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Barton Springs history needs your crowdfunding help

By Savannah J Salazar, February 22, 2019, Screens

Like many artists, Austin's creative community is increasingly turning to crowdfunding platforms to cover developmental costs. For potential backers, it can be hard to navigate all the sites out there, so here's a quick guide to some noteworthy campaigns. Remember, do your own due diligence before you back anything.

Who's raising the funds?

Living Springs

What's the project?

Karen Kocher (creator of Austin Past and Present) and collaborator Monica Flores are developing the latest strand in the Living Springs documentary project, Origins of a Green Identity: Austin's Conservation Pioneers. The multimedia project started in 2010 and is spread throughout an interactive installation at the Edwards Aquifer exhibit, a television series, YouTube channel, and more. The new film explores the efforts former Austin Parks Board Chair Roberta Crenshaw and Austin Parks and Recreation Department Director Beverly Sheffield made toward preserving Barton Creek and Barton Springs in the decades after World War II. Kocher and Flores have a rough cut but need finishing funds to pay for archival footage licenses and a score by Austin musical icon Graham Reynolds.


$15,000 by March 10.

What are the perks?

A $10 pledge gets you the option to choose between two curated playlists by local classical musicians Patryce King and Dave Madden, while $250 gets you and seven friends a special walking tour guided by Save Barton Creek Association President Clark Hancock, or you can grab a limited-edition swim cap for $50. You can back this project via Kickstarter.

Also Fundraising Now

"And the Rider Was Dead" is a short film exploring the Western genre, new and old, through a tale of preservation of innocence vs. adulthood. The crew of UT students and alumni are looking to raise $3,000 by March 20. More information can be found on their Indiegogo.

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