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September 15, 2017, Screens

When I'm not flipping around between the Golf Channel and episodes of Cops, or staying up all night having an anxiety attack watching Law & Order, I'll binge with the rest of them. I just finished Ozark, Game of Thrones, and Twin Peaks. Here's what's next:

Narcos (Netflix)

The two times in my life that I have been as fluent in Spanish as I've ever been were after fourth-year Spanish in college and when I blew through the first two seasons of Narcos. Season 3 dropped on Netflix this month, and concerns itself with the notorious Cali Cartel. Tuyo será, y tuyo será.

The Deuce (HBO)

I generally can't stand Maggie Gyllenhaal or James Franco's stupid faces (let alone both of them on the same show), but after having watched the pilot of David Simon's (Homicide: Life on the Street, The Wire) ethnographic dissection of New York City's 42nd Street in the early Seventies, the show looks promising. I'm hooked.

– Digital Strategist Michael Bartnett

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