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Live From SXSW's Screening Room

By Michael May, March 14, 2003, Screens


D: Brien Burroughs; with Tim Orr, Bill Lillehammer, Stephen Kearin, Pat Sullivan.

Narrative Feature Competition Brien Burrough's latest comedy, Security, follows Pat and Bill, two patrolmen at a chocolate factory, as they uncover a sinister plot involving stolen chocolate prototypes or, as Pat likes to put it, "prototypical chocolates." Pat and Bill are unlikely heroes; for one thing, they are dumb as posts. But what they lack in brains they more than make up for in dedication, shaking down any and every living thing that enters their midnight domain, including innocent electricians and exterminators. ("Are you threatening me with that?" says Pat to a janitor with a toilet brush.) This is comedy in a classic vein, with a deadpan delivery and duo dynamics reminiscent of Laurel and Hardy or The Odd Couple. All the dialogue in Security is improvised, which lends the film a witty, spontaneous air, and, with its surprise sentimental ending, you might leave the theatre wiping away a tear. (Hideout, March 15, 11am)

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