domination – and that was in 1980, before MoPac backed up all the way to Round Rock so that now even your shortcuts and back routes are gridlocked. Austin-based Steve Jackson Games has revamped the classic with a new, streamlined rule set and amazing new miniature cars.


SJG has passed its original target of $80,000 to ensure production by $400,000. Now, with a deadline of Jan. 6, they're into the stretch-goals zone, and who doesn't want to see them reach the big target of $525,000, which will add even more road tiles, extra miniatures, and a third playmat?

What are the perks?

$75 gets you the complete core game, but if you're an OG Car Wars fan, $400 secures you the game, plus boosters, and a complete bundle of reprints of all the classic games and expansions from the Eighties, including Truck Stop and Boat Wars.

Back this project now at Kickstarter.

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