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October 6, 2017, Screens

The Great British Baking Show (Netflix)

Every time I ask my colleagues what I should watch, the response is either The Wire (I know, I know) or this show. Given my new role here at the Chronicle, and a predisposition for an anxiety-ridden hummingbird brain, I chose the gentle lull of British accents swirling around desserts and baked goods. I'm hooked.

Atlanta (Hulu)

I'll be perfectly honest – I started watching this show because writer/director/lead Donald Glover (as Childish Gambino), made one of my favorite albums, Awaken, My Love! But with aspiring rappers climbing the ladder, real-world parenting problems, relationship drama, and all the accompanying hilarity, I'm sticking around because the writing is stellar.

Grey's Anatomy (Hulu)

Recently, I posted to my Facebook page "Where my Grey's Anatomy people at? I need to know." The next morning, I found a remarkably long thread filled with emoji hands raised, and sheepish admittances of hardcore dedication to what those not in the know believe is just another medical drama – or worse – a show long past its prime. Au contraire! From its inception in 2005, the staff at Grey-Sloan Memorial has been embroiled in a fantastic combination of everyday woes and catastrophic (OK, ridiculous) plot twists. Creator Shonda Rhimes implemented her own brand of increasingly bold prime-time feminism, and this show has one of the most diverse casts on television. Grey's women are fragile, powerful beasts. We cry with them, get angry at them, and champion their careers right alongside them. If last Thursday's season 14 (!) premiere is any indication – let's just say the feminine mystique is studied in an MRI – we're in for another wild ride. As Chief Miranda Bailey puts it, "The female brain is a magical place."

– Food Editor Jessi Cape

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