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By Carson Barker, October 19, 2007, Screens

NBA 08: The Life v3

Sony Entertainment

PlayStation2 games are still being made? Sony attempting to keep The Life alive? Indeed, Sony has returned to the PS2 platform, trying to upgrade on NBA 07: The Life v2 with flashy add-ons and extras, keeping The Life on the table with a respirator.

Trying to keep up with the launch of next-gen games, Life mode allows players to follow the daily routine of the athletes, along with skill training and a neat little storyline to keep the right side of your brain engaged. As players progress through the season, mistakes made in Life mode have consequences on the court, adding a touch of realism to the world of sports games.

Though v3 gains an extra point for the NBA 08 series, that doesn't make up for the rest of its flaws. The gameplay is still sluggish and has a tendency to be unpredictable, especially on defense. It is nearly impossible to really stick on somebody and prevent a shot or pass, but the computer's defensive players are like leeches all over every player. That being said, offensive mode is easier to maneuver, and the extra effects when going for alley oops and dunks are impressive enough.

Still, it doesn't feel any closer to real basketball than Sony's NBA 07: The Life v2. The graphics are on par; gameplay is inconsistent with a slew of minor defects with offensive and defensive moves. There's a little side pocket of minigames, but they're about as interesting as watching the hand-sweat on a basketball dry. Maybe v3 just needs a little more life, or maybe Sony should just pull the plug. – Carson Barker

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