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Screengrabs from the Chronicle staff

July 14, 2017, Screens

Big Brother (CBS)

I love watching these ding-dongs make chess analogies as they "compete" in this "game" consisting of manipulating one another ("blowing up someone's game"), canoodling ("showmances"), and participating in challenges the producers take to the most bonkers level imaginable. It's like Survivor for indoor kids. A three hour a week commitment seems like a lot, but there's literally nothing else on over the summer (except Game of Thrones), so go ahead and waste your life being astonished by these (literal) sociopaths.

Henry Phillips' YouTube Channel

As a part-time cook, full-time loser, I've always loved the way Henry's Kitchen brings together all the best things in life: failing at cooking, being pathetic, and singing (Henry's alter ego Jose Suicidio provides the soundtrack). On You and Your Fucking Coffee, Henry wants some coffee and it ruins someone's life. Kind of how I feel every time I awkwardly order something at Coffee Bean.

Angie Tribeca (TBS)

If you're like me, you're disappointed when you hear your own whooping laughter brought on by the sight of someone falling down a flight of stairs, but you can't help yourself. This relentless mockery of cop shows satisfies my desire for puns and sight gags, and let's just say Rashida Jones is my BFF ("Rashida Jones is my BFF").

– Kat McNevins, Proofreader

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