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Motor Voter: Texas Won’t Play Nice

Why does the state want to restrict voting access?

By Mary Tuma, May 25, 2018, News

In a follow-up to his ruling that found Texas in violation of the National Voter Registration Act's motor voter law, Federal Judge Orlando Garcia has ordered the state to implement online voter registration with driver's license transactions within 45 days; create a public education plan to ensure that voters are aware of that option; and send lawsuit plaintiffs with the Texas Civil Rights Project data for three years to monitor progress. This comes after the state, tasked by Garcia with crafting a solution to the problem, largely offered no fix. Rather, they spent the time attacking TCRP's lengthy and detailed solutions. The suit, filed in 2016, claimed Texas confused and disenfranchised thousands of voters by not allowing them to register to vote when renewing their driver's licenses online. Voting rights advocates believe the case could end up forcing Texas to offer online voter registration. The judge's order gave TCRP reason to be "elated," but that quickly took a turn as Texas, instead of complying, asked the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to block the order. We're starting to think Texas wants to make it more difficult for its citizens to take part in democracy ...

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