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By Kate X Messer, March 18, 2011, Screens

Otis Under Sky

Lone Star States
D: Anlo Sepulveda; Anis Mojgani, Roberta Colindrez, Tony Jackson, Jacqueline Leal, Ruth Sepulveda

With nary a budget and less of a script, director Sepulveda, like his main character, Otis, spins magical realism out of what's at hand – in this case, an electric, verdant Austin summer and the elegant play of light, a recurring metaphor, as it dances on water, flows through strands of obsolete technology, and lifts hearts from shackles of bereavement and attachment. Otis (Mojgani) builds things out of detritus. Curbside TVs, discarded VHS tapes, and bundles of fiber optics become guerrilla art manifestos. He lives in his head, alone to sort out grief and ponder 2012. Ursula (Colindrez) prays over a 99¢ candle for the safe return of her love, Lucia. She also talks to her cat about it. She, too, lives in her head, but her inner struggle seems more situational. At opposite ends on their arcs of loss, Otis and Ursula stumble upon each other into strange kismet and true heart connection ... and light.

Friday, March 18, 11:30am, Paramount Theatre

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