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10 Under 10 (Again) Shorts

May 7, 2004, Screens

Of the 68 original entries, these 10 were selected for Texas Documentary Tour screening by a UT Radio-Television-Film student jury.


D: Marko Slavnic
A revealing and personal journey into the life of an American soldier recently returned from Iraq

"Right Centric"

D: Jenn Garrison
An intimate look into the life and work of local photojournalist and photographer Todd Wolfson

"Beginnings and Endings"

D: Michel Scott
An experimental documentary that mixes painted film strips with complex layers of sound to evoke thoughts about death and dying

"Levi Oliver: Competitive Eater"

D: Joshua Jaedicke and Claire Canavan
Levi Oliver, an up-and-coming competitive eater, faces his toughest challenge yet as he goes head to head with two seasoned veterans at the World Championship SPAM-Eating Contest.

"This Road"

D: Sun Hee Cho
A South Korean woman moves to the U.S. to attend college, graduates with a degree in engineering from UT, and finds out that she may have breast cancer and has no money for health services.

"Texas Sumo Challenge"

D: Shara Lange
"Texas Sumo Challenge" takes a ringside look at an unlikely meeting of subcultures and offers a glimpse of Lone Star sumo in its infancy.

"Doubting Darwin"

D: Lisa Kaselak and Jeanne Stern
Mixing animation with documentary material, the filmmakers explore arguments for intelligent design theory with counterpoints from evolution theorists.

"I Veli di Kulala"

D: Andrew Logan
Experience the magical journey of Oda, the courageous wife of Doruma, as she searches for the Veil of Sleep in order to save her husband's life. An animation based on the story "I Quattro Veli di Kulala," by Stefano Benni.

"Net 06"

D: PJ Raval
An animation that seems both ancient and futuristic, made up of Xeroxed circuitry boards

"The Perfect Pet"

D: Nisha Madhani, Janice Hefferman, Jennifer Hallmark
The story of Becky Twogood, a professional rat breeder, and her motivations and inspirations

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