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Don't go trying to see any films until you read the following

By Shawn Badgley, March 11, 2005, Screens

There are more than 200 movies at South by Southwest Film 2005, and The Austin Chronicle (whose founders founded the festival itself) is only running content on a score or so, as far as you can tell. In turn, we say this: Don't panic. The whole thing is like choking on an ice cube. At least that's the way I look at it.

The issue you hold in your hands (I'm calling it the "Interview Issue" within my own circle, and I'm quite happy with it) is but the first of several that will include Film coverage. Still, I know what you're saying: Where are the blurbs, my brother? The blurbs – terse but effective takes on films from far and near – are around, my sisters and brothers. They're just laying low until we're actually in the shit. Our daily editions of Thursday, March 17; Friday, March 18; and Saturday, March 19, will feature short reviews (including those of competition and short films), panel reports, and even another interview or two. Reasonably speaking, anywhere you are, you'll be able to pick one up. Please do so. The SXSW Music 05 issue (available at the March 16 Austin Music Awards and after) will also feature some Film (not to mention Interactive – while we're on the topic, see for last week's preview) coverage, as will the battered rag that comes out on March 25, when all of this has melted into the collective consciousness.

Meanwhile, there's an official SXSW insert somewhere in the middle of this issue (the Easter egg colors on the cover are not a coincidence). In it, you'll find anything you fail to find in the Screens section, although what's found might fall short of our steep editorial standards. Most importantly, though, you'll find the full festival schedule there. That really is the key: See everything you can.

Please bear in mind that anything you do find here is based on the pool of films that we've viewed as of press time, and that all screenings are subject to change. For more information and updates, see


If you have a badge made of some precious metal or one that contains the word Film, you're pretty much in anywhere. If you don't, SXSW Film 05 passes – which don't guarantee entrance (based on capacity) as much as they guarantee that if the possibility for entrance exists, you won't have to pay for it at the box office as you walk past the walk-ups – are on sale for $58 flat at Waterloo Video. Beyond that, find $7 and the screening of your choice.


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