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Reviewed by Kristine Tofte, March 20, 2009, Screens


Documentary Feature, Documentary Competition
D: Bill Ross IV & Turner Ross

45365 is the feature-length directorial debut from Turner and Bill Ross, who were born and raised in Sidney, Ohio, the small-town subject of their film. Not one scene in the documentary lasts more than a few minutes, which is perfect for those of us with ADHD, but the short and varied shots give extraordinary insight. We're witness to every aspect of the townfolk's daily lives: church, politicking, girl/barbershop talk, family time/feuds, the demolition derby, the rodeo, on-duty cops, pig racing, etc. There's no beginning and no end, just segments of people's lives linked together with small-town chains, such as the county fair, high school football, and community chicken dinners. And for a small town, ZIP code 45365 has its fair share of words of wisdom, such as the advice from a local fisherman: "If ya believe something, believe in it. If ya don't believe in something, don't believe in it. ... And if your friends don't ask ya for anything ya catch, ya turn 'em loose." I never knew fishing could be so enlightening.

Wednesday, March 18, 2pm, Alamo South Lamar

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