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May 19, 2017, News

City Council meets today (May 18) with a hefty agenda featuring plenty of potential dustups: overtime funding at the Fire Department, a new Eastside Capitol View Corridor, zoning and contracts – and what to do about SB 4, the anti-"sanctuary cities" bill. See "Council: Hiding in Plain Sight," May 19.

Intake It All: The city announced Monday that the Austin Parks Foundation and the Trail Founda­tion have agreed to underwrite a major planning study of a possible conversion and recreational reuse of the Seaholm Intake Facility on Lady Bird Lake, just below the converted Seaholm Power Plant.

The Loony Bin: In the wake of President Donald Trump's leak of classified intelligence material to Russian officials last week, conspiracy promoters Alex Jones and Roger Stone described the story (broken by The Washington Post) as part of a "deep state" plot to have Trump declared incompetent due to Alzheimer's Disease. "Victory or death!" responded the Trumpettes.

Oversight Probe? Finally. The House Oversight Committee set a May 24 hearing to investigate whether Trump interfered with the FBI's probe into his campaign's associations with the Russian government.

Staying in Senate: U.S. Senator John Cor­nyn, R-Texas, a rumored finalist for the FBI director position vacated since Trump fired James Comey, said Tuesday that he'd prefer to stay in the Senate, and would not accept an offer for the position.

AFD's Domestic Disturbance: Austin firefighter Jerry Sharpe was suspended for 20 days on Wednesday for an October incident in which he was discovered to have "administered parental discipline with a belt in a manner that was not objectively reasonable or necessary," according to a memo signed by AFD Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr.

Unfit for Trial? District Judge Tamara Needles is currently considering whether Kendrex White, the man charged with murdering one student and injuring three others during a knife attack earlier this month on UT's campus, is competent enough to stand trial. On Wednesday, Needles requested an examination report "as soon as humanely possible," with a follow-up hearing expected later this week or early next.

No bail for Steve Boehle, the man arrested April 12 for plotting a mass shooting in the Austin area. Boehle was denied bail on Monday, after U.S. Federal Judge Sam Sparks ruled that he could be considered a future threat to society.

Quite the Commute: A county judge ruled Wednesday that former UT Longhorn Vince Young should be allowed to participate in football activities for his Canadian Football League team while he's on probation in Travis County for a DWI.

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