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Congressional Fun With Guns

Bill(s) of the Week: HCR 51 & SCR 8

By Chase Hoffberger, February 3, 2017, News

HCR 51 – Author: Rep. Mike Lang, R-Granbury; SCR 8 – Author: Sen. Don Huffines, R-Dallas

How is it possible that seven states have designated official state firearms, and none of those states are Texas? Two lawmakers are looking to change that. Last Thursday (Jan. 26), state Rep. Mike Lang, R-Granbury, announced House Concurrent Resolution 51 to designate the 1847 Colt Walker pistol as the official handgun of the state of Texas. Lang writes that the single-shot revolver, designed in part by Texas Ranger Capt. Sam­uel Hamilton Walker, was "historically crucial to the early survival of the great State of Texas," having served the state valiantly during the Mexican-American War. The firearm was the first in the United States to hold six rounds, and is therefore the first to bear the name "six-shooter." That's all well and good, except a gun nut in the Senate would like to up the ante. On Jan. 11, via Senate Con­cur­rent Resolution 8, Sen. Don Huffines proposed that the state adopt the goddamn cannon as its official state gun. (Take that, other states with their puny representative weapons.) The Dallas Republican, who's never met a firearm bill he doesn't like, says the "historic weapons serve as powerful reminders of our state's epic struggle for freedom," and further highlight "the unique heritage shared by all those who are proud to call Texas home." Only problem is you can't fit that thing into a holster.

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