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Austin filmmakers need your crowdfunding help

By Charlie Neddo, June 29, 2018, Screens

Like many artists, Austin's creative community is increasingly turning to crowdfunding platforms to cover developmental costs. For potential backers, it can be hard to navigate all the sites out there, so here's a quick guide to some noteworthy campaigns. Remember, do your own due diligence before you back anything.

Who's raising the funds? Nigerian-born writer and director Chinwe Okorie (collaborator on viral web success Nneka the Uber Driver and the We Are film series) for her latest dramatic short.

What's the project? "Lovebites" is a relatable modern romance, using a split-screen technique to examine the differences between a woman's perceptions and the realities of her fracturing relationships. Okorie and her diverse cast are set for three days of filming in August.

Target: $15,000 by July 22.

What are the perks? $50 gets you early digital access to the finished short, while higher pledges include a wrap party invite and dinner with the director. Head on over to Indiegogo to help them reach their goal.

Also Fundraising Now:

Outside the Box draws on video logs from a recent research study to uplift and humanize homeless narratives through well-timed comedic elements. After two years of preparation, filmmakers Gabriel Auffant, Colton Bostick, and Christopher T. Lovett are ready to shoot a 30-minute pilot, but need to raise $9,450 via Kickstarter by July 11.

"First Generation" blends 2-D animation and stop-motion film to tell the story of an astronaut on her way to Mars in 2034, as she reflects on the significance of her mission, the cosmos, and the future of humanity. This is UT undergraduate Aaron Chávez's third directed project after "The Day You Were Born" and "Catastrophe." The project is over halfway to its $500 flexible goal ending July 17 via Indiegogo.

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