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SXSW EDU on a Budget

SXSWedu's free expo caters to a diverse crowd with a variety of activities, interactive exhibits

By Francesca D'Annunzio, March 6, 2020, News

Editor's note: After this story was published, city of Austin officials cancelled SXSWedu due to coronavirus fears. Read more.

Don't have cash to spare for a badge to SXSWedu? Worry not! SXSWedu's Expo will be free of charge on Wed., March 11, at the Austin Convention Center in honor of SXSWedu's 10th anniversary. The Expo caters to educators, counselors, students, and parents alike.

The event is designed to be an intersection of learning and innovation. It features a discovery-based learning playground for kids, a few short programs, and networking.

For Kids and Parents

The Playground The space features edutainment technology from around the U.S. and the world. The Playground will include a variety of creations, such as virtual reality games, exercises in which attendees create light and shadow objects on a 3D map, experiential outdoor science lessons, and socioemotional-learning-based soccer.

PBS KIDS Character Meet & Greet If your kids watch programming from PBS and KLRU, this could be a fun event for the family. Some of their favorite cartoon characters might be there ready to hang out! To name a few: Xavier Riddle from Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, Luna from Let's Go Luna!, and Daniel Tiger and Katerina Kittycat from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

For Education Organizations and Professionals

Startup Village If SEL-based soccer and photos with Daniel Tiger aren't your cup of tea, then Startup Village could be a better fit for you. The Startup Village will host 50 seed stage startups from around the globe.

For Educators

The Expo will also have events for those looking to bring new ideas into their schools and classrooms:

Augmented Learning for Diverse Students Aimed at enhancing students' educational experiences, this hands-on demo allows attendees to take on the role of a student. This session is specifically geared toward aiding students who are hard of hearing, those with specific learning disabilities, and international students.

Math Therapy: From Anxiety to Creative Confidence Frustration with math and numeracy can stir up anxiety in students. This session aims at combating limiting mindsets and encourages teachers to approach teaching math with optimism and creativity.

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