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By Richard Whittaker, March 16, 2007, Screens


D: Robinson Devor

Bestiality. An act many people can scarcely comprehend how, never mind why, it's done. But when a man died in 2003 after having sex with a horse, the quiet rural town of Enumclaw, Wash., was confronted with the trans-species taboo. In an elegiac and perturbing exploration of the events, documentary-maker Devor mixes re-enactment and audio interviews with two communities: the zoophiles, who cannot understand why they are shunned, and the families and friends that struggled to understand them. What emerges is that society, while it condemns bestiality, has no idea how to deal with it – legally, morally, or practically. There's no garish exploitation: instead, Zoo searches for the line between people who love animals in socially acceptable ways and those society condemns.

7pm, Alamo South Lamar

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