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TFPF Grant Recipients

August 15, 2003, Screens

The Austin Film Society's Texas Filmmakers' Production Fund has announced its 2003 awards to 17 "emerging film and video artists in the state of Texas ... whose work shows promise, skill, and creativity." A panel comprising Chel White, Rodney Evans, and Marlo Poras decided on the recipients last week, and grants -- which total $65,000 -- will be awarded in September. For more information on the winning projects and the TFPF, visit

"The South Rising," David Barker (30 min., documentary); "Graffiti," Juliet Dervin (30 min., narrative); Location, Location, Christine Felton (90 min., documentary); "Light From the East," Amy Grappell (53 min., documentary); Once Upon a Time in Kentucky, Scott Harris (148 min., documentary); Room, Kyle Henry (90 min., experimental/narrative); White Dwarfs and Red Giants, Eric Hueber (90 min., experimental/documentary/ narrative); "Eating in Cubes," Jane Jo (15 min., animation/experimental/narrative); Texas Weeds, Mitko Panov (90 min., narrative); A Yeti in the City, T'Chaka Sikelianos (80 min., narrative); Bastard, Karen Skloss (60-80 min., experimental/documentary/narrative); "pupae," Divya Srinivasan (24 min., animation/experimental/ documentary/narrative); "Boyhood Dreams," Dorothy VanDeCarr (56 min., documentary); Dear Pillow, Jacob Vaughan (90 min., narrative); "After Twilight," Gary Watson (30 min., narrative); "Forbidden to Wander," Susan Youssef (53 min., documentary); and "Quasar Hernandez," David Zellner (9 min., narrative).

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