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Reviewed by Jordan Smith, March 15, 2013, Screens

Good Ol' Freda

Documentary Spotlight, World Premiere
D: Ryan White

As the saying goes, behind every man there's a good woman. And as Ryan White's new film makes clear, behind every Beatle, there was a Freda – a good ol' Freda. Freda Kelly was a 17-year-old fan of the band – she spent her lunch breaks in the subterranean Cavern Club listening to the four teenaged boys play – when the Prince of Pop, Brian Epstein, tapped her for the job of secretary to the increasingly popular band. For 11 years Kelly served in that role, working with the Fab Four for longer than they even worked together. The story of Kelly's life and friendships with her four friends and their families as Beatlemania takes over is an incredibly fun and charming story, featuring a most charming woman. Indeed, White managed to secure the rights to four Beatles songs – count 'em, four – for his film, a feat he said was itself a testament to how well-thought-of Kelly remains within the Beatles organization. Ultimately, the film plays like a love letter between friends – a intimate and tender portrait of the ties that, from a single moment in time, bind people together forever.

Saturday, March 16, 4pm, Stateside

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