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By Marc Savlov, March 17, 2006, Screens


D: Steve Anderson

Four out of five fornicators surveyed agree: Fuck rocks. Steve Anderson's enlightening examination into the history and usage of the English language's most forceful and utilitarian vulgarity is a hilarious and often eye-opening piece of filmmaking. To his credit, Anderson examines all possible sides of the word and the ramifications of its use in both polite and impolite society, as well as in the context of the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights, interviewing everyone from Pat Boone (who admits to substituting his own surname in lieu of actual blue-toothing, as in "Oh, Boone!") to filmmaker Kevin Smith, comedian George Carlin, and – holy cow! (or should that be "holy fuck!?") – Miss Manners. Regardless of your verbal cant, Anderson's rollicking, smart, and snarky doc is as entertaining as they come, uniting the semantic gutter and stars at a time when free speech is increasingly under fire from those who would have us say "Fudge." Fuck 'em.

Midnight, Alamo South Lamar

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